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Final Fantasy III (NES)

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy III

Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Platform: NES
Released in JP: April 27, 1990

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Final Fantasy III is, of course, the third game in the Final Fantasy series and the last one for the original Famicom. Like Final Fantasy II before it and later V, it skipped a stateside release on its native platform, resulting in a renumbering of the titles that were released in the U.S. for Nintendo consoles (thus Final Fantasy VI ended up being the game to get the "Final Fantasy III" title in the U.S.).

For many years, this entry of the series was something of a lost game, even in Japan. The planned WonderSwan Color port was scrapped due to the loss of the original source code and consequently it ended up being the only Final Fantasy game from the original Famicom trilogy that was ported to neither the PlayStation nor the GameBoy Advance. It would eventually get a 3D remake for the Nintendo DS, which is the version that made it to the rest of the world.

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Steal more info from FFWiki or something. Some good info here, and this site has some info on the NES enemies.

Developer Message


Hold Up + Left + Start + Select, press Reset, then release Select to display the message "BY: NASIR" (Nasir Gebelli, the game's programmer). Presumably, he could have used this code to prove the game was his if a pirate were to remove the game's credits.

Unused Text

Location Names

All of these locations are present in the game but the location text went unused.


"Ur's Well"


"Saronia Battlefield"

こだいいせき ちょうさたい

"Ancient Ruins Investigation Unit"

きょだいせん インビンシブル

"Great Ship Invincible"


"Behind the Waterfall"


"Xande's Chamber"

Unused Items


"Turtle Shell Split" – A battle item that casts Erase on a single target. It can only be obtained through a glitch. It ended up being used in the DS remake, where it was called the Shell Breaker.


"Silence Amulet" – A battle item that casts Silence on a single target. It can only be obtained through a glitch. It ended up being used in the DS remake, where it was called the Silence Seal.


"Bomb Head" – A battle item that casts Flare on a single target. It can only be obtained through a glitch. Possibly removed due to redundancy with the functionally-identical Chocobo's Wrath item.


"Hammer" – A lightning-elemental hammer with 25 attack power, and 60% hit rate. Can be equipped by Viking. It can't be found, stolen, bought, or won from enemies, but it can be obtained through a glitch. It may have been removed due to being vastly outclassed by the time you actually gain access to the only job class that can equip it. It ended up being used in the DS remake.


"Dream Harp" – A harp with 0 attack power, 60% hit rate, and the ability to put targets to sleep. Can be equipped by bards and ninjas. It can't be found, stolen, bought, or won from enemies, but it can be obtained through a glitch. It ended up being used in the DS remake.

Unused Enemies


Looks vaguely demonic, too Only on Game Boy!

Level 34 with 315 HP, yields 410 EXP and 800 gil. Doesn't have any spells or elemental affinities, and it doesn't have any items to drop or steal. Has an alternate palette for some reason. Seems like there were supposed to be goblin enemies on the surface overworld, judging from its stats.


Now in tangy orange flavor!

Level 48

16,560 HP

121 Attack

28 Defense

32 Magic Defense

320 EXP

8 CP

2,500 gil

Its HP places it around the final areas of the game, maybe the Ancient's Maze or as part of formations in the Crystal Tower, though given its relatively low level it could have appeared as a powerful, if obscenely-hardy, enemy earlier on, which is also supported by its relatively high gil drop. Either way, the dummied-out status of this and the Captain means that at some point they decided to make Goblins exist only on the Floating Continent.


Maybe they realized it would have to drop Phoenix Downs and destroy the difficulty curve?

Level 35 with 330 HP. Yields 960 EXP and 440 gil. Weak to Ice and Wind, and can cast Fire. Potions can be stolen from it. Definitely the most complete of the dummied enemies. Stats place it somewhere on the surface world as a random encounter, or perhaps earlier as a boss.



Level 64 with 1,140 HP, yields 4,600 EXP and 4,400 gil. Potions can be stolen from it. This one was definitely in the Ancient's Maze.

Terrible Dragon

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Apparently there's a third palette, but I can't find it.

And that's terrible.Turrible, just turrible.

Level 64

16,510 HP

144 Attack

38 Defense

208 Magic Attack

18 Magic Defense

4,600 EXP

66 CP

4,500 gil

Has no items or elemental affinity, but it does have a Strength of 150 - higher than even the final boss! Seems like either a powerful Ancient's Maze or Crystal Tower enemy, or perhaps a superboss. It might have been removed for being too powerful, as the last few bosses are incredibly difficult already.

Lost Gold

This enemy makes a lot of cents.

Level 30 with 265 HP, gives 560 EXP and 310 gil. Can steal Potions. Has no special abilities or elemental affinities. Apparently, this enemy was listed in Japanese guides. It had its stats boosted and ended up used in the DS remake, as a random encounter in the Goldor's Mansion room with the Gold Swords.


I have fury!

Level 11 with 120 HP, yields 152 EXP and 102 gil. Steal potions, no abilities or elemental affinities, the usual. They were also put in the DS remake, as a random encounter in the first floor of Tower of Owen.

Sea Dragon

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Get status from the Japanese guide book...

That's terrifying.

This enemy does not appear in the ROM data itself, but it does appear in the official Japanese Famicom strategy guide book, complete with stats, showing that the enemy was a very late removal and still existed in the game at the time that the guide book was written.

However, this enemy did make its way into the DS version, appearing on the water in the northern part of the Floating Continent.