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JumpStart Animal Adventures

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Title Screen

JumpStart Animal Adventures

Developer: Knowledge Adventure
Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 2002

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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JumpStart Animal Adventures is about exploring five four different habitats (the tidepool, temperate forest, tropical rainforest, and savanna) and learning about the kinds of animals that live in those environments.

Notably, while the opening cutscene contains a few brief references to a desert habitat, no such place is mentioned or seen for the rest of the game.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Scrapped Desert Habitat

Unused Icon Graphics and Sounds

JumpStartAnimalAdventures-DesertIcon.png JumpStartAnimalAdventures-DesertIconOver.png JumpStartAnimalAdventures-DesertIconDown.png

ani_habitat_menu.cxt contains various assets for an unused habitats screen (see other unused graphics for more details). Three of these graphics are for a desert icon. There are two variations for mouse interactions (highlighted for mouse over, and darkened for mouse down).

The same file also contains an unused sound effect with the internal name "desert RO". This was intended to play when the icon was moused over.

Unused Craft Graphics and Sounds

The desert would've had two craft ideas associated with it, the content for which is contained within ani_crafts.cxt alongside the crafts for the other habitats.

Pictured above are the graphics for the "main" desert crafts screen, which would allow the player to pick which craft to view. The craft icons have lighter and darker variations for mouse interactions.

There are also two voice clips and two sound effects for the icons' mouse over interactions.

Audio Description
A sound effect internally called "dessert_viper RO", which would've played when the egg carton horned viper icon was moused over.
A voice clip internally called "jsa_baj_cjf_021", which would've played when the egg carton horned viper icon was moused over.
A sound effect internally called "dessert_bird RO", which would've played when the milk carton bird feeder icon was moused over.
A voice clip internally called "jsa_baj_cjf_013", which would've played when the milk carton bird feeder icon was moused over.

Graphics for each craft's individual page.

There are also two more voice clips that would've played right after selecting a craft.

Audio Description
A voice clip internally called "jsa_baj_cjf_022", which would've played right after selecting the egg carton horned viper craft.
A voice clip internally called "jsa_baj_cjf_014", which would've played right after selecting the milk carton bird feeder craft.

The unused craft graphics also hint at another cut aspect of the game. The two characters featured with the bird feeder craft, Tad and Wart, appear in the game but never accompany the player to any habitat, unlike the other tadpole characters. Meanwhile, the tadpoles that do visit habitats with the player all appear on craft pages associated with the habitat they visited (ex. Polly accompanies the player to the tidepool and appears on a tidepool craft, Chad accompanies the player to the savanna and appears on savanna craft, and so on). This strongly indicates that Tad and Wart were planned to accompany the player to the desert habitat, had it not been scrapped.

Miscellaneous Graphics

JumpStartAnimalAdventures-sahara 640.png

aor.dxr contains this graphic, internally called "sahara_640". In the game, all of the habitats are larger than the game screen and the player is able to scroll through them by using arrow buttons. The desert image in this graphic most likely depicts what the entire habitat was planned to look like. Its wide appearance reflects that the player would be able to scroll left and right through the environment.

Miscellaneous Audio

ani_sha_snd.cxt contains a voice clip of CJ saying "desert", which would've been used for the map screen.

Miscellaneous Code

stickernames.txt contains a list of desert animals intended to appear as stickers:

Dromedary Camel
Dung Beetle
Fennec Fox
Dung Beetle
Horned Viper
Fennec Fox
Dromedary Camel

ani_shared.cxt contains some code intended for a desert contest sheet. This is a list of desert animals that would've appeared on the contest sheet, along with traits listed for each animal which would have been used as clues for identifying them on higher difficulty levels.

"Desert": ["Dung Beetle": ["Scavenger"], "Dromedary Camel": ["Vertebrate", "Mammal"], "Oryx": ["Vertebrate", "Mammal", "Ungulate", "Ruminant", "Bovine"], "Scorpion": ["Arthropod", "Arachnid"], "Horned Viper": ["Vertebrate", "Reptile", "Snake"], "Hedgehog": ["Vertebrate", "Insectivore", "Mammal"], "Ostrich": ["Vertebrate", "Bird"], "Fennec Fox": ["Vertebrate", "Carnivore", "Mammal"]]]

Other Unused Graphics

Habitats Screen

ani_habitat_menu.cxt contains several assets for an unused screen that would've displayed icons for different habitats.


The background graphic for the unused screen. It isn't seen in this exact form anywhere in the game, although parts of this image were repurposed for a similar in-game screen.

ani_habitat_menu.cxt also contains several icons for different habitats, including the scrapped desert habitat. The icons contain parts of the background graphic near their edges, so it is possible to tell how they would've been overlayed had this screen been accessible. Below is the recreated version of what the screen would've looked like and the in-game screen that it resembles.

Unused (Recreated) Final
JumpStartAnimalAdventures-UnusedHabitatsBGRecreation.png JumpStartAnimalAdventures-HabitatsScreenFinal.png

Jurassic Park III: Danger Zone! Leftovers

signin.dxr contains unused graphics that were originally from Jurassic Park III: Danger Zone!, another Knowledge Adventure game.

Autorun Screen


An unused background for the Autoplay menu that appears in the game's AUTORUN folder depicts an alternative logo for the game: "JumpStart Animals". The logo also uses different designs for most of the animals that appear around the main characters.

Other Unused Audio

Unused Music

herd_snd.cxt contains a rather tense-sounding music track named "Music Ambient Lp 02". The other music track in this file, "Music Ambient 01", is the only one used in the game.

Unused Sounds

hermitcrab_snd.cxt contains an audio clip named "game over fanfare", which never plays, even when the player loses the hermit crab minigame. This file is almost identical to the deer minigame's fanfare track, with only slight variations in the instruments used.