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De Zaak van Sam

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Title Screen

De Zaak van Sam

Also known as: Sam's Case
Developer: NOB Interactive
Publisher: Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf
Platform: CD-i Digital Video Cartridge
Released in NL: 1997

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

De Zaak van Sam can be best described as a less interactive Dutch version of Who Shot Johnny Rock?.

Development Text

Some leftover debugging and development text can be found scattered throughout cdi_sam, including two bizarre (error?) messages comprising of screams:


interactivity : %d
visibility    : %d
cursorpos     : %d,%d
cont          : %d
instance      : %d,%d
message       : %s

id  | stat| app |  x  |  y  |  w  |  h  | off | obj | con | message
%3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %3d | %s
%3d | %7d | %3d | %3d

Error: onbekende operator %c
Error: variabele met index %d ligt buiten bereik
END AND = > < <= >= 
ERROR: film_check_statement: Unknown %s
ERROR: film_check_statement: Unknown logop %s
END %3d | %c | %7d |
vl[%2d]=%3d | %3s | %3d | %6s | %7d | %7d | %7d |

Post Mortem Analysis :  
Bus Error
Address Error
Illegal Instruction
Division by Zero Error
Unknown Error
Stack walkback. Unlinking via (a5):
bad PC address: (%08x)
(%08x)        %s  + 0x%x 
bad PC return address: (%08x)
(%08x)        %s  + 0x%x 

.stb Trying to modload from "%s"
.stb Program name is too long : "%s" /d0 
PMA_init_symbols : can't get_pid
PMA_init_symbols : can't get process descriptor
Invalid sync for STB module

**** cio traphandler mismatch ****

Start of code 
Start of vars