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Proto:Duke Nukem Forever

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Duke Nukem Forever.

To do:
A prototype of the Xbox 360 version of the demo from April 8th/9th, 2011, has surfaced. Investigate this.

Duke Nukem Forever's 15 years of development led to many iterations in different engines starting off with a custom 2D engine, then into id Tech 2, and finally into Unreal Engine (which the final game runs on a heavily modified version of.) Some of these builds have found their way to the public in recent years.

Please note that, unless otherwise specified, these pages cover multiple prototypes/builds.


Returning to Duke's 2D roots.
A 3D setting with lots of unfinished business (quite literally).
2011 Demo
Released on June 3rd. While a demo for the final game, there's plenty of unused content under the hood.