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Donald Duck's Speedboat

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Title Screen

Donald Duck's Speedboat

Developer: Atari, Inc.
Platform: Atari 2600

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.

This game was stuffed away in a cardboard box and found 30 years later in a garage
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually been released.

In this game, Donald has been damned to ride a self-driving speedboat for all eternity, leaving him nearly helpless as he constantly crashes into buoys galore.

Hidden Score Counter

Donald Duck's Speedboat score.png

Holding the Fire button briefly while moving will enable a score counter at the top-left. If Donald makes contact with an obstacle, it'll disappear until being enabled again.

It's not clear why it was hidden behind a minimal button code, but it may have been to allow kids (since this was marketed toward them) to go at their own pace while older players can go for a high score.

(Source: Scott Stilphen (discovery), Atari Protos (possible explanation))