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Proto:Duke Nukem 3D (PC)/v1.0

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Duke Nukem 3D (PC).

D3d10 titlescreen.png

Duke Nukem 3D 1.0 is the first official shareware version of Duke Nukem 3D released by 3D Realms. It was sent out to the world on January 29th, 1996. While much closer to the final game than 0.99 is, there are still some minor differences.


0.99 Leftovers

This prototype still contains code for the Snake Head enemy, the DUMMYDUKE bosses, BOSS3, and Flamethrower. Ammo pickups for the Shrinker also gives 1 round of Shrinker ammo, like in 0.99.

Crosshair and Mouse Aiming

The ability to activate the crosshair and mouse aiming are still not in this version of the game.



The RPG still does only 120 damage instead of 140. Oddly, the Pipebomb has had its damage values bumped to its final number.



D3d099 2000.png

The Pigcop has 120 health instead of the final's 100.



The Battlelord now has his final amount of health.


Both DUMMYDUKES now have 1,500 HP in 1.0. 0.99 gave the regular-sized one 1,000 HP, while the larger one had 2,000 HP.


BOSS3 still uses the 0.99 Battlelord's health.


Help screen

The help screen has several differences.

  • The Flamethrower is called "Laser".
  • The quick key for Steroids is missing.
  • The keys for enabling the crosshair and mouse aiming are missing.
  • The Inventory and Misc Keys sections have been reversed.
  • "See "DN3DHELP.EXE" for help" replaces "All keys in this screen are defaults" message in the final game.
  • The "Default Keys" message at the upper right-hand corner of the screen is missing in 1.0.
Prototype Final
D3d10 2445.png D3dfinal help.png

Title Screen Background

The title screen background is similar to the one in 0.99, but has Duke's mouth fixed.

Prototype Final
D3d10 titlebackground.png D3d titlebackground.png


The rocket fired by the RPG uses the final's colors, but is still tilted, like the 0.99 design is.

Prototype Final
D3d10 2605.png D3d 2605.png
Prototype Final
D3d10 2606.png D3d 2606.png
Prototype Final
D3d10 2607.png D3d 2607.png
Prototype Final
D3d10 2608.png D3d 2608.png
Prototype Final
D3d10 2609.png D3d 2609.png
Prototype Final
D3d10 2610.png D3d 2610.png
Prototype Final
D3d10 2611.png D3d 2611.png