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JumpStart 2nd Grade

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Title Screen

JumpStart 2nd Grade

Also known as: Jump Ahead Year 2 (UK)
Developer: Knowledge Adventure
Publishers: Knowledge Adventure (US), Focus Multimedia (UK)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1996

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

JumpStart 2nd Grade is a game in the JumpStart series released in 1996. The game centers around the duo of CJ and Edison exploring a schoolhouse full of adventure. The challenges that await in the school include crossing ravines of alligators, finding the remnants of ancient pirate ship, and even fighting aliens in outer space. These adventures culminate with the arguably less exciting goal of collecting postage stamps.

Unused Graphics

Graphic Notes
JumpStart2ndGrade Typewriter.png A background depicting a typewriter. Presumably, this was originally going to be used in place of the computer that appears in the final game, which allows the player to type and print out a message.
JumpStart2ndGrade EarlyTree.png An early design for the Treasure Tree activity.
JumpStart2ndGrade Moon.png An unfinished background depicting the surface of the moon. This would've been intended for the Lookout activity, where the player travels to different locations in the solar system, however, the player can't visit the moon in the final game.
JumpStart2ndGrade ElevatorButtons.png A background showing the elevator buttons close up. In the game, the elevator buttons are only ever visible from a distance, and they have different appearances as well.
JumpStart2ndGrade BoilerRoomEarly.png An early design for the Boiler Room background. This and several other early designs use outlines, while the final game uses a lineless art style.
JumpStart2ndGrade FishTankEarly.png An early design for the Fish Tank background.
JumpStart2ndGrade CricketBandEarly.png An early design for the Cricket Band background.
JumpStart2ndGrade FootballPathEarly1.png An early design for the passage leading to the Football Field. The final game uses a completely different background.
JumpStart2ndGrade FootballPathEarly2.png A lineless version of the above unused design.
JumpStart2ndGrade Easel2.png An unused background for the Easel activity. All of the text styles for the Sticker, Sticker Book, and Great Works books are different from the final game, and the book that says Sketch Book on it was changed to say My Work in the final game. This one also lacks the eraser from the final game, and the shading in the back is slightly different as well.
JumpStart2ndGrade Easel.png An unused background for the Easel activity. This one resembles the final game's background for the most part, but the closeup of CJ that appears in this image isn't used anywhere in the final game.
JumpStart2ndGrade Mailbox.png An unfinished background depicting the school's mailbox. Although the final game involves the player looking inside of the mailbox to find the sign-in sheet, a completely different background is used in that scene.