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Duke Nukem 64

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Title Screen

Duke Nukem 64

Developers: 3D Realms, Eurocom
Publisher: GT Interactive
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: October 31, 1997
Released in EU: November 17, 1997

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

Damn! Those censoring scum are going to pay for censoring up my game!

There are a lot of leftover bits from the PC version lingering in the game. Some of it has been changed to protect the identity of those who have been changed. In other words, this edition has been altered in various ways from the PC version.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.


Cheat Menu

Open Cheats Menu

Version GameShark code
Prototype 80100778 0001
USA 801012D8 0001
Europe 80101308 0001
France 80100D98 0001


Open Invincibility Cheat

Version GameShark code
Prototype 8010077C 0001
USA 801012DC 0001
Europe 8010130C 0001
France 80100D9C 0001


Open Monsters Cheat

Version GameShark code
Prototype 80100780 0001
USA 801012E0 0001
Europe 80101310 0001
France 80100DA0 0001

All Items

Open All Items Cheat

Version GameShark code
Prototype 80100784 0001
USA 801012E4 0001
Europe 80101314 0001
France 80100DA4 0001

Go To Level

Duke Nukem 64 Level Select.png

Open Level Cheat

Version GameShark code
Prototype 80100788 0001
USA 801012E8 0001
Europe 80101318 0001
France 80100DA8 0001

Enter one of the following button sequences (depending on the game's region) at the main menu to enable a cheat menu and the level select contained therein:

Region Code
North America Left, Left, L, L, Right, Right, Left, Left, L, L, L, C-Right, Right, Left, Left, C-Left
Europe Left, Down, L, L, Up, Right, Left, Up, R, L, R, C-Down, Right, Up, Left, C-Up
(Source: GameGenie, Gilgamesh)

Disabled Features / Debugging Tools

Texture Browser

Duke Nukem 64 Texture Browser.png

The following GameShark code forces the game into a debug "texture browser", loosely based on the PC version's Editart. Use the D-Pad to change what tile is displayed.

Version GameShark code
USA 800D36C8 0005
Europe 800D36F8 0005
Prototype 800D2BD8 0005
France 800D35D8 0005
(Source: Joshua,Gilgamesh)

Using a GameShark, you can re-enable two cheats from the PC version that still happen to be in the game and fully coded. Activator codes have been activated to toggle the cheats on and off at will. The toggling will work better with the "Control Stick Move" control setting. Neither code will activate a text string telling you that the code is enabled, but it should quickly become obvious if the cheat is enabled.

Toggle Clipping (R+Up to enable, R+Down to disable)

Version GameShark code
Prototype D11C8558 0810
802A9C8F 0001
D11C8558 0410
802A9C8F 0000
USA D12AD164 0810
802AAA6F 0001
D12AD164 0410
802AAA6F 0000
Europe D11C9358 0810
802AAA9F 0001
D11C9358 0410
802AAA9F 0000
France D11C9898 0810
802AAFEF 0001
D11C9898 0410
802AAFEF 0000

Third-Person View (R+Left to enable, R+Right to disable)

DukeNukem64 TPS-View.png
Version GameShark code
Prototype D11C8558 0210
802A4C73 0001
D11C8558 0110
802A4C73 0000
USA D12AD164 0210
802A5A53 0001
D12AD164 0110
802A5A53 0000
Europe D11C9358 0210
802A5A83 0001
D11C9358 0110
802A5A83 0000
France D11C9898 0210
802A5FD3 0001
D11C9898 0110
802A5FD3 0000

Mighty Boot Engaged (A+Z)

Version GameShark code
Prototype D11C8558 A000
802A4C43 00FF
D11C8558 A000
802A4C7B 000F
USA D12AD164 A000
802A5A23 00FF
D12AD164 A000
802A5A5B 000F
Europe D11C9358 A000
802A5A53 00FF
D11C9358 A000
802A5A8B 000F
France D11C9898 A000
802A5FA3 00FF
D11C9898 A000
802A5FDB 000F

Number of Players (change the last number in HEX)

Four players cooperative
Version GameShark code
Prototype 80100760 0001
USA 801012C0 0001
Europe 801012F0 0001
France 80100D80 0001

Four players cooperative.

Number of Bots (change the last number in HEX)

Version GameShark code
Prototype 80100764 0001
USA 801012C4 0001
Europe 801012F4 0001
France 80100D84 0001

Unused/Leftover Text


0x%X (0x%X)
Code size left = %dk
Gone over by %dk
Checking pad %d
osPfsInitPak %d
Found memory in pad %d
Found jolt in pad %d
Damaged memory
Damaged memory
osMotorStop ret %d
%d got from InitLoadSaveMenu
ID Fatal
ID Fatal
case %d not handled in InitLoadSaveMenu
ID Fatal
ID Fatal
case %d not handled in CheckPakReturnValue
Shit ret error %d
Arse ret error %d
Shit ret error %d
ContPakRet = %d
ContPakRet = %d
case %d not handled in DoLoadGame
ContPakRet = %d
ContPakRet = %d
ContPakRet = %d
nf = %d
osPfsDeleteFile = %d
osPfsAllocateFile = %d
osPfsReadWriteFile = %d
nf = %d
ret = %d
ret = %d
RequestControllerInit %d
Found memory in pad %d
Found jolt in pad %d
osPfsRepairId ret %d
RequestControllerInit %d
Found memory in pad %d
Found jolt in pad %d
AUDIO DMA Buffer overflow, give me more AUDIO_DMA_QUEUE_SIZE
Unable to allocate sound! Oh duffer
Num Sounds %d
Too many Midi tunes, give me more MAX_MIDI_TUNES
Num Midi tunes %d
alHeap Free 0x%X
Sound id out of range %d
AUDIO Task overrun, give me more MAX_CLIST_SIZE
AngleCount exceeded 512
WARNING : Gone over WallCount[256]
WARNING : Gone over SectorFloorCount[128]
WARNING : Gone over SectorCeilingCount[128]
WARNING : Gone over sectorcount[128]
Maximum number of moving sectors (%d) exceeded (%d)
Maximum number of moving points (%d) exceeded (%d)
Add moving sector %d
Tryed to move a sector not in list!
Set MAXWALLS to %d
%d %d %d
Starting decrunch
From %x
To %x
Failed to decrunch sectors
Decruned sectors
Failed to decrunch walls
Decruned walls
Failed to decrunch sprites
Decruned sprites
Failed to decrunch vtxs
Decruned vtxs
%d %d %d
Vert memory = %dk
Vertex data size = %dk
Gfx memory = %dk
Done this bit!
Draw Boss
Render mode %d
Combine mode %d
Maximum number of displayed sprites reached (256)
picnum %d
Data too big to fit in cache
Lock pointer = 0
Lock pointer > 200
Could not find any locators for SE# 6 and 14 with a hitag of %ld.
Sprite overflow caused by TOAD
Sprite overflow caused by LARD
Sprite overflow caused by DOG
Sprite overflow caused by ONION
Script overflow 1
Script overflow 2
Script overflow 3
Script overflow 5
Script overflow 6
Too many sprites spawned : PN = %d OW = %d
Found lonely Sector Effector (lotag 0) at (%ld,%ld)
Too many moving sectors at (%ld,%ld).
Subway found no zero'd sectors with locators
at (%ld,%ld).
Sprite overflow caused by LEMMING
Sprite overflow caused by HAMSTER
Sprite overflow caused by GERBIL
Too many cycling sectors.
Too many switches (64 max).
Too many mirrors (64 max.)
Too many 'anim' walls (max 512.)
Too many player sprites (max 20.)
Sprite overflow caused by CHEESE
Sprite overflow caused by LEMON
Sprite loading mismatch
RSP SW Version: 2.0H, 02-12-97
SGI U64 GFX SW TEAM: S Anderson, S Carr, H Cheng, K Luster, R Moore, N Pooley, A Srinivasan

Game Messages

These are messages meant to be displayed in-game. Most of them are carried over from the PC version and only the new ones are commented.

  • 1 - SHOW MAP: OFF
  • 7 - WASTED!
  • 17 - CHEET!!!: Taunting.
  • 18 - GOD MODE: OFF
  • 20 - CROSSHAIR: ON
  • 23 - MESSAGES: ON
  • 24 - MESSAGES: OFF
  • 26 - DETAIL: LOW
  • 27 - DETAIL: HIGH
  • 34 - SOUND: ON
  • 35 - SOUND: OFF
  • 40 - Press F1 for Help
  • 42 - BODY SUIT
  • 77 - SPACE SUIT ON
  • 85 - RUN MODE OFF
  • 86 - RUN MODE ON
  • 92 - MUSIC: ON
  • 93 - MUSIC: OFF
  • 94 - SCROLL MODE: ON
  • 103 - SCREEN SAVED
  • 105 - PIRATES SUCK!
  • 108 - YOU'RE BURNING!
  • 109 - VIEW MODE OFF
  • 110 - VIEW MODE ON
  • 111 - SHOW MAP: ON
  • 112 - CLIPPING: ON
  • 113 - CLIPPING: OFF
  • 114 - !!! INCORRECT VERSION !!!
  • 115 - KILLED BY PLAYER XX: Placeholder.
  • 116 - KILLED BY PLAYER XX: Placeholder.
  • 117 - KILLED BY PLAYER XX: Placeholder.
  • 118 - KILLED BY PLAYER XX: Placeholder.
  • 121 - GOT ALL KEYS
  • 122 - <Please Leave Blank>
  • 124 - YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME WITH PARAMECIUM ALONE: An Easter Egg or developer in-joke reference to an inexplicable one-liner from Forgotten Worlds.
  • 128 - GAS GRENADES!: Alternate ammo for the grenade launcher that was removed from the game.[1]
  • 129 - RUBBER BULLETS!: Another alternate ammo for the grenade launcher that was removed from the game.[1]


Unused Sounds

There is one unused sound in the game (#269):

For comparison, this video shows a man firing rubber bullets.

Ambience Sounds

Like the PC version, ambience sounds are used in the levels (flag 2). Unfortunately, they do not work properly. For example, at the rooftop in the start of the first level there was supposed to have a "WIND_AMBIENCE" sound effect, and when the player gets to the street "FIRE_CRACKLE" should be played near the burning dumpster.

Sounds Pitch

Like the PC version, the sounds have a list of random pitch values. However the engine doesn't seem to support this function.


Unused Graphics

Graphics leftover from the PC version are not going to be included, since there are tons of it and it is not relevant.

Picture Color depth ID(s) Description
DN64 753.png DN64 869.png 4-bit 753 Statue bowing. In the PC version, this frame would have the statue exposing its breasts. However, the animation has been disabled in this version, and this unique sprite is not used.
DN64-1294.pngDN64-1295.pngDN64-1296.pngDN64-3821.pngDN64-3822.pngDN64-3823.pngDN64-3824.png 4-bit 1294-1296, 3821-3824 Captive babe hatching. Only the fourth and last sprites are used in the game. Interestingly, the game actually displays the first frame of the hatching animation, instead of the actual babe sprites. For comparison, the sprites from PC:


Duke64 2573.png 4-bit 2573 Duplicate of 2573. It is not displayed properly because the image is in 4-bit but the data in 8-bit.
DN64-3797.pngDN64-3798.pngDN64-3799.pngDN64-3800.pngDN64-3801.pngDN64-3802.pngDN64-3803.pngDN64-3804.png 4-bit 3797-3804 Captive babe hatching. Only the first and last frames are used.
DN64-3805.pngDN64-3806.pngDN64-3807.pngDN64-3808.pngDN64-3809.png 4-bit 3805-3809 Captive babe hatching. Only the first and last frames are used.
DN64-1700ATF.pngDN64-1700ATM.pngDN64-1700ATS.png 4-bit 1700-1702 Assault Trooper frames. These tiles are also not used for the enemy in the PC version too, but new art has also been created in this version.
4-bit 2053 1 pixel texture.
DN64-2531.png 8-bit 2531 Hand holding a pistol clip. This new sprite was meant to be part of the pistol reloading animation, but is not used in the 64 version.
DN64-2539.png 4-bit 2539 Alternate muzzle flash. It has exactly the same size of the muzzle flash used for the Pistol and SMG in the final version.
DN64-3004.png 4-bit 3004-3009 Unused characters. Even if one of the game texts contains one of these, they won't be displayed.

For example, using a hex editor you can see there is question mark in the text "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SAVE OVER AN EXISTING GAME?", however it is missing in the game.

DN64-3596.png 8-bit 3596 Gamepad. Probably it was meant to be used in the control setup options. For comparison, here is a screenshot from the PlayStation port:

DukeNukemTotalMeltdown controller.png

DN64-3637.png 4-bit 3637 Smoke. The above is placed between the Grenade Launcher sprites. Perhaps it was intended to be used for the "Gas Grenades"?
DN64-3673.pngDN64-3690.pngDN64-3702.png 4-bit 3673, 3690, 3702 Explosions. The first one is close (but not identical) to the circle of fire of the 3D explosions in the final version.
Duke Nukem 64 crosshairs tex.png
4-bit 3703-3707 These crosshairs do not appear in the game, since the game only has one type. However, in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour there are different crosshairs. Since most of them are comical, perhaps it was meant to be used only via a Cheat Code or something.
DN64-3724.png 4-bit 3724 Missile flash. Can still be seen in early screenshots:


DN64-3733.png 4-bit 3733 Unused door texture for the train in Rabid Transit.
DN64-3763.png 4-bit 3763-3765 Sparkles. Similar to the effects left by babes or enemies killed by the Plasma Cannon. Perhaps using one sprite for each particle would consume too much CPU?
DN64-3815.png 4-bit 3815-3820 Bullet hitting wall. This one is very similar to the one used in the actual game, but is somewhat different, the edges are cut and also use a transparent background.

For comparison, here is the actual sprite set used in the game:


DN64-3863.png 4-bit 3863-3866 Replica of the bookcase seen through the game. Since it is divided in 4 pieces, the resolution is not compressed. The Playbook magazine with a naked woman on the cover can be seen on the top left of the screen, even if with some difficulty.
DN64-3896.png 4-bit 3896 What appears to be a window located among the textures for the truck in Gun Crazy and Duke-Burger.
DN64-3918.png 4-bit 3918 Early muzzle flash sprite for the pistol and SMG. Can still be seen in early screenshots:

Duke64pistolmuzzle.png Duke64-SMGmuzzleflash.jpg

DN64-3920.png 4-bit 3920 Unknown sprite.
DN64-3925.png 4-bit 3925 Unknown sprite. It is located before the sprites for the intro scene.
DN64-3628.pngDN64-3942.png 4-bit 3628, 3942 Poorly compressed copies of Pistol/SMG muzzle flash and the unused unknown circle.
DN64-3944.pngDN64-3949.png 4-bit 3944-3945, 3949 Unused textures for the car that appears on the very beginning of the first level.
DN64 3977.png DN64 3978.png 4-bit 3977-3978 Possibly an early attempt for the sky texture.


Starry Sky Texture

Tile 3940 is a 128x128px texture of a starry sky:
Duke64 3940.png

However it's incorrectly displayed as a flat blue color in-game.
Duke64stars u.png

In the European version the texture is partially displayed, however only a slice of 128x32px is rendered.
Duke64stars e.png

Font Style

The apostrophe character of the menu font has a different style from the other characters. Instead of being white with a black border, the interior has a gray tone reminiscent from the red menu font in Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition.

Images from older versions of the game show this style was used for all characters at some point:
Duke64font2.png Duke64font3.png

Translucent sfx

Actors for explosions and other stuff have a 33% translucency cstat (unlike the PC version), however such effect is obscured by the colorized effect unique to the N64 port, with the exception of the Octabrain projectile.

The translucency can be seen in older screenshots:
Duke64exp2.jpg Duke64exp3.png

Player Palette

In the PC version, players are assigned with a palette ranging from 9 to 16 which change the colors of Duke pants. Increasing the number of players using a GameShark code reveals these palettes are still applied, but they aren't different with the exception of the 5th player which is turned green. This is due to palette 14 being used by the secret level nukebutton exit switch.

Dn64 pal14.png

CON Code

There are two unused actors (tiles 3725 and 3757) which use the code for female NPCs. An interview with Eurocom before the game release mentions women that would wear T-shirts with the slogans "Eat me" or "Wear fur".[2]

Early Level Design Remnants / Inaccessible Areas

Lookup Palettes

The Raw Meat from Duke Nukem 64 seen with the PC assets.

Some of the new exclusive areas use lookup palettes that were only present in the PC version. For example, in the Raw Meat bar, the tables use palette 17 (blue), the microphone palette 14 (dark green) and the Karaoke sign palette 24 (white).

Parallax Skies

In this version, the parallax sky texture is not displayed, instead a texture is always displayed in the background. Most levels use textures that are remnants from the PC version, or placeholders. However two of the new multiplayer levels have an interesting choice of textures for the sky.

Castle Dukenstein uses an eerie texture with visible skulls.
Duke64 lv31.png

Noctis Labyrinthus uses the lunar sky with a reddish palette, akin to the Mars scene in Total Recall which this level was inspired by. Because the sky uses a palette, it blocks projectiles.
Duke64 lv34.png

Underwater Palettes

Dn64 water1.png Dn64 water2.png

Whenever the player is underwater, the color of everything is changed to blue, regardless of its base palette. This obscures the color used in many underwater areas. The palettes are visible when using no-clip cheat, since the underwater color is disabled when clipping through a wall.

Misaligned Textures

The engine doesn't render textures with non-power of 2 dimensions the same way as the PC version, however the maps are visibly designed for the latter, including the new exclusive areas.

Nintendo 64 PC
Dn64 texture1.png Dn64 texture2.png

Captive Women Monster Spawns

Dn64 baberespawn.png

The captive women still have links to spawning monsters from the PC version, although they have no effect. None of the captive women exclusive to this version have links.

Tile 1294

Dn64 podfem1.png

Tile 1294 (PODFEM1) is used in some maps (most from the second episode) instead of 3821, but in-game they are replaced with 3821.

Hotel Hell and Freeway Connection

The Nukebutton at the end of Freeway is not the one used in secret levels in this version. This would indicate that at some point Freeway was made a regular level, similar to Launch Facility in the first episode.

Another hint is that the manhole in the secret exit area of Hotel Hell was removed, which linked it to the start of the Freeway level. This would suggest there would be another secret level instead.

It's unknown which level Hotel Hell could lead to. However, the only level that appeared on old magazine scans that is missing from the final version is Derelict.

Hollywood Holocaust

Dn64 mirror1.png Dn64 mirror2.png

With the "No Clipping" cheat on, go to the bathroom area in Hollywood Holocaust. Where the first picture is, go straight through the wall. You'll come to a mirror image of the restroom area, but both of the passageways will lead to dead ends. There are also no objects in this room. It's a safe bet to say that they were at one time trying to test mirror effects in the N64 port.

(Source: Rick)

In the PC version the mirror effect is achieved by rendering the scene twice. This would not be possible in the N64 version, which was adapted to use the native 3D rendering of the console. It seems the idea above was the same as the PlayStation version, recreating the map on the other side of the mirror. However this approach would also have technical problems, and would not work on many maps since this version uses true 3D rendering, namely the parts which the areas inside of the mirrors would occupy the same space as other areas of the maps. It's also very likely the developers didn't had time for this approach, since it would require to manually edit the maps.


Switch side Medkit side
Dn64 secret1.png
DukeNukem64 IncubatorSecret-Switch2.png
DukeNukem64 IncubatorSecret-Medkit1.png
DukeNukem64 IncubatorSecret-Medkit2.png

From the beginning of the level, go through the first two rooms and into the room where you press the off/on switch to open the windows. In the little room in front of you that opens up after you walk in, walk up to it, but stand just outside of it. Turn left, and use the “No clipping” GameShark code and slowly walk through the wall until you come to a tiny, tiny room with a grey and blue wall in front of you.

To your left is a switch. Activating the switch opens a panel with scuba gear. To your right is an odd door with the medical red cross on it. Open this up to find a Portable Medkit and Vitamin X.

No idea why this room is even here, much less has items in it. This room also exists, still unused, in the PC version of the map.

(Source: Rick)

Dark Side

Duke 64 Darkside Unused Section.png

In the main "T" hub hallway, go toward the Alpha transport. When you get as far as the button on your left that opens the nearby elevator up, use the "No Clipping" cheat and strafe left into the wall. You will appear on what was a separator ledge between the open area of the hallway and the hallway itself in the PC version, but was merely blocked off by walls for the N64 version.

Movie Set

Dn64 secret2.png

Right at the end of the level, while you’re going down the stairs to finish the level, stop at the next to last step on the stairs and turn right. Turn on the No Clipping cheat and go through the wall, going directly forward. You’ll end up walking through nothing for a while, but then you’ll end up in a room with a large health container, armor, and if you’re lucky (or just play around the area), one of the columns with the “S” texture on top will be lowered to reveal a Holoduke.

This room is in the PC version, and like with the Incubator area, it's surprising that this was left in with all the changes made to the levels in the game, especially since this level was altered from its iteration in the PC version. No idea why it still remains.

(Source: Rick)

The column uses a texture of a pornographic magazine vending machine which was removed due to censoring, as a result texture 1 (the “S”) is displayed instead.


Dn64 stadium.png

Stadium is the oldest level in Duke Nukem 3D[3], and one major difference is that the masked walls default tile ("overpicnum") is -1 instead of zero. This was carried over in Duke Nukem 64, and because of this the end of level Nukebutton won't function in the map. It seems the level designers couldn't figure out how to make it work, and instead added an invisible switch in front of it to end the level. The switch uses lo-tag -1 to end the level (a feature that is never used in the PC version for regular switches, but the function exists).

It's possible the original level designers from the PC version had the same problem with the Stadium level, as it's the only map to not have a Nukebutton (the other boss levels have multiplayer-only areas with Nukebuttons).

Area 51

Dn64 area51.png

There is a Pig Cop Tank spawn in Area 51, however all data regarding the enemy has been removed in this version, only the flashing star is visible if there's another player to witness it in co-operative mode.


Dn64 freeway.png

In the PC version, the windows with treadmills have two spawning sprites with tile number 2165 (LIZMANJUMP). This version replaced them with tile number 1860, which doesn't exist. Interestingly the tile number was known as INNERLAW in early versions of the PC version. It's very likely this is just a typo.


Dn64 piracy camera.PNG

On the cliff face where the front end of the ship is, use a jetpack to fly into the highest part of the wall to find a lone security camera! This multiplayer level is really just a modified portion of the "Babe Land" level from Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, and was mostly a cut and paste job. There are no security cameras in this level, much less anything to view a security camera through, so its inclusion in this level was merely an oversight.

Regional and Version Differences


USA Europe
DukeNukem64 CopyrightScreen-US.png DukeNukem64 CopyrightScreen-EU.png
  • In European versions, the screens preceding the main menu are closer to the top of the screen.
  • The North American version of the game renders at 320x237 while the European versions cropped to 320x213 (not counting the startup screens or the Controller Pak manager).

French Version

The width of white space in the white and blue fonts have been changed from 12 and 7 to 6 and 4 pixels respectively in order to accommodate more text per line.

The list of items in the bonus screen is aligned to the right, as there was not enough space for the translated text.

In the screens after the bosses of the first two episodes are defeated, the text starts two lines above to give more room for text.

In the death match scores screen, the first column is moved to the left so the spacing is consistent with the other columns, and the player number is aligned to the right like the header / footer. The K for "Kills" was changed to a full word ("Tues") and slightly moved to the left, although it's not correctly centered to the numbers.

Sky Color

Level North America and European France
Fahrenheit #84CCFF
Stadium #B2D3FF