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Final Fantasy Tactics

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy Tactics

Developer: Square Product Development Division 4
Publishers: Square (JP), SCEA (US)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: June 20, 1997
Released in US: January 28, 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Final Fantasy Tactics is a near-legendary strategy RPG for PlayStation, made by the same team as—and based heavily upon—Tactics Ogre. In 2007, it was ported to the PlayStation Portable with a new translation and various extras.

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more regional difference.source:

Debug Mode

Final Fantasy Tactics contains a debug mode with a few interesting options. To activate it, input the following Gameshark code:

D0198090 0000
80198090 0006

Load a saved game, open the menu on the world map, and the cursor will now scroll down past "Option", allowing several invisible options to be selected.

Select a map, already!

The first option is probably the most interesting of them: a map/battlefield select. Simply input a number in the box that pops up, and you'll be taken to a corresponding map, where you can set up two parties, not unlike Training mode in Tactics Ogre. Of particular note is that every map in the game can be accessed here, including the ones otherwise used only in cutscenes, and even a few that are unused entirely! While they all work fine in that you can fight on them without crashing the game, some of them cause the movement/effect ranges to either glitch up or disappear entirely (although they're still functional as normal). Some maps are also largely unplayable due to obstacles and other obstructions.

A list of every map in the game, and its value, can be found on the Notes page.

Happy Flag Day.

The second option brings up a list of flags. They can be set to any number from 0-9999 (except "Flag 0", which always stays at 0, no matter what you input), but it's unknown at the moment what this menu does.

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There are some formations accessible from option three that are never used or used for debugging.
Let's party!

The third option is similar to the first, except that each digit completely changes your team setup to one of any number of in-game enemy formations, which can also give you characters you normally can't play as. However, as this option erases your current team (including Ramza), its usefulness is limited. It's fun to play with in conjunction with the map select option, however.

Um. 24?

The fourth option brings up a small box with what appears to be a Zodiac-based date in Japanese, and freezes the game. The purpose of this is unknown. It's possible that this is a build date.

Nice menu.

All the options from the fifth onward bring up a menu full of blank or gibberish options, all of which freeze the game. If there was any functionality here at one point, it was removed entirely.

Unused Areas

There are a handful of areas/battlefields that were entirely unused in the main game, but you can fight on them with with the debug mode, as seen above.

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the debug checkerboard areas at the end of the location list clearly used for debugging.

Gate of Limberry Castle

Unused Limberry Gate

This is entirely different from the map normally used in the game. It's possible that the developers may have intended for it to be similar to Bethla Garrison, in that you could choose which side to attack the castle from, but as it's a rather small map, it seems more likely that it was intended for a cutscene. Also of note is that the barred gate near the entrance is impassible, lending further credence to the latter theory.

Debug Menu Digit: 15

Hospital in Slums

Looks more like an office.

A series of four small rooms, set up in such a way where only one can be visible on screen at a time without rotating the camera. This appears to have been for cutscene use, rather than somewhere you'd actually fight, although the doors do connect the rooms in such a way that it would be usable in battle. If it was intended to be a battle map, it may have been deemed too cumbersome to navigate, and thus cut, despite being relatively complete. Presumably, it would have appeared during Chapter 1, but it realistically could have been put just about anywhere.

Debug Menu Digit: 33

Warjilis Trade City

The lost port city!

This is the one and only area where you never fight at any point in the game, yet there exists a full map for it. It looks rather like you'd expect a port city to, with a pier, houses, and a few shipping crates scattered about. It's possible a battle or cutscene was planned here at some point, but was scrapped.

Debug Menu Digit: 42

Inside Castle Gate at Lesalia

Inside the castle...

In addition to the one used normally, there are actually three maps for Lesalia that never made an appearance, all most likely intended for cutscenes only. This first one appears to be, as the name suggests, the inner courtyard of Lesalia Castle. Note that these three maps are considerably glitchier than the rest; move/attack ranges don't show properly, and the objects are generally only textured on one side, so rotating the camera causes most or all of them to disappear. This angle is the only one not to display any glitches.

Debug Menu Digit: 97

Outside Castle Gate at Lesalia

Outside the castle...

The second of three unused Lesalia maps. This appears, once again as the name suggests, to be the exterior gate of the castle. Move/effect ranges are, again, glitchy, and again, this is the only angle in which this map can be viewed properly.

Debug Menu Digit: 98

Main Street of Lesalia

And the city streets!

Finally, the main streets of Lesalia City. This one appears, at first glance, to be the most complete of the three... but that entire row of houses vanishes at certain map rotations! As with the other maps, the move/effect ranges aren't displayed properly.

Debug Menu Digit: 99

Unused Command Sets

Completely Unused

There are several sets of commands that went unused in the game, possibly for testing purposes. There aren't any new attacks, but the formations of them are entirely unused, even by enemies such as Lucavi, whose stats and command sets cannot be viewed.

Hex digit Command Description Skills Contained Comments
49 Phantom Hell Magician Job command. Makes illusional monsters to control the world. Midgar Swarm, Bahamut, Odin, Leviathan, Salamander No "Hell Magician" class exists. Presumably, this was intended to be Elidibs' secondary command, but data-wise, it's stored directly after Kletian's primary command, hinting that it may have been intended for him, instead.
86 (No Name) (Blank) Dark Holy, Deathspell 2, Galaxy Stop, Seal, Shadow Stitch, Stop Bracelet, Shock, Difference, Allure, MBarrier Possible debug command.
87 (No Name) (Blank) Seal, Chicken Race, Hold Tight, Darkness, Lose Voice, Loss, Spell, Nightmare, Death Cold All the "Fear" skills, including one, "Hold Tight", which is not present in any other Fear command set, and causes "Don't Move" status. Possible debug command.
88 (No Name) (Blank) Bio (x3), Bio 2 (x4), Bio 3 (x3) Nameless, descriptionless duplicate of the Apanda's "Bio" command.
89 (No Name) (Blank) Melt, Tornado, Quake Same as "Dimension Magic" except missing Meteor.
8A (No Name) (Blank) Toad 2, Gravi 2, Flare 2, Blind 2, Confuse 2, Sleep 2 Nameless, descriptionless duplicate of Zalera's "Ja Magic" command.
8B (No Name) (Blank) Ultima (stronger version), All-ultima, Mute, Despair 2, Return 2 Most of Altima's skills. Probably another debug command.
8C (No Name) (Blank) Blind, Aspel, Drain, Faith, Innocent, Zombie, Silence, Berserk, Chicken, Confuse, Don't Act, Sleep, Break Nameless, descriptionless duplicate of Beowulf's "Magic Sword" command.
8D (No Name) (Blank) Ice Bracelet, Fire Bracelet, Thundr Brcelet, Dragon Tame, Dragon Care, Dragon PowerUp, Dragon LevelUp, Holy Bracelet Nameless, descriptionless duplicate of Reis' "Dragon" command.


Commands used by enemies whose stats are hidden. Their descriptions cannot normally be seen, and naturally, neither can the skills they contain.

Hex digit Command Used by Description Skills Contained Comments
23 Magic Delita's Sis Delita's sister Job command. Magic taught by her brother only she can use. Cure, Wish Teta appears in a single battle, but she's dead, and her stats are hidden. Consequently, this command is never seen.
67 Fear Warlock Lucavi Job command. Alters enemy status by ripping apart their souls. Lose Voice, Seal, Loss Most of the Lucavi have "Fear" as their primary command, but they all contain different skills. This is Velius' version.
68 Warlock Summon Warlock Warlock Job command. Summons evil monsters with wicked magic. Titan, Lich, Cyclops Velius' secondary command.
6B Fear Angel of Death Lucavi Job command. Alters enemy status by ripping apart their souls. Darkness, Spell, Chicken Race, Nightmare Zalera's primary command.
6C Ja Magic Angel of Death Angel of Death Job command. Absolute spell that casts magical powers over a wide range. Toad 2, Gravi 2, Flare 2, Blind 2, Confuse 2, Sleep 2 Zalera's secondary command.
6F Fear Regulator Lucavi Job command. Alters enemy status by ripping apart their souls. Speed Ruin, Spell, Death Cold Hashmalum's primary command.
70 Dimension Magic Regulator Regulator Job command. Distorts time and space causing disaster. Melt, Tornado, Quake, Meteor Hashmalum's secondary command.
73 Fear Impure King Lucavi Job command. Alters enemy status by ripping apart their souls. Nightmare, Chicken Race, Death Cold Queklain's primary command.
74 Impure Impure King Impure King job command. Impurity clings to enemys' body eating away the flesh. Bio (x3), Bio 2 (x4), Bio (x3) Queklain's secondary command. Functionally identical to the Apanda's "Bio" command.
77 Fear Ghost of Fury Lucavi Job command. Alters enemy status by ripping apart their souls. Seal, Chicken Race, Lose Voice, Loss Adramelk's primary command.
78 All Magic Ghost of Fury Ghost of Fury Job command. Powers that defy human understanding. Holy, Fire 4, Ice 4, Bolt 4, Flare, Demi 2, Bahamut, Odin, Leviathan, Salamander Adramelk's secondary command.
7B Ultimate Magic Holy Angel Holy Angel Job command. Releases absolute power. Ultima (stronger version) Holy Angel Altima's primary command.
7C Chaos Holy Angel Holy Angel Job command. Chaos wraps around enemys' body causing abnormal status. Grand Cross Holy Angel Altima's secondary command.
7D Complete Magic Arch Angel Great Angel Job command. Transcends existence and causing absolute waves. All-ultima, Grand Cross Arch Angel Altima's primary command.
7E Saturation Arch Angel Arc Angel Job command. Brings all it holds in its arms back to a non-existent state. Mute, Despair 2, Return 2 Arch Angel Altima's secondary command.
7E Dark Cloud Serpentarius Serpentarius Job command. Transcends human understanding. Snake Carrier, Poison Frog, Midgar Swarm, Zodiac Elidibs' primary command.

Enemy Only

These commands differ from the ones above in that, while they're only used by enemies, you can see their descriptions normally. However, there's no way to see the skills they contain. Some commands have the same names as ones you can normally use, but contain different (often fewer) skills.

Hex digit Command Used by Skills Contained Comments
22 Holy Sword White Knight Stasis Sword, Split Punch, Crush Punch Used by Wiegraf in chapter 1.
2D Truth Heaven Knight Heaven Thunder, Asura Rafa's command, minus most of its skills. Used by Rafa as a Guest?
2A White-Aid Holy Priest Cure 3, Cure 2, Confuse, Sleep, Drain, Silence, Don't Act, Raise 2, Esuna Zalmo uses this command. However, Confuse, Sleep, Drain, and Silence are actually from Beowulf's "Magic Sword" command. As Zalmo never uses a sword, he consequently never uses these abilities.
30 Holy Sword White Knight Stasis Sword, Split Punch, Crush Punch, Lightning Stab Used by Wiegraf in chapter 3, during the battle at Orbonne Monastery.
33 Battle Skill Knight Blade Head Break, Armor Break, Shield Break, Weapon Break, Magic Break, Speed Break, Power Break, Mind Break Used by Izlude. Same as a normal Knight's command, but with a slightly different description.
34 Jump (Knight Blade) Level Jump8, Vertical Jump8 Izlude's long-range Jump ability. Contains only the two listed range modifiers.
35 Punch Skill (White Knight) Wave Fist, Earth Slash Used as a secondary command by Wiegraf in chapter 3, during the fight at Riovanes Castle. Same as the Monk's "Punch Art", with a slightly different name, and only the two listed skills.
36 Use Hand Assassin Seal, Shadow Stitch, Stop Bracelet, Ultima, Allure Used by Celia and Lede. Seal doesn't seem to ever be used by either, however. Hex digit 37 is an identical "Use Hand" command.
38 Throw (Assassin) Knife, Ninja Sword, Hammer Used by Celia in Limberry Castle. Ordinary Ninja command with fewer options. This command does not work for the player if hacked in.
39 Throw (Assassin) Shuriken, Ball Used by Lede in Limberry Castle. Ordinary Ninja command with fewer options. This command does not work for the player if hacked in.
3A Holy Sword White Knight Lightning Stab Used by Wiegraf in chapter 3, during the battle at Riovanes Castle. The single skill is all this command contains.
3B Sword Spirit Arc Knight Asura, Koutetsu, Bizen Boat, Muramasa Used by Elmdor at Riovanes Castle. Basically just the Samurai's "Draw Out" with fewer skills. This command does not work for the player if hacked in.
3C Mighty Sword Divine Knight Shellbust Stab, Blastar Punch, Hellcry Punch Used by Rofel. Same as normal, except missing Icewolf Bite.
3D All Magic (Divine Knight) Confusion Song, Petrify, Silence Song Rofel's secondary command in the battle at Orbonne Monastery. Just a very watered-down Yin-Yang Magic skillset.
3E Sword Spirit Arc Knight Asura, Koutetsu, Bizen Boat, Muramasa, Kikuichimoji, Chirijiraden Used by Elmdor at Limberry Castle. Basically just the Samurai's "Draw Out" with fewer skills. This command does not work for the player if hacked in.
3F Blood Suck (Arc Knight) Blood Suck Used by Elmdor in Limberry Castle and Zalbag at Murond Holy Place. It contains only one skill.
41 All Magic (Divine Knight) Quake Vormav's secondary command during the last battle in which you fight him. Yes, it only contains Quake. "All Magic" indeed...
43 Mighty Sword Divine Knight Shellbust Stab, Blastar Punch Used by Meliadoul when fought at Bervenia Free City. Same as normal, except missing two skills.
46 Sword Skill Lune Knight Stasis Sword, Split Punch, Crush Punch, Lightning Stab, Holy Explosion, Shellbust Stab, Blastar Punch, Hellcry Punch, Icewolf Bite Basically the same as Orlandu's "All Swordskill", except minus the Dark Sword skills. Used by Dycedarg.
47 All Magic (Lune Knight) Fire 3, Bolt 3, Ice 3, Bio 3 (instant death version) Dycedarg's secondary command.
48 All Magic Sorceror Holy, Flare, Demi 2, Dark Holy, Raise 2 Used by Kletian.
AC Bio Apanda Bio (x3), Bio 2 (x4), Bio 3 (x3) Each Bio/Bio 2/Bio 3 spell causes a different status effect. In order: Bio (Darkness, Poison, Oil). Bio 2 (Frog, Slow, Silence, Petrify). Bio 3 (Undead, Dead, Petrify).
AE Dark Magic Archaic Demon Lifebreak, Dark Holy, Giga Flare
AF Night Magic Ultima Demon Nanoflare, Dark Holy, Ultima, Hurricane, Ulmaguest
(Source: The Final Fantasy Tactics Battle Mechanics Guide)

Unused Supplemental Abilities

Completely Unused

Hello, unused abilities!

There are also a few supplemental abilities that went unused. One of each type, in fact.

  • Reaction abilityReflect - "Create magic reflect wall. Add: reflect." - A reaction ability. This has no effect, though its name and description suggest that it would probably have granted Reflect status to the user if he/she was hit with magic.
  • Support abilityNon-charge - "CT becomes 0" - A support ability. Non-charge is absolutely legendary among hackers/Gameshark users, as it removes the charge time from every command, except Jump, Charge, Sing, and Dance. Probably more of a debug tool than something that was intended to be in the game, as nobody, not even Lucavi, make use of it.
  • Movement abilitySilent Walk - "Become invisible, move without being seen." - A movement ability. Like Reflect, this skill is unfinished and has no effect. Its description suggests it would put the user in Invisible status by default, though the effect would likely wear off, as normal, once the user acted.


A pair of skills that are enemy-only, and cannot be set or seen normally by the player.

  • Movement abilityMove undrwater - "Move in water up to 3h deep. You can also stop." - Just as the description says. Used by the squid demon type.
  • Movement ability(No Name) - Hex digit 1F1. This nameless, descriptionless command is actually the "Can't enter water" effect present on many monster types.

(Source: The Final Fantasy Tactics Battle Mechanics Guide)

Unused Text

Lots of text that was included in the game, but cannot be seen normally.

Jobs and Descriptions

Unused (NPC) Jobs

Many NPCs were given jobs, complete with unique descriptions, despite never appearing in battle where these would be seen. None of these jobs have a special command, and most don't work except on the most basic level. Also, the descriptions are copied directly from the game, typoes/mistranslations/bad grammar and all.

  • Arc Duke - Used by Barinten; probably a mistranslation of Archduke. "High-ranking Noble. United feudal lords from various regions. His power equals that of a King of a small nation."
  • Arc Witch - Used by Balmafula. "Witch reborn as an archwitch by contract with the darkness. Uses the mighty power of darkness."
  • Bi-Count - Used by Rudvich; probably a mistranslation of Viscount. "Rank for Nobles. Fourth highest peerage of fifth-class Nobles".
  • Bishop - Used by Simon. "Priest who takes an active part in spreading the teachings of God to people around the world."
  • Cardinal - Used by Draclau. "Cardinal, the highest authority in the church next to the High Priest."
  • Duke - Used by Larg. "Duke with hundreds of knights. A rank only given to selected nobles."
  • Duke - Used by Goltana. Same name as Larg's class, but with a different description. "Duke attended by hundreds of knights. A rank only given to selected ones from the nobility."
  • High Priest - Used by Funeral. "A messenger of God who has the highest authority in the church. His words are powerful enough to alter the fate of a nation."
  • Phony Saint - Used by Ajora. It's probably for the best that this wasn't seen in-game. "Agitator who misleads people with lies and masks. Don't underestimate him, although he cannot match the power of a genuine saint."

Other Inaccessible Jobs

The Lucavi and a few other characters' stats are hidden, so you can never read the descriptions of their jobs. Nevertheless, they do still have descriptions. Once again, all are copied directly from the game, Engrish and all.

  • Delita's Sis - Used by Teta. "Younger sister of Delita Hyral. Supported each other since their parents died at a young age."
  • Impure King - Used by Queklain. "One who wants all hideous impurities. When controleld by his wickedness, becomes difficult for a human to even maintain sanity."
  • Warlock - Used by Velius. "Strange monster created by the holy stone. Sends enemies to hell by wounding their bodies and spirit."
  • Angel of Death - Used by Zalera. "Immortal messenger who rises above the earth. Deludes the enemys' with 'Fear' leading to eternal sleep."
  • Ghost of Fury - Used by Adramelk. "Emperor of another world who rules with fury. Proud of his magic power that controls absolute spells."
  • Regulator - Used by Hashmalum. "Controls the laws of this world. Controls who can and cannod live on the earth with his powers."
  • Holy Angel - Used by Altima's first form. "Set free by truth, which controls the universe. His deeds rise above good and evil."
  • Arch Angel - Used by Altima's second form. "Ultimate being, status achieved by a holy angel. Brings chaos or order and beginnings or ends to worlds."
  • Serpentarius - Used by Elidibs. "Legendary demon who governs the serpent planet drifting in the sky. Tries to drain the world by spitting a flame of evil."

Enemy-Only Skills

Since you can't see the skills themselves, it stands to reason that you wouldn't be able to see their descriptions, either.

  • Fear:
    • The description of every skill is "Causes abnormal status."
  • Bio:
    • The description of every skill is "Magic damages with filthy, poisonous spirit."
  • Use Hand:
    • Seal - "Turns the target into stone by sealing its spirit."
    • Shadow Stitch - "Stops target's movement by anchoring its shadow to the ground."
    • Stop Bracelet - "Immediately kills the target."
    • Allure - "Charm an enemy, causing them to lose judgement and luring them into becoming an ally."
  • Ja Magic:
    • Toad 2 - "Magic turns enemy into a Frog. If used on a frog, it returns to its original form."
    • Gravi 2 - "Magic damages with the powerful pull of gravity by creating ultra high-density space."
    • Flare 2 - "Magic burns area by converting ultra-energy to heat."
    • Blind 2 - "Magic that blinds the enemy by covering them with darkness, lowering the success of direct attacks."
    • Confuse 2 - "Magic makes enemy lose rationality and act disorderly."
    • Sleep 2 - "Magic puts enemy to sleep making them vulnerable."
  • Dimension Magic:
    • Melt - "Magic that transforms entire area into a burning hell."
    • Tornado - "Magic creates a turbulent tornado."
    • Quake - "Magic causes a huge earthquake almost toppling heaven and hell."
  • Altima's Magic:
    • Ultima - "Magic damages with absolute energy."
    • All-ultima - "Magic damages with absolute energy."
    • Grand Cross - "Huge landscape causes various abnormal status."
    • Mute - "Magic that neutralizes magic power and reduces MP to 0."
    • Despair 2 - "Magic that neutralizes magic power and cancels effective status."
    • Return 2 - "Magic distorts time and brings CT count back to 0."
  • Dark Cloud:
    • Snake Carrier - "Attacks with a giant snake."
    • Poison Frog - "Gaze of giant snake turns enemies to frogs."
    • Midgar Swarm - "Attacks enemy by summoning a giant snake."
  • Other:
    • Lifebreak - "Attacks enemy with aftershock of death. The lower your HP, the more damage you can inflict."
    • Dark Holy - "Magic damages by enveloping the enemy with the darkness of space."
    • Giga Flare - "Attacks enemys pouring a high-energy stream over them."
    • Nanoflare - "Attacks enemy with energy emitted by destroying the element."
    • Hurricane - "Damages all enemies with a tornado."
    • Ulmaguest - "Damage enemies with time-space mechanism created by the stars."
    • Blood Suck - "Restores HP by sucking enemy's blood."


Other unused text that doesn't fit into any categories.

Nothing else is know about it
except that it's the 13th sign

The somewhat mangled description of the Serpentarius zodiac sign. Only Elidibs has this, and as has been mentioned before, his stats can't be viewed.

Unused Music

Unused Songs

There are a surprisingly large number of songs in the game that are not used, but are present in the game:

  • Mr. Bear Goes to the Ball [Kuma-san Butokai he]:

Credited to REZON (Masaharu Iwata). #25 in the sound test; does not appear on the OST. Also known as "To the Ball" in the PSF rip and "Bear to the Ball" in the PSP version. The track title is one of a series referencing a fictional Mr. Bear and has no bearing on its intended use in the game. Composer comments are irrelevant and of no help whatsoever in discerning its purpose.

  • Apoplexy:

This song is technically used, and is present on the OST, but it warrants mention due to some oddities surrounding it. On the OST, this is just one song, but in-game, this song is split into two parts. One is used in random battles, and the other that's used in a few story battles; the entire "combined" song is never played in-game, yet is present in the game's code nevertheless. The combined version does not show up in the sound test.

  • Fanfares:

There are a large number of short fanfares present in the game. Some are used, many are not, and none are on the OST.

A short, dramatic sting. Could have been used for a shocking event.

Similar to the first, but shorter. This one sounds like it would have had some sort of in-battle usage; perhaps for a negative event.

A short flute variation of the victory theme. There isn't anyplace this would particularly fit.

An even shorter flute variation of the victory theme. Could have served as some sort of "level up" cue.

An upbeat little jingle. Possibly related to propositions?

Music Test

"Too long, didn't translate".

There was a music test in the Japanese version that was unfortunately removed from Western releases. It can be accessed by starting a new game and entering your name as BGMききたい. The PSP re-release also includes the music test with (inaccurate) English titles but no commentary, accessible by entering the name PolkaPolka. Once on the sound test menu, you can view commentary for each track by highlighting it and pressing select. The track titles are completely different from those of the OST, often joke titles. The composers are credited under the nicknames 'YmoH.S' (Hitoshi Sakimoto) and 'REZON' (Masaharu Iwata). Commentaries are not particularly insightful. Transcriptions of the sound test and track comments can be found here:

Japan-Only Music

With the removal of the Zodiac Brave Story Sound Novel minigame during localization (see below), several pieces of music became unused in the overseas release, but still remained on the disc. These tracks are all numbered 81-96 in the sound test. Tracks 81-91 are credited to 'Mitsui' (Yukiko Mitsui) and 92-96 are credited to 'myu' (Yuuko Miura).

By Mitsui:

  • 81. Battle [Tatakai]
  • 82. Battle Ver.2 [Tatakai Ver.2]
  • 83. Walking Theme [Sampo no Teemu]
  • 84. In the Forest [Mori no Naka]
  • 85. Bad Hormones [Warui Horumon]
  • 86. Revenge [Fukushuu]
  • 87. Yamanaka Lake of Fear [Kyofu no Yamanaka-ko]
  • 88. Love Love Happy [Rabu Rabu Happy]
  • 89. Silence of the Night [Yoru no Shijima]
  • 90. Repose [Ansoku]
  • 91. Sky Travel [Sora no Tabi]

By myu:

  • 92. The One that Crossed Out of My Mind [Nou wo Yokogiru Mono]
  • 93. In Our Limited Time [Kagirareta Jikan no Naka de]
  • 94. I've Heard That One Before [Nani ka de Kiitayouna]
  • 95. Little Wing [Ritoru Uingu]
  • 96. FearAfter [sic]

Character Oddities

Notable characters, from left to right: Ramza, Teta, Simon, Olan, Balmafula, Elidibs

Via hacking, it's possible to put any of the game's many characters, including enemies and characters who don't even fight, in the team. Most of these characters, while working perfectly fine in battle (albeit some non-combatants have missing animations for obvious reasons), don't show up properly on the menu, using the default sprite (Ramza's sprite from Chapter 1) instead. This also applies to a few characters who do join as Guests, but are never present with your team outside of battle, such as Zalbag and Holy Knight Delita. This makes perfect sense: why bother with extra coding if something is never supposed to be seen in-game? However, there are a few notable exceptions to this rule:

  • Olan: Like a number of Guests, he's present only in a single battle, at Goland, and never appears in any others beyond that point. However, he works perfectly on the menu and in battle, suggesting that the developers may have had additional plans for him at one point, which were (rather wisely) scrapped, considering how overpowered his Galaxy Stop skill is.
  • Archaic Demon, Ultima Demon, Apanda: This isn't really all that hard to explain. These creatures are of the "Demon" classification. Such characters are technically monsters, but share a few traits with humans, such as full command sets, and occasional support abilities. Since there are a few Demon-types that are playable (Worker 8 and the Byblos are both of this type), the menu functionality was likely added for the entire classification.
  • Elidibs: As odd as it may sound, the bonus boss works perfectly on the menu, because strangely, he also has the "Demon" classification, unlike the other zodiac bosses, which are of the unique "Lucavi" type. Why this is, however, isn't as clear.
  • Simon: Now we delve into the stranger cases. This is the old priest from Orbonne Monastery who gives you the Germonik Scriptures. At no point does he ever appear in battle, either as an ally or an enemy, yet not only does he, unlike the better majority of NPCs, have a working menu sprite, he also has a full set of battle animations. However, his default job's class, Bishop, is unfinished, having a nameless, blank primary command.
  • Balmafula: The mysterious witch seen in several late game scenes, often alongside Delita or Olan. Like Simon, she's never in battle, but works perfectly on the menu and has all the battle animations. The description of her job claims she "uses the mighty power of darkness", but her primary command is also nameless and empty. Still, this all hints that there may have been early plans for her to be a playable character.
  • Teta: This is probably the strangest case out of all the normally unplayable characters. Teta is technically present in a single battle at the very end of chapter 1, but she's dead, and cannot be revived by any means. Still, actually being in battle in any form seems as though it would elevate her above Simon and Balmafula... And she even has a semi-unique command set that is likewise never used anywhere else in the game, "Magic", although it only contains Cure and Wish. Despite this, Teta is still rather broken. For starters, she's missing several frames of animation for performing certain actions. In addition, if used in her default job, she begins each battle the same way she's seen normally: dead and entirely unable to be revived. This makes enough sense, however, and she can still be used somewhat by changing her job. Strangest of all, however, is that her menu sprite is not actually correct, yet it isn't the default "chapter 1 Ramza", either. It's a sprite that isn't used anywhere else in the game! This sprite only appears on the menu, however; in battle, she reverts to her standard "purple dress" sprite. The sprite comes from an artwork for a different character, that the original designer no longer remembers what her purpose was.

Brave Story Entries

There are three scenes and two Zodiac Stones (as well as a pair of dummied items) that, while normally available, are never seen due to the fact that that the scenes do not play out and the stones are not obtained until after you can no longer view the Brave Story.


Entrance to the other world

Rofel is a bastard.

This is the cutscene where your party teleports to Murond Death City, and Rofel destroys the gate, preventing anyone from leaving.

Near death, Rofel activated the ancient writing, "Dejeon"
part of the "Germonik Scriptures". It transported
everyone, including you, from the underground library of
the Monastery, to the entrance of Murond Death City and
Murond Holy Place. Further, Rofel, with his last strength,
destroyed the Magic formation, the only gate to the upper

Reunion and beyond

A somber moment.

This is the ending scene showing Olan and Balmafula at the graveyard.

The war ended after many casualties. A funeral for Alma
Beoulve was held at the graveyard in Igros. The bodies
of Alma and her brother were never found, after they
disappeared from the underground library in Orbonne. After
the people left, Olan and Balmafula appeared in front of
Alma's grave...

Things obtained

"What did you get, Ramza? I got..."

This is the epilogue sequence showing the fate of Ovelia and Delita.

Several months passed since the end of the Lion War...
Delita, who married Queen Ovelia, finally acceded the
throne, and the kingdom was finally returned to peace. One
day, Delita appeared in front of Ovelia with flowers. It
was her birthday.



Hear me roar.

One of the twelve Zodiac Stones. Obtained after beating Hashmalum.


One of the 12 Holy Stones.
A legendary Zodiac Stone
representing the 'Lion'.
Acquired after beating Vormav.


Ajora died a virgin.

One of the twelve Zodiac Stones. Obtained after defeating Altima.

One of the 12 Holy Stones.
A legendary Zodiac Stone
representing the 'Virgin'.
Acquired after beating the
resurrected St. Ajora (Holy Angel Altima).

Treasure (Pre.)

Don't ask me.

There are two of these, with the only difference being that one is "Pre. 1" and the other is "Pre. 2". They both look identical to the Germonik Scriptures, and have no description beyond "Dummy Data". What they were intended to be is unknown.

Zodiac Brave Story Sound Novels

Exclusive to the Japanese version were these interactive fiction-style minigames. They were unlocked when the player obtained their corresponding treasures. Their titles:

  • Oeilvert
  • The Tale of Enavia
  • Nanai's Book of Lives
  • The Fantasy Magience Story

Three of them have been translated and are available here:

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