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Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PlayStation 3)

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: December 15, 2011
Released in US: January 31, 2012
Released in EU: February 3, 2012
Released in AU: February 2, 2012

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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Debug Menu


  • 1. In a decrypted EBOOT, apply the following modifications to enable a debug mode.

0001A9B4 li r3, 0x1 // Mode, set to any value from 0-5 (0 = M_DBG, 1 = M_REL, 2 = M_ALPHA, 3 = M_BETA, 4 = M_TGS, 5 = M_E3)
0000B2B4 in eboot, replace 38600001 with 38600000X

0001AA58 beq 0x0001AAE8 // NOP for debug boot menu (0x00000000)
0000B358 in eboot, replace 4182062E0 with 60000000

0001A384 li r3, 0x1 // Mode, set to any value from 0-5 (0 = M_DBG, 1 = M_REL, 2 = M_ALPHA, 3 = M_BETA, 4 = M_TGS, 5 = M_E3)
0000AC84 in eboot, change 38600001 to 3860000X

0001A428 beq 0x0001AAE8 // NOP for debug boot menu
0000AD28 in eboot, change 418206C0 to 60000000


Do note that the texture file isn't fully complete and will display missing kanji every so often.

(Source: fkualol)

Controller 1

The following menus can be accessed with Controller 1.

Boot Menu

FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu1.png

Option Translation Effect Notes
フィールドテスト Field Test
バトルテスト Battle Test
イベントテスト Event Test
ムービーテスト Movie Test
モーションテス Motion Test
CrystalTools Crystal Tools

Field Test

FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu2.png

This allows you to select any area to warp to.

Battle Test

FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu4.png

This allows you to enter battles with specific settings.

Motion Test

FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu5.png FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu6.png FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu7.png

This allows you to view any of the models in the game.

Controller 2

The following menus can be accessed with Controller 2.

Known controls:

  • Select enables a free camera mode.
  • R1 Frame-by-frame movement.
  • L1 + R1 Regular framerate.
  • Square / Triangle debug menu navigation.
  • Start hide debug menu / debug information.

Menu 0

FINAL FANTASY XIII2-debugmenu3.png

Option Translation Effect Notes
カメラX回転 Camera X Rotation
カメラY回転 Camera Y Rotation
グリッド Grid
Scene Wire Scene Wire
Floor Wire Floor Wire
バトルログ Battle Log
キャラデバッグ情報 Character Debug Info
タイムスケール Time Scale
デバッグカメラ速度 Debug Camera Speed
イベントスキップ(Only-EventTest) Event Skip (Event Test Only)
仮想負荷レベル Virtual Load Level
Back To BootMenu Back To Boot Menu
Dump Information to File Dump Information to File
DebugDraw Debug Draw
Use JP Font (日本語) Use JP Font (Japanese)
PC重力無視 Ignore PC Gravity
コリジョン表示 Collision Display
オクルーダー描画 Draw Occluder
ワイヤーフレーム描画 Draw Wireframe
AddOccluder100 Add Occluder 100
オーバーラップ表示 Overlap Display
システムログ System Log
形状コリジョン Shape Collision
フィールドエフェクト Field Effect
フィールドジャンプ Field Jump
ファイル読み込み遅延 File Load Delay

Menu 2 (FieldAI)

Option Effect Notes

Menu 3 (Battle)

Option Translation Effect Notes
PC無敵 PC Invincibility
メンバー無敵 Member Invincibility
エネミー無敵 Enemy Invincibility
PC攻撃力最大 PC Attack Power Maxed
エネミー攻撃力最大 Enemy Attack Power Maxed
ユーザーATB最大 User ATB Maxed
PC一撃ブレイク攻撃 PC Hit Break Attack
ATBスピード ATB Speed
AI停止 AI Interrupt
PC自動操縦 PC Autopilot
過剰演出カメラ Surplus Cinema Camera
演出カメラ軌跡 Cinema Camera Path
強制ノンアグスタート Force Non-Aggressive Start
召喚時間無制限 Unlimited Summon Time
←デバッグキャラ→ ←Debug Character→
ログ Log
キャラ力場表示 Character Gravity Display
構図ガイド Composition Guide
召喚イベント Summon Event
ドライヴ値MAX Drive Points Maxed
ドライヴ旧式カメラ Drive Old-style Camera
ドライブモード編集 Edit Drive Mode
AI Info AI Info
PC以外の味方を戦闘不のう Non-PC Allies Can't Fight
ターゲット以外の敵を戦闘不のう Non-Targeted Enemies Can't Fight

Menu 4 (Sound)

Option Translation Effect Notes
soundTest Sound Test
soundtest2 Sound Test 2
デバッグひょう示 Debug Display
Bus1(Music) Volume Bus 1 (Music) Volume
Bus2(SE) Volume Bus 2 (SFX) Volume
Bus3(Voice) Volume Bus 3 (Voice) Volume
Bus4(Menu) Volume Bus 4 (Menu) Volume
Bus5(Env) Volume Bus 5 (Environment) Volume
Bus6(FootStep) Volume Bus 6 (Footstep) Volume
EnableResourceInfo Enable Resource Info