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Proto:Duke Nukem 3D (PC)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Duke Nukem 3D (PC).

There are a couple of development versions of Duke Nukem 3D floating around the internet. While a bunch more were rediscovered by 3D Realms themselves in 2014, releases were mainly limited to periodic asset reveals until 3D Realms lost the rights in 2016 as the result of a lawsuit owing to 3DR attempting to make a new Duke Nukem game in breach of the 2010 Duke Nukem Intellectual Property Asset Purchase Agreement. Since then, cooperation with Gearbox has eased tensions and thus such releases have been resumed.


The oldest Duke Nukem 3D prototype. It is very different from the final game, though some ideas from this prototype made it into the final version. It contains an episode concept only seen in this prototype, very different art, a prod instead of the Mighty Boot, and many enemies that were removed. Compiled on December 30th, 1994.
v0.99 Beta
A leaked pre-release of the shareware demo. While similar to the final shareware version at first glance, it contains a lot of differences, such as different map layouts, weapon behavior, and ideas in the code that were cut from the final game. Compiled January 4th, 1996.
D3d10 2606.png
The first official shareware version release, containing several minor details that are different from the final game. Released January 29th, 1996.
D3dcgw bootupscreen.png
Computer Gaming World demo
A one-level demo for the Computer Gaming World magazine. While it is the same as the v1.1 shareware in-game, the coding files contain a lot of interesting tidbits, such as the first appearance of the Devastator and an attack for the Overlord that was removed in the final game. Last modified on March 4th, 1996.