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Title Screen


Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Unused Graphics



An unused graphic for an X symbol represented by two golf clubs.

Development Text

Sound Information


The following is a list and corresponding descriptions of sound effects created for the Tic Tac Tough game by Edgar. Please keep in mind that all sfx will contain the "$" symbol when initially placed in this cast. Once implemented, please remove this symbol. This helps with sound resource tracking. 

File Naming Key:		product name_activity name_sound effect name.aif

JSCOM: Jumpstart.com
TT: Tic Tac Tough
Tic Tac Tough SFX List

JSCOM_TT_bowlball.aif	for bowling ball mousedown	NO	N/A
JSCOM_TT_bowlpin.aif	For bowling pin mousedown	NO	N/A
JSCOM_TT_hsticks.aif	For hockey stick mousedown	NO	N/a
JSCOM_TT_hpuck.aif	For hockey stick mousedown	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_tball.aif	For tennis ball mousedown	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_racquets.aif	For tennis racquet mousedown	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_bat.aif	For baseball bat mousedown	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_bball.aif	For baseball mousedown	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_win.aif	Reward sound for Òyou win!Ó	No	N/a			
JSCOM_TT_yesroll.aif	Rollover sound for ÒyesÓ button	No	N/a			
JSCOM_TT_noroll.aif	Rollover sound for ÒnoÓ button	No	N/a			
JSCOM_TT_yesnomousedn.aif	Mousedown sound for yes/no button	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_caseywin.aif	Reward sound for ÒCasey wins!Ó	No	N/a			
JSCOM_TT_match.aif	Reward sound for matching a row. To play when pictures flash.	No	N/a
JSCOM_TT_tie.aif	Reward sound for ÒTieÓ	No	N/a			
JSCOM_TT_musicloop.aif	Music for looping. Can you set it to only play during actual gameplay? Not it the Òplay againÓ or tie, or win screens?	No	N/a