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JumpStart 1st Grade (1999)

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Title Screen

JumpStart 1st Grade

Developer: Knowledge Adventure
Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

JumpStart 1st Grade is a game in the JumpStart series released in 1999. It heavily utilizes a nautical theme, with a focus on treasure hunts and sailing to various islands.

Unused Graphics

Alternative versions of various backgrounds, most with minor differences.

Unused Used
JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-UnusedClassroomBG.png JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-ClassroomBG.png

Backgrounds for Ms. Nobel's classroom. The unused version has a green ceiling instead of a yellow one.

Unused Used
JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-UnusedKitchenBG.png JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-KitchenBG.png

Backgrounds for the kitchen. The unused version is only missing the "Cook" labels on the pizza maker and the food machine.

Unused Used
JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-UnusedHallwayBG.png JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-HallwayBG.png

Backgrounds for the hallway. The unused version is missing the signs above each room, but also has an additional ceiling light and an exit sign above the door to the playground. It also features an earlier design of the hall pass machine, which can be seen more clearly in the Hall Pass background below.

Unused Used
JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-UnusedHallPassBG.png JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-HallPassBG.png

Backgrounds for the Hall Pass minigame. The unused version has a green rectangular button near the bottom right of the machine instead of the two round red and green buttons in the center of the machine.

Unused Used
JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-UnusedSnackMachineBG.png JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-SnackMachineBG.png

Backgrounds for the Snack Machine minigame. In the unused version, the buttons on the machine are part of the background, which was presumably changed so they could be individually have different appearances when pressed. Additionally, the "Change" letters are duller in color and the clock shows a different time.

Unused Used
JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-UnusedProgressReportBG.png JumpStart1stGrade(1999)-ProgressReportBG.png

Backgrounds for the progress report. In the unused version, the grid is slightly less wide.

Unused Music

1st Grade Song (Unused Variant)

HW001.BAL contains an unused version of the 1st Grade Song. There are two variations of the 1st Grade Song that are used in-game, one sung by Frankie and the other by Floyd. Since HW001.BAL contains assets for the Hallway where Floyd can be found, it's possible this was intended for Floyd. However, Floyd's in-game song has entirely different vocals and some lyrical differences from this unused version. Additionally, this song can't be accessed from the Hallway in-game, since it only plays in the Music Room.

Extended Credits Theme

CD001.BAL contains an unused longer variation of the credits music, which is an instrumental version of Ms. Nobel's Gravity Song. The unused version is for the entire song, but the in-game version cuts off around 30 seconds in.