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Forgotten Worlds (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Forgotten Worlds

Also known as: Lost Worlds (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CPS-1)
Released internationally: July 1988

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Forgotten Worlds is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up game, and the first game to use the Capcom CPS-1 board.

That's pretty neat.

Unused Graphics

Unused Items

FWorldsArcOrbIcon.png FWorldsArcOrbItem.png
Some kind of red orb. It looks a bit like the Zenny pickups, but it also has shop and item graphics.

However, there's no shop text or data left for it as an item.

FWorldsArcLottoIcon.png FWorldsArcLottoItem.png This is programmed as an item -- change Memory Address FFE530 to 09 -- though it doesn't seem to do anything.

It also has shop text:

Can win 500,0
00 zennies
FWorldsArcMysteryWeapon1.png FWorldsArcUnusedWeapon1.gif An unimplemented weapon. The only data in the ROM are the shop graphics and projectile.


Like the other unused weapon, only the shop graphics and projectile were programmed.

The tile graphics show that it could come in different sizes.

Three unused vitality pickups: An unlabeled pickup, +16, and +32 health. The only ones used in the game are +24 and +48.
Small dolls(?) of the Unknown Soldiers. Possible bonus pickups / extra lives.

Object Graphics

FWorldsArcSilverArmor.pngFWorldsArcBlueArmor.png Two unused armor designs. These are probably earlier versions of the game's silver and golden armors.
These are versions of the three Flight Stones and Boosters that would appear as hidden bonuses in levels.
In the final game, the only equipment items that are hidden in the stages are the armors.
The presence of the Flight Stones suggests that they might have had an upgrade system like the Boosters.
FWorldsArcBronzeStone.pngFWorldsArcSilverStone.png Shop item graphics for Bronze and Silver Flight Stones. In the final game, only the Gold Stone icon is used.
This also supports that the Flight Stones would have used an upgrade system like the Boosters.
In the final game, the player can choose whichever stone they want at the start.
Armor icon graphics with numbers -- presumably the number of hits left -- in the lower-right.
Not only are these unused, they also imply that armors, at one point, had up to 9 hit points.
In the final game, the best armor in the game only has 5 hits.
FWorldsArcMobiWalk.gifFWorldsArcMobiStand.pngFWorldsArcMobiShoot.png The Mobi-chan animation was intended to be a lot more animated, having walking, standing, and shooting animations.
As it is, the item only uses the jumping animation.
FWorldsArcShopOpen1.pngFWorldsArcShopOpen2.pngFWorldsArcShopOpen3.png The Item Shop's doors were supposed to open when the player entered. They have no animation in the final game.
FWorldsArcSylphieTalk.gifFWorldsArcSylphieHappy.png Sylphie never uses these talking and smiling animations, even in the Japanese version (see Regional Differences).
FWorldsArcLizardmanStun.gifFWorldsArcLizardmanFall.gif Animations of the lever-pulling Lizardmen being knocked back and dying (while still holding the lever! What troopers).
FWorldsArcBiosMouth.gifFWorldsArcBiosHole.png Unused animations of a more frightening mouth for Bios, and a battle-damaged version with a gaping hole where the face should be!

Level Graphics

Stage 1

FWorldsArcOrganicMtBG.png FWorldsArcFlyerBG.png
Some strange organic mountains that should have appeared in the first half of Level 1. Interestingly, they appear in a screenshot on the arcade flyer.

A background of animated gears that would have been used in the second half of the stage.

Stage 4+5

Broken versions of the pillars that appear in the background.

Evidently the golden half-spheres were meant to open up. Probably to let some enemy out.

These are foreground versions of the pillars and statues that appear in the background.

Stage 7

Foreground tiles featuring a nice-looking dragon.

A gate that would probably be used before the previous unused tiles appeared.

Stage 8

Another victim of Capcom's anti-door opening animation policy. The doors are always open in the final game.


It says Vitality Max. As if you couldn't tell that. No idea what this could have been used for.

Two hand cursors. Intended for the shop, maybe.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Audio


ID# Music Comments
While this track is used, only ~40 seconds are ever heard.
The full song is over 2 minutes long!
Possibly meant for the end of level results screen.
Like track 15, but this would have been used if the player didn't get a Zenny bonus.


ID# Voice Translation Comments
I'm sorry. Sylphie says she's sorry (in text) when the player tries to buy an item they can't afford.
I don't know the details...
That's all the information I have.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan International
FWorldsArcTitleJP.png FWorldsArcTitle.png

In addition to the logo change, the Capcom copyright info uses a unique font in the Japanese version. The international versions also add the highest score to the top of the screen.

Starting Satellite

In all other versions of the game but the U.S. one, the player starts off with the V-Cannon satellite.
In the U.S. game, the player starts with no satellite at all, making the start of the game more difficult.

Item Shop

FWorldsArcSylphieBow.gif FWorldsArcSylphieBlink.gif
In Lost Worlds, Sylphie bows to the player(s) when they enter the shop. She also blinks occasionally.
In Forgotten Worlds, Sylphie isn't animated at all. She just stares with cold, unblinking eyes.

She also has some voice clips in Lost World. Apparently the localization team couldn't get a female voice actress.

Clip Translation Notes
Welcome. I'm Sylphie.
I'm the owner of this shop.
Shop intro 1
Select the goods on the right with the joystick.
Then, press a button to buy it.
Shop intro 2
Thank you. Purchasing an item

Finally, there are noises for purchasing and failing to purchase an item in the Japanese game.

Item Purchased Can't Purchase
(Translation: divingkataetheweirdo, Joe)

Dress Item

Lost Worlds Forgotten Worlds
FWorldsArcFinalShopJP.png FWorldsArcFinalShopINT.png

The final shop's inventory is different between versions. While Forgotten Worlds has a Unit Stone, Lost Worlds has a unique item: The Dress / Clothes.

FWorldsArcDressIcon.png FWorldsArcDressItem.png
It costs 99900 Zennys, tied with the Homing Laser for most expensive item in the game.
Its only purpose is to give the player an extra 1,000,000 points at the end of the game.

FWorldsArcDressText.png Clothes
If you buy them, something good will happen.
FWorldsArcDressBuy.png You're very naughty,
aren't you?

The item description + purchase text are probably why it was removed. They weren't translated at all in Forgotten Worlds, though the untranslated item name "FUKU" remains in memory at 109D0.

(Translation: GlitterBerri, divingkataetheweirdo)
(Source: Original TCRF research)