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Final Fantasy XIV (Windows)

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy XIV

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: September 30, 2010
Released in US: September 30, 2010
Released in EU: September 30, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Final Fantasy XIV (also known by the acronym "FFXIV" and its patch number, 1.0) is the second installment of the Final Fantasy MMORPG series originally directed by Nobuaki Komoto. The game had numerous issues with lag, server crashes, and bugs, leading to Nobuaki getting kicked out of the team by Square Enix. He was eventually replaced by Naoki Yoshida, who then made the decision to shut down the servers and remake the game into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

While a few unused models and certain background tracks made their way to A Realm Reborn, everything related to the original XIV and its contents was terminated as of August 27, 2013. There's no way to obtain an official copy of the original XIV other than buying an outdated CD version for Windows or PlayStation 3 from an already existing Legacy player.

To do:
Dump data from the CD here!


Miscellaneous Maps






Removed Text


DEBUG Commands
10001,//dev set (player) warp zone.(string),1,true,true,false,//dev set <me> warp zone.[ゾーン名],指定キャラクターを指定ゾーンにワープさせます。
10002,//dev set (player) warp (number) (number) (number),1,true,true,false,//dev set <me> warp [座標x] [座標y] [座標z],指定キャラクターを指定座標へワープさせます。
10003,//dev set (player) warp (number) (number) (number) (natural),1,true,true,false,//dev set <me> warp [座標x] [座標y] [座標z] [リージョン番号],指定キャラクターを指定リージョンへワープさせます。
10004,//dev set (player) item (key.itemData) (natural),1,true,true,false,//dev set <me> item [アイテムカタログID] [スタック数],指定アイテムを生成します。
10005,//dev set (player) item (key.itemData) (natural) (number) (number),1,true,true,false,//dev set <me> item [アイテムカタログID] [スタック数] [クオリティ] [消耗度],指定アイテムを生成します。
10006,//dev set (player) tribe (key.tribe),10,true,true,false,//dev set <me> tribe [部族番号],部族を変更します。
10007,//dev set (player) quest (,10,true,true,false,//dev set <me> quest [クエストID],クエストをオファーします。
20001,//gm register,1,true,true,false,//gm register,セーブアクターのワーク定義を登録。
20002,//gm list,1,true,true,true,//gm list,NPCのインスタンス名の一覧を表示します。
20003,//gm get (chara) (string),1,true,true,false,//gm get <t> [ワーク名],指定ワークの値を参照します。
20004,//gm set (chara) (string) (number),1,true,true,false,//gm set <t> [ワーク名] [数値],指定ワークの値を設定します。
20005,//gm set (chara) (string) (string),1,true,true,false,//gm set <t> [ワーク名] [文字列値],指定ワークの値を設定します。
20006,//gm questget (player) ( (string),10,true,true,false,//gm questget <me> [クエストID] [ワーク名],オファー中のクエストの指定ワークの値を参照します。ワーク名は savework. か tempwork. で始めて下さい。
20007,//gm questset (player) ( (string) (number),10,true,true,false,//gm questset <me> [クエストID] [ワーク名] [数値],オファー中のクエストの指定ワークの値を設定します。ワーク名は savework. か tempwork. で始めるか、complete を指定して下さい。
20008,//gm questset (player) ( (string) (string),10,true,true,false,//gm questset <me> [クエストID] [ワーク名] [文字列値],オファー中のクエストの指定ワークの値を設定します。ワーク名は savework. か tempwork. で始めるか、complete を指定して下さい。
30001,//test raise (chara),1,true,true,false,//test raise (キャラクター),自分を戦闘不能から回復させます。
30002,//test cd (string) (natural) (natural),1,true,true,false,//test cd [ジョブ名] [レベルの値],スキル種と、レベルを設定し、アビリティや装備も変更します
30003,//test glget (key.guildleve),1,true,true,false,//test glget [ギルドリーヴID],ギルドリーヴIDを指定し、各種データと一緒に取得させる
30004,//test weather (number),10,true,true,false,//test weather (天候ID8001以上),天候番号を設定する
30005,//test playlog (number) (number),10,true,true,false,//test playlog (プレイログID) (プレイログのVALUE),プレイログのIDとそれの中の数値を指定
30006,//test recast (chara) (string),1,true,true,false,//test recast (キャラクター) (モード),"リキャストを設定する(mode=reset,all)"
30007,//test recast (chara) (key.command),10,true,true,false,//test recast (キャラクター) (コマンドID),リキャストをコマンド指定で設定する)
30008,//test music (natural) (natural),1,true,true,false,//test music (通常曲) (バトル曲),曲を設定する
30009,//test iv (chara),1,true,true,false,//test iv (キャラクター),キャラを指定し無敵にする
30010,//test death (chara),1,true,true,false,//test death (キャラクター),キャラを指定し戦闘不能にする



FFXIV-Early-Bardolf.png FFXIV-Early-Minfillia.png FFXIV-early-voluptuous-vixen.png FFXIV-early-Yda.png

Removed Music

These tracks were used in-game when Final Fantasy XIV existed. However, some of the soundtrack did not get carried over to A Realm Reborn in their original form. Thus they shall never see their original intended purpose again.

Town Music

Born of the Boughs - Gridania (This was added back in 4.1 in The Aquapolis. as an Orchestrion Roll )

The Twin Faces of Fate - Ul'dah (This was added in The Lost Canals of Uznair as an Orchestrion Roll)

Normal Battle Themes

Nail of the Heavens - La Noscea Battle Theme

Leve/Behest Themes

In the Shadow of the Colossus - La Noscea Levequest Theme

The Forest's Pulse - Gridania Levequest Theme

No Quarter - Behests (This was added in 4.25 in Eureka as an Orchestrion Roll)

Quicksand - Ul'dah Levetheme Theme (This was added in 3.5 from the quest The Fires of Sohm Al)

Dungeon Themes

The Seventh Gate

Cutscene Music

Aetherial Slumber (This was added in 3.0 in Sohm Al dungeon as an Orchestrion Roll.¨)

From the Heart (This can be bought from NPC´s as an Orchestrion Roll from the Housing Merchants.)

Unused Titan Scene

To do:
Titan's arena and model still exist as of 1.23b, get screenshots of the former

Titan and Leviathan both were supposed to make their appearances as primal encounters at some point in development. However, neither were never part of the story, as Square Enix felt they would be insensitive due to the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged parts of Japan that same season. A model for Titan, slightly different to his appearance in A Realm Reborn, went unused in the game files.