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Final Fantasy II

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy II

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 17, 1988, February 27, 1994 (I·II)

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Final Fantasy II proved that the preceding game wasn't actually the final fantasy, and Square didn't fail after all. This sequel featured defined player characters with a story driven around them. It also had a somewhat experimental progression system, in which the actions of each party member determine how their stats are raised, allowing players the freedom to develop each party member to how they best saw fit without worrying about experience points and class assignments (at least in theory). Square would refine this same progression system in their later SaGa series.

The game was almost released in the U.S. for the NES, but due to the impeding launch of the Super NES, Square skipped it along with the third game, to focus on localizing the newer and fresher fourth entry, which became Final Fantasy II in the U.S. to cover up this fact. A prototype of the scrapped NES localization was eventually leaked to the public though (after the Japanese ROM had already been fan-translated) and many of the game's later remakes (starting with the PlayStation version) were given official worldwide releases as well.

Unused Weapons

Weapon ID: 6E

The Killer Bow would've been pretty awesome, what with the instant-death property and all. Shame about the 0 attack power and accuracy, though.

It appears in the Dawn of Souls GBA remake, albeit still unused.

Revisional Differences

Original Re-release
Final Fantasy II-Intro.png Final Fantasy I&II-Intro.png

When the game was re-released together with the first game on a single cartridge, a typo in the opening text was corrected. "ならかった" was changed to "ならなかった".