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Drilling Billy

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Title Screen

Drilling Billy

Developer: Northwind Soft
Publishers: Magic Bytes, Intense Entertainment Interactive
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: 1997

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

A Lode Runner-esque game about dreams, imagination, and coconuts with sunglasses. Billy's on the TV!

Though first released in 1997 for MS-DOS, the original developers put it up as freeware sometime around 2016.

Unused Text

A few new features were teased as being included in a future update, which was never released. The file TEXT/lang.txt, however, contains text related to them.

String key Text
HARDSTR (hard)

The game contains two sets of levels for easy and normal modes, though no hard mode is available.

String key Text

Text related to a multiplayer mode is stored between the strings for other menu options. From the website:

Multiplayeroption. Control billy or the monsters in a head to head fight (this will include new special levels).