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Final Fantasy Legend III

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy Legend III

Also known as: Jikuu no Hasha: SaGa 3 (JP)
Developer: Square
Publishers: Square (JP), Squaresoft (US)
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: December 13, 1991
Released in US: September 29, 1993

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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The only SaGa game not to be produced by Akitoshi Kawazu, so its gameplay and presentation are considerably different. Whether that makes it more accessible, or more boring and "vanilla", is open to the player's interpretation.

It was remade for the Nintendo DS, like its predecessor.

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Unused Items

Many of these are blank in the English version.

Use code 01??01C7 (where "??" is one of the below) to modify the item in the second slot in the item list. The first entry is for the English version, the second for the Japanese version.

Digit Name (US) Name (JP) Comments
E5 Blank Warp 2 (UAAPU 2) Listed at the end of the Unit digits. Cannot be installed onto the ship, so its function (if any) is a mystery.
ED Blank Password (Aikotoba) Unknown what this would be used for, if anything.
EF Blank Pureland Case (Ijigen KEESU) Could have been used anywhere in Pureland, really.
F6 Blank Plutonium (PURUTONIUMU) Needed to power the Talon?
F9 Blank Blank Just an empty slot, presumably.
FA Blank Blank Just an empty slot, presumably.
FB Buji BARUZAI You must have been able to "install" the crew members like units in an earlier version of the game. This seems to be removed in the final; they don't do anything, much like the other values. Note that he's actually called Buzi in the English version.
FC Shar SHARURU Another crew member.
FD Juba ZUKAUBA Another crew member.
FE Masa ##PiZA##Pe (glitch) Another crew member.

Unused Abilities

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The Talent "X-Heat" is not possessed by any monster, beast, cyborg, robot, or boss in the game. It's a single-target instant death attack with a unique animation: the screen fades to white like the White spell or the Talon's cannon, and then the same grim reaper sprite as the other instant death attacks appears over the target. In the Japanese version, this talent's name is houshanou (Radiation).

Regional Differences

Monster Sprites

Three monsters were changed in the English version.

Japan US
Probably not a registered nurse. A... something?

What was once a crazy robot nurse became a bizarre abstraction with gigantic lips and long hair(?)...

Japan US
Dr. McNinja? Crouching skull pirate! With sickles!

A dual-knife-wielding cyborg ninja surgeon was transformed into some sort of skull-headed pirate wielding twin sickles. This change and the previous one were likely made in order to avoid portraying medical professionals as scary or antagonistic to children.

Japan US
That monster's gonna give me nightmares. ...like that's *so* much better?

The creepy clown monsters used to be creepy puppet clown drummers. Take your pick as to which one is worse.

(A possible reason for the switch is that the drummer version is based on the mascot for the rather famous and now-defunct Cui-daore Restaurant in Osaka, the Kuidaore Taro. The reference would go over the heads of most non-Japanese players.)