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JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective

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Title Screen

JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective

Developer: Knowledge Adventure
Publishers: Knowledge Adventure (US)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective is a game in the JumpStart series released in 1997, which follows the eponymous fifth grader Jo Hammet on her mission to prevent a mad scientist named Dr. X from detonating bombs in the city of Hooverville.

Unused Graphics

Graphic Notes
JumpStart5thGrade-ActivityList.png A simplistic graphic with text for three activities in the game. "Hanoi Tower" refers to the crate-stacking activity (it is not referred to as such in the final game).
JumpStart5thGrade-UnusedDungeon.png This strongly resembles the background for the dungeon that Jo finds herself in if she gets caught by Dr. X's goons, however, the lighting and the door off to the right are quite different from the final game.

Unused Audio

To do:
I've obtained these files from the 2001 re-release. Whoever has any version of this game, please check and see if any of these were used.


The file CR001.BAL contains twelve unused music cues. Based on the filenames, these were likely intended for whenever the player fails at an activity.

Filename Audio


Some unused dialogue for the game's protagonist, Jo Hammet.

Filename Audio Transcription Comments
"I'd better put this away. Click on the briefcase to open it up." Probably intended for when you idle around for about 15 minutes or so with an item needed for retrieving the bomb, before *placing* the item in the briefcase.
"Click on the briefcase icon to close it." Likely would've played when you have the briefcase open.
"Every good detective keeps notes. Just answer the questions with whatever comes to mind." Two bits of dialogue that seemingly pertain to the journal.
"I should take some notes so I don't have to remember everything."

Located in the file PR001.BAL are two voicelines that might've been intended for the progress report, despite the fact that there's no sound playing in that area.

Filename Audio Transcription
"This is the crime lab. I've simulated all the mission objectives, so I can practice and hone the skills it'll take to beat Dr.X."
"Welcome back to the crime lab. Pick a subject to enter a simulated mission."

The museum janitor has a few unused voicelines as well. These never play, because you only get to talk to him at the beginning of the game, plus, he gets kidnapped at the start of mission 6.

Filename Audio Transcription
"Great job at the oil refinery, Jo. It reminds me of the time back in '47 when some old army buddies and I were in Atlantic City shooting pool. Back then, a game of pool only cost a nickel. Come to think of it, so did a car. Anyway, the boys and I were in Atlantic City! Oh, wait, maybe it was Vegas. Aw, never mind."
"Good job at the electro-plating factory, Jo. But there's still no word from Martin. The news said Dr. X was planning more bombings. We've got to stop him. Of course, I have to clean the bathrooms first."
"That sure was quick thinking at the spatula factory, Jo. Good show! Still no word from the little rat though."
"I read about your heroics in the paper last night, Jo. Sounds like you saved the whole city! Now we just need to get Martin back."