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JumpStart Kindergarten (1994)

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Title Screen

JumpStart Kindergarten

Developer: Knowledge Adventure
Publishers: Knowledge Adventure
Platforms: DOS, Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1994

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

JumpStart Kindergarten is the first game in the JumpStart series.

Unused Graphics


A set of images that, if spliced together, would create a row of B letter blocks in front of a pink striped background. The final release uses a solid blue background for this part of the game instead of the pink striped one seen here.


A graphic presumably used for planning the positions of the items that appear in the garden. Also, the arrow which appears in the top left corner has a transparent appearance for some reason, when it's yellow in the game.


Unused Music

There are two .midi files that don't appear to play during any part of the game. It is unclear where they were intended to be used.

A file called COUNT.MID.

A file called SROCK.MID.

Unused Dialogue


There's some unused dialogue for the bird who helps the player sign in.

File Subtitles Comments
Do you really want to remove this name? Click yes to remove it. Click no to leave it alone. A confirmation for deleting a player. In-game, deleting a player happens instantly when pressing the delete key while a name is selected, so there is no confirmation or need to click a yes or no button. The voice is also different from the in-game voice for the bird.
Do you really want to remove this player? Two lines that serve the same purpose as above, and use yet another voice that doesn't match the in-game voice.
Click on yes to remove this player. Click on no to leave this player alone.
Oops! That's not a letter. A line indicating that the player originally would've been prevented from typing non-letter keys, which doesn't happen in-game. This is the only unused line that sounds like the in-game voice.


A voice clip saying "sponsored by..." Seems to have been intended for the television, possibly before the letters of the alphabet appear.


A set of lines for the names of different creatures with each one followed by a sound effect. The voice that says the names appears to be a placeholder, given that it doesn't match Hopsalot's voice. This set of lines also mentions a cow and a monkey, which were replaced by a sheep and a dog in the final game, and thus the sound effects for those animals aren't used either.

Coloring Book

There is a line for Hopsalot saying purple, which is not one the colors included.

Pattern Blaster

There is dialogue for Roquefort saying the number of each level, which is never used. This also includes lines for a ninth and tenth level, even though there are only eight levels in-game.