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Proto:Final Fantasy X

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Final Fantasy X.

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Finish the remaining rooms, and things like the endless debug options in Luca (there's different options for every single map there).

A prototype of Final Fantasy X was leaked to the Internet circa 2008. It is a prototype of the English translation with debug features enabled.

General Differences

  • The Select button activates a debug display, which adds more stuff depending how many times you press it.
  • Pressing L1 on the New Game/Load screen will call up the Debug Menu (or the 'Startmap' as it is internally known as).
  • Voice acting and text are completely in English (as far as I could see, anyway), however, the voice acting in the FMVs is still in Japanese.
  • As shown above, there are several dummied-out options mentioning the PS2 HDD, just like Kingdom Hearts had.

The Startmap

  • EVENT: Leads to the Event sub-menu, containing the debug rooms.
  • MAP: Does nothing?
  • PROGRAM: Leads to the Program sub-menu.
  • BATTLE: Leads to the Battle debug room.
  • NEWGAME: Starts the game with every party member at their default stats at a given part of the game. Each option leads to a submenu where you can choose which event do you want to start at. Free Check might be related to event flags. Also presumably lets you turn off battles but I haven't tested it.
  • LOAD: The only option that has a noticeable effect in this sub-menu (aside from loading a saved game) is the last option. It will load a saved game and present you with the NEWGAME menu, with the same effect, except your saved game stats are used instead of the defaults.



Contains the main meat of the debug rooms, and is more like previous debug rooms in FF games where each programmer gets one.


Teleports you to near the shoopuf rental thing in the Moonflow. Kinoc is there, shooting an air rifle. You can push him around but you can't actually talk to him. There's also a Save Sphere there. Press Square to bring a menu up.

  • Menu: Brings up a sub-menu.
    • To Test Map 02: Reloads the map.
    • Global Flags: Seems to be a bunch of options to set/unset particular flags. The last option, despite what it says, warps you to the Thunder Plains.
    • Scenario Flags (Only the scenarios I work on): More flags. Pretty detailed. Need to be tested to see if they work.
    • Close camera to the actor (PC only): Doesn't seem to work. However, if you select Back in this menu, you can't bring up the menu with Square anymore!
    • Battle test: Doesn't work.
    • Jump to this map (Parameters = 0): Seems to be functionally identical to the "Jump to this Map" options.
    • Jump to other map (Set Parameters): Seems to be functionally identical to the "Jump to this Map" options.
    • Map: Seems to set/unset parts of the background: try 8 to turn on/off the sky!
    • Movie: Movie player. 000 is Tidus playing Blitzball at Zanarkand, and so on.
    • Debug: Opens up a sub-menu "Virtual FinalFantasyX Config Menu":
      • The ON/OFF switches are misplaced in this menu, so they cut off part of the text.
      • Hiragana mode set: Brings up a blank text box, and stays OFF no matter what you do.
      • Name settings: You can turn this ON/OFF, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
      • Battle by encount: Same as above.
      • Battle SYS: Same as above.
      • Party members: Will actually softlock the game!
      • Switch: Allows you to switch party members.
      • Tsuchida-san's stuff (Full itemscommands): Brings up a sub-menu:
        • Battle by encounter : Battle count: ?
        • Battle by encounter : Dummy: ?
        • Full itemscommands: The cursor skips over this option, so it stays ON.
        • Back: Returns to the previous menu.
      • End: Quits the menu.
    • Play from some part of the game: Same thing as the NEWGAME menu in the startmap.
    • Music: Music player.
    • Change form: Allows you to change the player's model on the map.
    • (blank space): Quits the menu.
  • Jump to this map: Reloads the map.
  • Jump to this map (change parameters): Brings up a sub-menu. Whatever you do doesn't seem to do much.
  • Jump to this map (parameter 0): Allows you to warp to various places in Besaid, the Moonflow, Bevelle and Sin. You also get to have all party members/all aeons if you select the Sin option.
  • Be warned, the last empty space in the Sin option is the one to actually get out of the menu. The one before it will just warp you to the Al Bhed ship, and Tidus won't be able to move, forcing you to reset.
  • Jump to this map (set parameters): Combines the last two options, although again with no visible effect aside from the map change.
  • (blank): Quits the menu.


This map plays a cutscene that, well... needs to be seen to be believed. You can skip it and go straight to the menu by pressing X. He also begs your pardon for a mistranslation in this page. All is forgiven.

  • [WORK]
    • "Free Movement": Allows you to move WHILE the cutscene is playing!
    • "Planing Start Map": Warps you back to the startmap.
    • Seems to be a bunch of flag setting/unsetting options.
    • Allows you to set a whole number of flags THEN warp to said event. "Nagi Plain" is actually the Calm Lands.
    • Seems to allow you to set/unset flags about the Celestial Weapons?
    • "Good score for Blitz_Ball": ?
    • "Encount On/Off": Presumably turns random encounters on/off, but I haven't tested.
    • "Legend Clearance": ?
    • "Strenghtening Setting": There's a number of options, and all seem to do the same thing: Give one or more members their Celestial Weapons. However some of them are the "sealed" versions that only have No AP as their one ability. It should give you the weapons half and fully unlocked, but I can't quite get it to work.
      • "Strenghtening stage 2 setup" even has a full message from the map maker in English and Romaji!
      • "If a power up 2nd stage setup is carried out, it means also ending 1 stage automatically."
      • "2dankaime settei wo suruto, jidoutekini 1dankaimemo settei sitakotoni narimasu"
  • [Belgemine]
    • Seems to be a bunch of flags related to Belgemine.
    • "Rich Man": Gives you 100000 Gil.
    • "Mr. Saito's Map": Warps you to Saito's map.



"machinaTORI STARTMAP" Warps you to various places in the story. All pretty much self-explanatory, except for Tmp, which gives you this screen:


This screen is from the demo version of Final Fantasy X included in 53th Demo Compilation from the Official US PlayStation 2 Magazine. Choosing OK will let you walk around the room, but otherwise not much you can do here.


More like a debug room in the past FF games, you'll be hanging around a bunch of NPCs that warp you to different places.

Yuna (left)

"Come on, let's go!" Handles stuff in Besaid.

Menu Option Effect
Bisaido mura hiru/yoru (Besaid Village day/night) Allows you to warp to various points of Besaid when you first arrive, both day and night. It doesn't seem to work properly, as selecting one of the Night options and then choosing the Day option will warp you to the village at night anyway.
Toubatsu hiru/yoru (Crusaders day/night) Same thing as above, warps you in the Crusaders lodge at Besaid.
Minka (House) 1/2/3 / Shop / Bisaido Jiin (Besaid Temple) None of these seem to work?
START MAP Warps you back to the startmap.
cansel Quits.


"Welcome!" Handles stuff in Guadosalam.

Menu Option Effect
Guadosaramu (Guadosalam) Warps you to numerous points in Guadosalam.
Shimoa yashiki entoransu/geihin (Seymour residence entrance/guesthouse) Warps you to various points in Seymour's estate.
Yunaresuka (Yunalesca) Warps you to the Yunalesca "shrine" at Guadosalam.
Yadoya (Inn) Pops up a textbox saying "Koujityu" (Koujichuu, Under construction).
Shop Doesn't seem to work.
Minka (House) 1/2 Same as the Yadoya option.
Ikai (Farplane) Doesn't seem to work.
START MAP Warps you back to the startmap.
cansel Quits.


"H-Honest?" Handles stuff in Macalania.

Menu Option Effect
Kogan (Lakeshore) Warps you to the Travel Agency at Macalania.
Ryokoukoushi (Travel Agency) Same as above, but when you're fleeing from the Temple.
Komen (Lake surface) Warps you to the Crawler boss fight.
Komen mizo (Lake surface trench) The aftermath of the above option.
Remiamu jiin (Remiem temple) Warps you to the Remiem temple.
START MAP Warps you back to the startmap.
cansel Quits.


"Stand back." Handles stuff in Zanarkand.

Menu Option Effect
Tidus kitazo (Tidus has arrived) Beginning of the game, Tidus comes out of his place...
ittekimasu (on my way) Asks you "kodomo/musume sain? (Kids/Woman autograph?)" Yes/No. Selecting Yes will disable dialog with the kids or the woman.
Ject biru miage (Look up at Jecht building) Panoramic shot of Zanarkand, then Tidus gazes over at the building with Jecht's face on it.
nazo no syounen (mysterious boy) Streets of Zanarkand in chaos, Bahamut's fayth appears right behind Tidus.
daisuikyu (big water ball; i.e. the Blitzball arena) Auron appears, gives Tidus his sword...
sins zako battle (sinspawn small-fry battle) Battle against the Sinspawns.
interbal (interval) Auron's overdrive tutorial battle.
save fukki demo (save return demo) Zanarkand's streets, except the camera angle is screwed up (pressing Down-Left for long enough will put Tidus into view) but you can't really do anything.
biru toukai battle (building collapse battle) Cutscene before the fight against the endless sinspawns, the one you need to make the Tanker ignite.
biru toukai (building collapse) Skips straight to the battle in the above option.
START MAP Warps you back to the startmap.
cansel Quits.




"Saito test map:
Left : Map Select
Right : Other Select
Front : Ooakaya test"

Classic debug room, contains a bunch of NPCs that do stuff/warp you to places.
You start facing an NPC that always changes, Yuna to the left and Kimahri to the right. Going down reveals more NPCs.
If you use one of the Luca options and then press Square, you'll have debug options within Luca. These actually work on retail if you load a save!

Always Changing NPC (Press Square)

"which map" Deals with Luca related stuff.

Menu Option Effect
Cancel Quits the menu.
Wait Count No known effect.
Voice Mess Voice test. "Wakka, why so stiff man?"
sendentoka Leaving the bar, finding out Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed.
Hikae1 Near the Aurochs locker room.
Port 5 One of Luca's ports, specifically the one where Auron tells Tidus the truth about Sin.
Mihen Guchi (Mi'ihen Entrance) Road to the Mi'ihen Highroad. You can't actually go there.
Sport Bar Luca's bar. You get two options "For Debug" or "after blitz". For Debug puts you there during the first visit to Luca when the Ronsos tease Kimahri, "after blitz" puts you there afterwards.
Auron Battle When the fiends attack the dome and Auron shows up to save the day.
Seymour Summon Darkness Seymour shows up...
ooakaya to saikai Theater entrance. O'aka is there.


Press Square to test screen-wide effects. Press X to cycle through them.
Press X for the real options.

  • Cancel: Quits the menu. "bye bye"
  • Luca: Various warps to Luca. TODO: Expand on this.
  • Plan Start Map: Warps you to the startmap.
  • Load: There's a bunch of different options to load a save file, but they all seem to have the same effect?
  • Map Reflesh: Refreshes the room.


"What?" Displays the "Scenario flag" value on the bottom of the menu, which I assume is where the plot currently is. 512 seems to be the very beginning and 0 seems to be the very end.

  • Cancel: Quits the menu. "bye bye"
  • Luca Event Sel: Gives you a legend detailing the progress on the event programming, then allows you to warp to seemingly every event in Luca. Too many options to list...
  • Map Jump Sel: Allows you to jump to every map in the game! To use, first enter a number, then three gibberish options show up. First one makes you select aditional parameters, then confirm the jump (or go back),

second option allows you to re-insert the number, third option quits.

  • Set Scenario Flag: Allows you to change the Scenario Flag. TODO: Test this further.
  • Set Personal Flag: Gives you a whole lot of gibberish, then allows you to change the "Personal Flag". No idea what this is...
  • Theater Plottype: Brings up a sub-menu.
    • Theater Option: Allows you to buy Movie/Music Spheres, give yourself money, or to reset the spheres. Note this is an easy way to test Scenario Flag: if you want them all, set it to 0. Notice there's more spheres than there are in the final game.
    • Set Music/Movie Sphere: Listen/watch currently acquired spheres. Notice there's a whole lot more Music Spheres and 3 extra Movie Spheres. The music spheres include the deleted songs + all the versions of the Hymn of the Fayth,

plus the Japanese (?) version of Tidus humming it. The movie spheres include the two ending FMVs + the short clip played when the airship re-enters Sin (which is cut from another FMV).

  • Character Model/Bone: Allows you to change the player character (talk to Yuna and select "Map Reflesh" to see the changes) or presumably debug the models, though the options seem to do nothing.
  • Follow Chara Test: Will make the Always changing NPC follow Kimahri. Select OWARI to exit.

Right-Most Character (will clone whoever is the player character is)

Functions as a motion test for whoever is the player character, but only Tidus seems to have motions at all and goes through them too fast?


Generic NPC model test, selecting a different number will change the model.


Tests O'aka related events? All the options have garbled text since the Japanese character set is gone.


Jassu motion test? Seems oddly specific...


Misc. model test.


<Yamauchi's Start Map> TODO: Expand on the options.

  • Go to Planners' Start Map: Goes back to the startmap.
  • Go to Zanarkand:
  • Go to S.S Liki:
  • Go to S.S Winno:
  • Go to Thunder Plains: These last four options warp you to where you expect them.
    • A sub-menu opens on all of them with at least three options, Map/Event/Check the Schedule.
    • Map warps you to a given, labeled map. Event warps you to an event. Check the Schedule is likely notes by the programmer.
    • (Zanarkand is "Finish!", S.S Liki is "Debuging Only", S.S Winno is "faciel motion will be exchanged...", and Thunder Plains is "Only debuging!")
    • A very interesting tidbit: if you select Events on Thunder Plains, you'll see "Getting the spear of Gandof", which actually sets up the quest for the Longinus/Spirit Lance, Kimahri's Celestial Weapon.
    • Gandof refers to High Summoner Gandof, who was one of the first High Summoners, and he also sealed the Qactuars in the stones. However there's no mention anywhere in the game that the Longinus is his spear,

which makes it a piece of lore never revealed in the actual game!

  • Selection of souvenirs in dodging the thunderbolt: Test the rewards for the lightning-dodging mini-game in the Thunder Plains.
  • Selection of music: Music player. Has internal names for the tracks.
  • Nowhere to Go...: Lets you freely roam around the room. You can:
    • Go near the entrance and see Yuna do the Sending dance with the Longinus!
    • Go near the first Qactuar stone and talk to Lulu, the camera will pan to her doing her victory pose.
    • Go near one of the pillars to see a Yuna that doesn't do anything.
    • Go near the floating save sphere and talk to Lulu, again she'll do her victory pose but the camera will pan on her cleavage. Real classy, Square.
    • Go a bit further ahead and talk to a Rikku, she'll do her "scared of lightning" animation.
    • Go a bit more further for another Rikku with the same animation, except the camera will pan in on her.
    • You need to soft-reset to get back in the startmap.











Only 'menu' and 'nakazawa' work. Entering this room strips the party to just Tidus.


Menu Option Effect
FONT & MESSAGE ( NORMAL ) Font test, centered.
FONT & MESSAGE ( JIMAKU ) (Subtitles) Font test, aligned to the left.
ALBHED TEST Al Bhed test, uppercase and lowercase.
ENTER NAME SELECTER Allows you to rename Tidus, rename Valefor, or enter a random airship password.
TEST Prints a dummy message that is actually modified from this news article about 9/11 and the hunt for Bin Laden. Screenshot included below, because it has to be seen to be believed.


Menu Option Effect
Scenario_flag advance Unknown effect.
Training school Shows you one of the Monster Arena menus.
Arms shop of Training School Gives you the weapon shop from the Monster Arena.
Arms shop test Allows you to pick any weapon shop from the game by selecting the right number. Selecting an invalid number gives you a default shop.
Items shop test Same thing, but with item shops.
Menu Call Pops up the main menu.
Full Member Gives you all of the party members.
Sphere Monitor Pops up a menu with "Where sphier monitor". You can choose any sphere monitor in the game.
beruge 1/beruge 2/Calm Lands Event Clear Gives you the Summoner's Soul/Aeon's Soul and the last option presumably sets Belgamine as defeated in the Calm Lands.
tutorial data make Probably allows you to choose whatever save file you want to use for the next option.
tutorial GO Allows you to view a tutorial:
Menu Option Effect
test Gives you text from the Summoner's Soul tutorial, with glitchy graphics.
DNA1 First Sphere Grid tutorial.
DNA2 Second Sphere Grid tutorial.
KAIZOU Customization tutorial.
shoukan1 The actual Summoner's Soul tutorial.
syoukan2 Aeon's Soul tutorial.
overdrive Overdrive tutorial... or not? Seems glitchy.
return Back to the previous menu.
tudas name change Allows you to change "Tudas"' name.
makiba count up Gives you the shop number menu again, but doesn't do anything visible.
aria clear/zoku clear/orijinarl clear Gives you most of the monsters in the Monster Arena.
all get Unknown effect.
to battle menu Warps you to BATTLE.
change Sphere Bouad 0/1/2 This is probably supposed to let you change between Sphere Grid boards, but since this is the original US version it really doesn't do anything. Note that there's THREE options to pick: maybe a third grid was once meant to exist?


You can push the Cactuar around! Talk to it to open up a menu.

"Battle Debug for DVD"

Battle by Encounter

Gives you a list of places, and a menu to input a number, much like the one in the FF8 debug room. Most are self-explanatory, so the only ones documented here for now are unusual ones. Also, you can make characters fight underwater that weren't supposed to: their battle model will be just doing a T-Pose since they have no underwater animations, including Seymour.

Menu Option Effect
test00 Doesn't seem to work.
zzzz00 Calm land enemies, mostly. Seems to be a tutorial for the Monster Arena?
zzzz002 Doesn't work.

test11 has its own set of battles.

Menu Option Effect
000 A glitchy battle in the Calm Lands. You'll hear Tidus, Wakka and Yuna say some things, the bees will attack, and eventually the game will softlock. Nothing you can do.
001 A Flan in Besaid. If you kill it the battle will just not end. You need to Flee or die to actually escape. This may be related to the tutorial Flan battle in Besaid.
002 A regular battle on the Mi'ihen Highroad.
003 A regular battle in Mushroom Rock.
004 A battle with a Condor (usually found in Besaid) in the Calm Lands, with an otherwise unused (?) camera angle.
005 A battle against an invisible Bahamut in the Calm Lands? If you just skip turns, the battle will end. If you actually kill it, it'll suddenly appear visible again with its death animation.
006 A battle against an invisible Yojimbo in the Calm Lands. If you skip turns he will actually summon himself during his turn, and do nothing until he has a full overdrive. Zanmato will just deal 9999 damage though.
007-009 Invisible Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy individual battles. None of them do anything, with no death animations.
tori00 The forced battles against Guados at Home.

Event Battle

Battle against bosses/forced battles. A few things:

  • Bosses that have to be fought by a certain party will likely not work if fought with a different party, like Geosgaeno.
  • The Kimahri battle doesn't work.
  • You get an instant game over against Isaaru.
  • Biran and Yenke have an absurd amount of HP - 5 million between them.

Battle Settings

Opens up a sub-menu, "Virtual FinalFantasyX Config Menu".

Menu Option Effect
Party Allows you to swap around characters, including Seymour. Note you cannot select Seymour in the menu, but you can always put him in during a battle.
Get All Mostly self-explanatory, except Full of Arms duplicates Tidus' current weapon for every single weapon unused weapon slot.
Invincible Allows you to set yourself or enemies invicible, and also allows you to control enemies! You'll be also able to use YOUR items during enemy controls, which is neat.
Magic & OverDrive Allows you to set MP cost to zero or supposedly to have a permanently full overdrive, but that doesn't work.
Damage Allows you to set your damage to 1, 9999, or 99999, and make your attacks never miss.
Get Item Allows you to always get rare items after a battle, and to multiply AP and Gil x100.
Who's First Allows you to always be ambushed, always get a preemptive attack, or to disable both.
Info Output Doesn't seem to work.
End Returns to the previous menu.

After these are some other commands.

Menu Option Effect
Load Data Loads a save, while still remaining in the BATTLE room.
Save Data Saves the game.
Back Returns you to the STARTMAP.
Sphere Monitor Returns you to the NAKAZAWA menu in PROGRAM.
Blitz Ball Blitzball menu.
Skip Story Same thing as the NEWGAME menu in the Startmap.
Cancel Quits the menu.