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Proto:Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers (Windows)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers (Windows).

The Donald Duck Demo was included in various demo discs from Mickey Mouse magazines and more. It has several differences between the final. Only 4 levels can be played in the demo. It can be downloaded from here: http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=3352


Proto Final
DonaldDuckGoinQuackers-TitlePROTO.png DonaldDuckGoinQuackers-TitleUS.png

Donald Duck Goin Quackers was simply named "Donald Duck Demo" and it also had a simple copyright.

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-Language-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-Language-FINAL.png
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-Menu-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-Menu-FINAL.png

Only three languages could be selected and Gyro's house looks completely different and unfinished.

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-HUD-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-HUD-FINAL.png

The HUD had a more mechanic design that was changed drastically in the final.

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-Pause-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-Pause-FINAL.png
To do:
On the final game's data, the string "DDPC991119-v0002" can be found at the top. This may still be true here, on the proto, since the Pause Screen doesn't show the full image in-game. Add extra information regarding the "off-screen" information if that's the case.
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-YellowStar-PROTO.gif DonaldDuckGQ-YellowStar-FINAL.gif
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-BlueStar-PROTO.gif DonaldDuckGQ-BlueStar-FINAL.gif
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-RedStar-PROTO.gif DonaldDuckGQ-RedStar-FINAL.gif
  • The One-Ups had no animation yet.
  • The warp pads had a different animation; It changes to black instead of changing back to the gray texture, when entering it.

Level Differences

First Avenue

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-City1-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-City1-FINAL.png

The electric areas were darker and some planks were thicker.

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-CityCar-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-CityCar-FINAL.png

The car had a different design. In the final, it was changed to a blue and red theme to present Scrooge McDuck's car.

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-City2-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-City2-FINAL.png

The little balcony to the room with the golden warp pad is not present.

Proto Final

The music has a slightly different melody.

Haunted Hall

Proto Final

The music is completely different.

Creepy Corridor

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-CreepyCorridor1-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-CreepyCorridor1-FINAL.png
  • The area with the golden warp pad was not present.
  • The wooden signs from the coffins had a different texture:
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-cof dangerNZ.gf-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-cof danger.gf-FINAL.png
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-cof goNZ.gf-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-cof go.gf-FINAL.png
  • Uses the main theme from Magica De Spell instead.

Unused Graphics

Early Rayman 2 Leftovers

A big number of graphics of an early Rayman 2. Some of them still exist in some proto and final versions of Rayman 2.

Early Icons


DonaldDuckGQproto-jauge2 nz.gf.png
DonaldDuckGQproto-Rayman2numbersSMALL.png Rayman 2 Boul energy anu.gf.tga.png
Rayman 2 Bulle anu.gf.tga.png
Rayman 2 Coeur anu.gf.tga.png
Rayman 2 Poing anu.gf.tga.png
Rayman 2 Reveil anu.gf.tga.png
Rayman 2 Interro anu.gf.tga.png
Rayman 2 Serrure cage anu.gf.tga.png

Most likely an early HUD. The wooden vertical meter can still be found in an updated form in the final version of Rayman 2. The last 7 icons also exist unchanged and unused in the final.

Shoot Effect

DonaldDuckGQproto-megashoot ico mxy.gf.png

A shiny shooting effect which is meant to be copied and flipped around like this:

DonaldDuckGQproto-megashoot ico mxy.gf-COMBINED.png

Early Graphics

Early Boss Icons

Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-BigbirdPOST.gf-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-BigbirdPOST.gf-FINAL.png
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-beaglePOST.gf-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-beaglePOST.gf-FINAL.png
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-magicapost.gf-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-magicapost.gf-FINAL.png
Proto Final
DonaldDuckGQ-merlockpost.gf-PROTO.png DonaldDuckGQ-merlockpost.gf-FINAL.png

Earlier icons for the bosses can be found. They all had a lower pixel resolution.

Early Dialogue Icons

Some early dialogue icons. Gladstone's icon got even updated in the final and went simply unused there too.


DonaldDuckGQ-DiLog300 origin.gf-PROTO.png

The title screen without the "Donald Duck DEMO /1.1" text.


Rayman 2 Demo Polices.tga.png

An unused font, possibly for debugging features. It also can be found in an early Rayman 2.