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Final Fantasy XI (Windows)

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy XI

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: November 7, 2002
Released in US: October 23, 2003
Released in EU: September 2004

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

Final Fantasy XI is the first online entry in the Final Fantasy series. It featured cross-platform and cross-regional play. Likely wins the award for generating the most pointless arguments over a number in a name.

Unused Areas

ROM 0 28.DAT - selp

A large zone that is unused within the game and features many unique elements. The file leads with "selp."

FFXI Win - selp - AboveView.png

Wooden Wall

A large wooden wall backed against a mountain range that appears to have surrounded a town. The only visible buildings are four tower tops. The wooden wall has three unique entrances and five total door ways. The sign pointing to the town reads "Sel Phiner."

Left Entrance Center Entrance Right Entrance master wall 00
FFXI Win - selp - Town1.png FFXI Win - selp - Town2.png FFXI Win - selp - Town3.png FFXI Win - selp - Master wall 00 .png

(Source: Oculin)

Early footage from the Final Fantasy X bonus disc "Other Side of the Final Fantasy" showed the inside of a town that featured similar, if not the same, walls and tower tops. The left entrance model can be seen in the background of the footage as well as the tower tops.

Final Fantasy XI Unused Town 3.png Final Fantasy XI Unused Town 4.png
(Source: Kazuhiro Jou)

Additional Building Textures

"master wall 00" and "master kenzou" are the only building textures used on this map. Additional building and interior textures exist in the DAT file that do not seem to be utilized.

master komono01 master ido master johheki master s00 fus master s00 jew
FFXI Win - selp - Master komono01.png FFXI Win - selp - Master ido .png FFXI Win - selp - Master johheki .png FFXI Win - selp - Master s00 fus .png FFXI Win - selp - Master s00 jew .png

(Source: Oculin)

Land Formations

The zone has a variety of unique land formations.

One corner of the map features jagged rocks, however small paths seem to be present to scale them.

FFXI Win - selp - RockPlatform.png FFXI Win - selp - RockFormations.png FFXI Win - selp - RockFormations2.png

(Source: Oculin)

There are a pair of large crevices with deep holes extending off to the sides. Viewing the map from below better shows how far these pits extend.

FFXI Win - selp - Crevice.png FFXI Win - selp - CreviceBelow.png

(Source: Oculin)


A train is attached to the underside of a railing that extends from one side of the map to another. There's a brief break in the middle of the rail when it cuts into the mountain range behind the wooden wall

The train itself features open air platforms between each train cart, however it looks unlikely players were intended to stand here. Four small chimneys exist at both the front and back of the train. Smoke effects are stored with this map.

FFXI Win - selp - Mono.png
Master mono 01 Master mono 02 effect smoke01
Master mono 01.png Master mono 02.png FFXI Win - selp - Effect smoke01.png
(Source: Oculin)

Destroyed Rail Line

One edge of the map features a broken and rusted rail line that crosses over a large crevice.

FFXI Win - selp - RustMono.png
master haisen00 master haisen01
FFXI Win - Selp - master haisen00.png FFXI Win- selp -master haisen01.png

(Source: Oculin)


One the crevices has a footbridge. The bridge shares a texture with the ramps featured on the left and right entrances of the wooden wall.

FFXI Win - selp - FootBridge.png
master kenzou
FFXI Win - selp -Master kenzou .png

(Source: Oculin)

Entrance to "Chocobo Wood'

One edge of the zone leads into a forested area. The sign pointing to the area reads "Chocobo Wood." The tool used for the image does not properly display the transparencies in the wood's texture. Behind the initial tree textures is a denser forest texture, giving additional depth to the zone line.

FFXI Win - selp - ChocoWood.png
master forest
FFXI Win - selp - Master forest .png

(Source: Oculin)

Kanban 1, Kanban 2

Two different sign posts are located at the forks in the path.

The sign labeled "Sel Phiner" features a cow/sheep head and points towards the wooden wall. The second sign points toward Chocobo Wood. The unlabeled sign points to another non-descript zone line.

Front Back Front Back master_kanaban
FFXI Win - selp - Kaban 1 Front.png FFXI Win - selp - Kaban 1 Back.png FFXI Win - selp - Kaban 2 Front.png FFXI Win - selp - Kaban 2 Back.png FFXI Win - selp - Master kanaban .png
(Source: Oculin)

ROM 0 29.DAT - s_fi

This DAT file includes lines that seem to suggest a possible snowfield area. It features references to what looks like snow elements "snw1", "snw2" , "snowfielkenzou" and "snowfieljimen_00"

It also has mention of what appears to possibly be another instance of the mono-rail: "snowfielmono_01"

(Source: Oculin)

ROM 0 40.DAT - sv_t

A square covered in a checkerboard texture.

FFXI Win - sv t - Checkered Floor.png
(Source: Oculin)

ROM 0 41.DAT - cast

A castle map missing most of its object data. Portions of the map still exist and can be loaded. The spacing between the remaining floating objects and the two portions of the room suggest this map consisted of at least three to four floors.

FFXI Win - cast - SideView.png
(Source: Oculin)

Framed Painting

A painting floats towards the top of the environment. It appears as if it would be placed in the room behind the door with the shield mounted next to it.

The texture is likely a place holder, as it's simply a compressed painting of Maria Theresa.

FFXI Win - cast - Framed Picture.png FFXI Win - cast - Framed Picture Through Door.png

(Source: Oculin)

Barred Door

A short-wide door that features a ring handle on one side and a barred window.

FFXI Win - cast - Wooden Door W Handle.png FFXI Win - cast - Wooden Door.png

(Source: Oculin)


A group of pots that share the same texture, but come in various sizes. These pots are located by a door frame that seem to have the same floor height.

FFXI Win - cast - Pots.png FFXI Win - cast - Pot Room Door.png
(Source: Oculin)

Mounted Sword

A sword that appears to be mounted to a wall or object.

It appears relatively close to the wooden rack, mounted shield and floating chunk of castle.

FFXI Win - cast - Mounted Sword.png FFXI Win - cast - Mounted Sword Back.png
(Source: Oculin)

Stair Well

A set of stairs in a narrow hallway near the bottom of what's left over of the area. The lower floor has a portion of an emblem of some sorts. It looks likely the texture would be duplicated to create a complete circle.

FFXI Win - cast - Stair Well.png FFXI Win - cast - Stair Well 2.png
(Source: Oculin)

Assorted Objects

Wooden Barrel Wooden Box Wooden Chair Wooden Structure Wall Torch Hanging Torch Mounted Shield
FFXI Win - cast - Wood Barrel.png FFXI Win - cast - Wooden Box.png FFXI Win - cast - Wooden Chair.png FFXI Win - cast - Wood Structure.png FFXI Win - cast - Wall Torch.png FFXI Win - cast - Hanging Torch.png FFXI Win - cast - Mounted Shield.png

(Source: Oculin)

mix12_28castle1 and mix12_28castle2

Two sheets of textures are associated with this DAT. The castle1 sheet largely consists of stone textures, as well as text "sugiyama" 'yobi" and "Effect" on the sheet. Castle2 shows more traditional room-like textures including carpets, wooden surfaces and other decorations.

mix12_28castle1 mix12 28castle2
FFXI Win - cast - Mix12 28castle1 .png Mix12 28castle2 .png
(Source: Oculin)

Rom0 43.DAT - sank

A nearly identical version of Northern San d'Oria. The textures file sizes are larger with slight differences on the color/shading of some pixels. No time of day or weather effects seem to be associated with this map.

ROM 0 43.DAT ROM 1 32.DAT Final
FFXI Win - SanD - Above View ROM0.png FFXI Win - SanD - Above View ROM1.png

(Source: Oculin)

Changed Geometry

Some background elements near the Residential District were adjusted and removed in the final version.

ROM 0 43.DAT ROM 1 32.DAT Final
FFXI Win - SanD - Background Geometery ROM0.png FFXI Win - SanD - Background Geometery ROM1.png
ROM 0 43.DAT ROM 1 32.DAT Final
FFXI Win - SanD Background Geometry 2 ROM0.png FFXI Win - SanD Background Geometry 2 ROM1.png

(Source: Oculin)

Missing Lighting Effects

The lighting effects for interiors are missing.

ROM 0 43.DAT ROM 1 32.DAT Final
FFXI Win - SanD - Room Interior Lighting ROM0.PNG FFXI Win - SanD - Room Interior Lighting ROM1.PNG

(Source: Oculin)

ROM 0 44.DAT - mot_

An earlier version of the interior of the alchemy guild in Bastok Mines.

Missing Lighting Effects

There are no lighting effects associated with this version of the room.

ROM 0 44.DAT ROM 1 48.DAT Final
FFXI Win - mot - Room View .png FFXI Win - Alchemyfinal - sideview .png

(Source: Oculin)

Unused Pot Texture

A pot texture exists on the r_1ba02 komono2 texture sheet that was later replaced with a handle texture in the final version. The pot texture appears to not be used in this or the final room's environment.

r_1ba02 komono2
FFXI Win - mot - R 1ba02 komono2 pot.png

(Source: Oculin)


Originally the drawers featured paper notes on front of them. This was changed to metal ring handles in the final version.

ROM 0 44.DAT ROM 1 48.DAT Final
FFXI Win - mot - Drawer .png FFXI Win - final - Drawer .png

(Source: Oculin)

Stone Mortar

An earlier version of the stone mortar and crank used by the NPC Azima is placed as an object in the room. This is missing from the final version due to animating crafting tools instead being stored with their respective NPCs. The original seems to share a generic stone texture with the other stone objects in the room. The final has its own unique texture for both the mortar and crank stored with Azima.

ROM 0 44.DAT ROM 1 77.DAT Final
FFXI Win - mot - Mortar .png FFXI Win - Azima.png
(Source: Oculin)

Unused Object

ROM 0 97.DAT - hom_testteschair

An un-textured test chair.

FFXI Win - TestChair.png

(Source: Oculin)

Unused Day/Night Effects

Character Creation screen

Stars and moons graphics are included with the map data, however it is always daytime when creating a character.

(Source: Oculin)