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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (Windows)

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

Also known as: Final Fantasy XIV Online: Shinsei Eorzea (JP)
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: August 27, 2013
Released in US: August 27, 2013
Released in EU: August 27, 2013
Released in CN: August 29, 2014

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn is the second third Final Fantasy MMO, the first being Final Fantasy XI. It's notable for both the substantial amount of support and expansion packs it received for over 8 years, and especially for being one of the most played MMOs of...all time, actually! Square Enix hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

Due to the heavy criticism of Final Fantasy XIV Online, the game was remade as a completely new game by a team headed by Dragon Quest X director Naoki Yoshida and subtitled A Realm Reborn. The game's first expansion, Heavensward, was released in June 2015.



Unused content found in the game's first expansion pack.
Unused content found in the game's second expansion pack.

Unused Content

Unused Text
Featuring tests, placeholders, and all sorts of other unused text.

Unused Classes

1.0 Musketeer and Arcanist

While it is well-known that much of the original game went through drastic changes for its re-release, it is not common knowledge that many features, including additional Disciplines and monsters, were found in the 1.0 client via data mining. Skills that were meant to be learned all the way up to a level cap of 99 were present in the data files, and in particular, a Reraise spell meant to be learned by Conjurers at level 36, though this went unused. In terms of Disciplines, both Arcanists and "Musketeers" were present in the game's files since the beta of 1.0. Arcanists were originally intended to use a sort of mechanical staff and fight in part via placing "magical traps"; Musketeers appeared intended as a second ranged-physical class.

It's worth noting that signs, symbols, models for guns, and even animations for the Musketeer class can be found all over Limsa Lominsa in A Realm Reborn. The Marauder's Guild not only has a sign with two crossed flintlocks (that also appears in the free company crest editor), but two Miqo'te women being trained in the basement on how to use a musket.


A class referred to as 'Adventurer' in English and 'すっぴん士' in Japanese is referenced in classjob.exh at the top of the list with an ID of 0. Interestingly, it has a unique acronym for each language besides Japanese, which is left blank.

This is the class that the player is assigned during the opening cutscene(s), before they start the game.

Unused Free Company Options

Text tables for Free Companies seem to hint towards a "Guest" and "Recruit" rank, and a Free Company chest that is more ordered, with labels such as Items, Gear, Medicines & Miscellany.

In the current game, the Guest and Recruit ranks do not exist, only showing Member, Officer and Master by default, and the company chest merely consists of five tabs (two of which must be unlocked), with no labels assigned or that can be assigned.

Unused Battle Voice Lines

There's a few lines in the game that go unused - presumably for certain class quests.

These seem to fit best in the Rogue's Guild; this is however merely a guess:

Cor! I haven't got this worked up since I had a go on yer mam!

Ahoy! It's all kickin 'off now!

Where as these are most likely spoke by a Lalafell:

Ooh! How did we get into this mess?

Master! I cannot do this alone!


Unused Gun And Throwing Weapon Models

The throwing weapons are a leftover from the ill-fated 1.0 version of the game, and thus go completely unused even by NPCs. However, the gun models here are not used by the Machinist class, the hand gun wielding class added in the game's first expansion, Heavensward. While they are used in animations by several NPCs, including Cid nan Garlond & Milala, they are completely unobtainable by normal means.

None of these items have item IDs, making them unobtainable without client side editing - to which the game also has no animations in place for them.

Picture Description
FinalFantasyXIV-w1301b0001.png Cid's gunblade
FinalFantasyXIVw1302b0002.png Double barrelled musket
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0001.png A pebble
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0002.png A chakram
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0003.png A tomahawk
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0004.png A harpoon
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0005.png An arrow (used as ammunition by Archers)
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0006.png A throwing knife
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0007.png Possibly a grenade or a morning star
FinalFantasyXIV-w1401b0009.png A shuriken

Quest Items

All quest items are classified internally as Pugilist Arms; obviously, they can't be equipped by a Pugilist. Quest items include items needed for battlecraft leves and the object of desire for some fetch quests. They are found in eventitem.exh.

Name Description xivdb Link Information
[en] N/A [1] This item's name is blank in the Japanese, German, and French files.
x' Emergency Kit (Temporary)
N/A [2] This item is translated in the German files, complete with an entire description.
White Lily Key
A key for unlocking the White Lily Gate.
[3] This item is translated in the German and French files.
Red Rose Key
A key for unlocking the Red Rose Gate.
[4] This item is translated in the German and French files.
Roasted Mini-Raptor
A roasted young Mikotte raptor.
[5] This item is translated in the German files.
Earthenware Pot A coarsely made pot that contains only a few drops of oil. [6] This item is not translated in the French files.
Golem Ice Axe
N/A [7]

Interestingly, plural forms for items you can't obtain more than one of exist in the game's data; this may just be for consistency.

(Source: GlitterBerri - Translations)


There are a set of dyes which are rare or only available on the Mog Station cash store - however, two of them go unused and/or have yet to be released legitimately. These were found in stains0.ehx, and do not appear to have items tied to them - though they work perfectly fine when applied to items. These dyes were added into the Mog Station and received as possible loot from the retainers as of the Stormblood 4.1 patch.

Dye index Dye name
115 Metallic Orange
116 Metallic Yellow

Judge's Armour

The Judge's set of items are equipable armour only available to a Game Master (or "GM").

Item Picture Stats xivdb Link
Judge's Thighboots FFXIVARR-Judge's Thighboots.png

+4 Defense (+6 HQ)

+9 Magic Defense (+11 HQ)


Judge's Ringbands FFXIVARR-Judge's Ringbands.png

+4 Defense (+6 HQ)

+9 Magic Defense (+11 HQ)


Judge's Slops FFXIVARR-Judge's Slops.png

+6 Defense (+8 HQ)

+13 Magic Defense (+16 HQ)


Judge's Haubergeon FFXIVARR-Judge's Shirt.png

+6 Defense (+8 HQ)

+13 Magic Defense (+16 HQ)


Judge's Goggles FFXIVARR-Judge's Goggles.png

+4 Defense (+6 HQ)

+9 Magic Defense (+11 HQ)


Judge's Bow FFXIVARR-Judge's Bow.png

Physical Damage +5

Magic Damage +4 (+5 HQ)

Delay 2.8, Auto Attack 4.67, Damage-Per-Second 1.67


Judge's Sollerets FFXIVARR-Judge's Sollerets.png

+4 Defense (+6 HQ)

+9 Magic Defense (+11 HQ)


Judge's Vambraces FFXIVARR-Judge's Vambraces.png

+4 Defense (+6 HQ)

+9 Magic Defense (+11 HQ)


Judge's Skirt FFXIVARR-Judge's Skirt.png

+6 Defense (+8 HQ)

+13 Magic Defense (+16 HQ)


Judge's Shirt FFXIVARR-Judge's Haubergeon.png

+6 Defense (+8 HQ)

+13 Magic Defense (+16 HQ)


Judge's Chain Coif FFXIVARR-Judge's Chain.png

+4 Defense (+6 HQ)

+9 Magic Defense (+11 HQ)


As the stats indicate, the armor is only for show and gives no benefits compared to armor past level 10. The bread and butter of the set is the Judge's Haubergeon, which gives the wielder a shadow aura. All Game Masters are likely given this set of armor to make their avatar unique and easily recognizable to regular players.

Notably, one of the Judge's sets is a version of the Bard artifact armor. This is worn by Naoki Yoshida, should he and his character appear in the game for any event. Yoshida's own character often appears in the game in a similar outfit, and is known as the Wandering Minstrel. It's also worth noting that trying on the gear on any female character or a Roegadyn male makes the gear show up invisible; despite the gear model existing for them, Yoshida's variant uses special textures intended only for Hyur men.

Items added in Endwalker

As with any MMO currently out there, Final Fantasy 14 has expansions that add new items, some of those items go unused. These are listed before.

Acting textbook: Love Tomestone - Acting textbook written by a choreographer [Acquire a specific emote when used]. This is the rough translation of the book that, when used, gives the player a emote.

Mordion Gaol

Players are sent to Mordion Gaol by a Game Master if they have to urgently speak to a player. This typically happens if they violate the Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct. It consists of a single empty jail cell complete with torches on the wall which provide light. It is impossible to enter Mordion Gaol without Game Master assistance, and it is impossible to exit it without help from a Game Master as well, as every type of teleport is disabled while confined. For serious offenses, players may sometimes be left unattended in the cell, unable to play the game normally.

The name is from Square's previous MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI, which contained a room used for identical purposes also named Mordion Gaol.


Notes in Textures

The Kedtrap and Sabotender textures have notes scribbled in between the actual texture; naturally, these are not visible on the models.

FFXIVARR m0009b0001tex.png FFXIVARR-m0036b0001tex.png

Test Textures

There are also countless test and placeholder textures left in the files.

Unused Quests

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: Translate the rest.
Quest Steps Dialogue xivdb Link
ProgLive Test

Speak to ___.

Speak to ___.

Speak to ___.

Start this quest?

I accept!


Speak with Event #2.

<< 完 >>
<< Complete >>

Tanji Quest

Speak with Event #2.

Use an emote on Event #1.

Speak with Event #2 and receive a potion.

Speak with Event #1 and transform.

Speak with ___.




Talk TODO Scene 1

Talk TODO Scene 2

トークTODOシーン3 イベント君3からヒントを聞こう
Talk TODO Scene 3 - Listen to Event #3's hint.

ヒントシーン イベント君3からヒントを聞こう
Hint Scene - Listen to Event #3's hint.

Try emoting.

That had a lot of emotion to it.

Wrong emote!

Looks like Event #1 wants to be threatened.

Here, take this.


All done.

Test N/A N/A [21]
(Source: GlitterBerri - Translation)


Levequest Description Levequest Type xivdb Link
Leve Test 01
Gridania Garden Test 10-0
Botanist [22]
Leve Test 02
Gridania Garden Test 10-1
Botanist [23]
Leve Test 03
Gridania Garden Test 10-2
Botanist [24]
Leve Test 04
Gridania Garden Test 10-3
Botanist [25]
Leve Test 05
Garden Test Leve
Botanist [26]
Leve Test 06
Gridanian Soldier (Endurance 1)
Battlecraft [27]
Leve Test 07
Gridanian Soldier (Endurance 2)
Battlecraft [28]
Leve Test 08
Gridanian Soldier (Endurance 3)
Battlecraft [29]
Leve Test 09
Gridanian Soldier (Persuasion 1)
Battlecraft [30]
Leve Test 10
Gridanian Soldier (Persuasion 2)
Battlecraft [31]
Leve Test 11
Gridanian Soldier (Search 1)
Battlecraft [32]
Leve Test 12
Gridanian Soldier (Search 2)
Battlecraft [33]
Leve Test 13
Gridanian Soldier (Search 3)
Battlecraft [34]
Leve Test 14
Gridanian Soldier (Transparency 1)
Battlecraft [35]
Leve Test 15
Gridanian Soldier (Transparency 2)
Battlecraft [36]
Leve Test 16
Soldier Test Leve
Battlecraft [37]
Leve Test 17
Soldier Test Leve
Battlecraft [38]
Leve Test 18
Soldier Test Leve
Battlecraft [39]
Leve Test 19
Soldier Test Leve
Battlecraft [40]
Leve Test 20
Soldier Test Leve
Battlecraft [41]
獲得任務:オーレリアのバラスト袋 強い海風で吹き上げられた浮クラゲ「オーレリア」が漂着してきている。このままでは彼らが排出する海水で、畑の土壌が汚染され塩害が発生してしまうだろう。奴らを狩り「オーレリアのバラスト袋」を回収してほしい。 Battlecraft [42]
獲得任務:装飾用の羽 ウルダハ社交界で、羽飾り付きの婦人帽に流行の兆しがあるそうだ。正直、良い趣味とは思えないが、売れるというなら何でも売るのが商人さ。そんな訳でバザードを狩って「色鮮やかな羽」を集めてくれよ。 Battlecraft [43]
討伐任務:シープを狙う獣たち 風の強い晩のことだ。外が騒がしいなと思うて様子を見に行ったら、俺のシープたちが野獣や猛禽どもに襲われていてな。生まれたばかりの子羊が犠牲に……二度とこんなことが起こらんように、獣どもを退治してくれ。 Battlecraft [44]
討伐任務:ウルダハ近郊の害虫駆除 第七霊災以後、ウルダハ近郊に多くの難民が押し寄せ、衛生状態が悪化している。このままでは伝染病が流行しかねないため、毒気を媒介する虫どもを駆除することになった。腕に覚えのある者は、力を貸してくれ。 Battlecraft [45]
懐柔任務:入植地の番犬候補 入植地がジャッカルの脅威にさらされています。でも、あの獰猛な獣を番犬にできれば、かなり心強いのではないでしょうか。まだ幼い「ジャッカル・パッブ」を探して、捕まえやすいように大人しくさせてください。 Battlecraft [46]
捜索任務:ばらまかれた妖花の種 荒れ果てた畑を復興させたいのですが、どうやら妖花が蔓延り始めているようです。これ以上、妖花が増えないように「妖花の種」を探して取り除いてください。ただし、魔物に襲われる危険性もあるのでお気を付けて。 Battlecraft [47]
懐柔任務:発破代わりのボム 固い岩盤を砕くのに高額な発破を使い続けていては採算が合わん。そこで、坑道に突入させたボムに着火して、岩盤を爆砕する新工法を考案したんだ。発破代わりのボムを捕獲するため、奴らを弱らせて落ち着かせてほしい。 Battlecraft [48]
捜索任務:ペイストの罠 この辺りに生息する獰猛なペイストが、治安上の問題になっていてな。奴らを確実に駆逐するため罠を仕掛けておいた。エサとして「ドードーの腐肉」を置いておいたので、近づいてきたペイストを仕留めるのだ。 Battlecraft [49]
追撃任務:砂を呼ぶゴート ゴートの生息数が目に見えて増えている。このままの勢いで繁殖すれば、やがて草は食い尽くされ、周辺の砂漠化が一挙に進むだろう。キャンプが砂に埋もれる事態を防ぐためにも、ゴートの数を減らしてほしいのだ。 Battlecraft [50]
討伐任務:放牧されたドードー退治 卵好きのキキルン族たちが、勝手にドードーを解き放ち放牧し始めました。有毒のブレスを吐くドードーが、このまま繁殖すれば、どんな事故が起こることか。ドードーとキキルン族の獣牧士を退治してください。 Battlecraft [51]
援護指令:第426洞穴団せん滅作戦 新たな採掘地を求めて、コボルド族の集団「第426洞穴団」がブラッドショアに進出してきた。このまま奴らに根付かれる訳にはいかん。我が隊の陸戦兵と協力し、敵をせん滅せよ。我らの団結力を見せつけてやるのだ。 Grand Company (Maelstrom) [52]
援護指令:白狼隊の実戦訓練 我々白狼隊は、グリダニア在住の若き志願兵によって構成された部隊です。士気は高いのですが、その反面、実践経験には乏しいのです。歴戦の冒険者の皆様、ぜひ魔物相手の実戦訓練に同行し、模範を示してください。 Grand Company (Twin Adder) [53]
援護指令:アラミゴ志願兵の実戦訓練 我が不滅隊には、祖国をガレマール帝国軍に滅ぼされたアラミゴの民が多数在籍している。だが、士気は旺盛なれども、経験が不足している者も少なくない。魔物を相手に行う実戦訓練に同行し、模範を示してくれ! Grand Company (Immortal Flames) [54]
(Source: GlitterBerri - Translation)


F.A.T.E. Description xivdb Link
aaaa N/A [55]
Area Defense
Area Defense
Bandit Fortress Test
Bandit Fortress Test
Collection Type Test
Collection Type Test
Bandit Fortress Boss
Bandit Fortress Boss
Bandit Fortress Ally Defense
Bandit Fortress Ally Defense
Collecting Apples
Collecting Apples
*β1 Unnecessary: Escort the Chocobo to the Wharf
*β1 Unnecessary: Escort the Chocobo to the wharf!
暗黙の境界線をまたぎ\n 侵入してきた帝国兵を追い散らすのだ\n IIIコホルス・ベスティアリウスを倒せ
The Death of Reason
Get rid of the Golems that appeared around the time of the spirit catastrophe. Defeat the Stone Golems!
Recover the Counterfeit Goods (Temporary)
闇商人に偽造品を つかまされた人が続出している 被害者を増やさないために、偽造品を回収しろ(仮)
Black marketeers peddling counterfeit goods keep popping up. Recover the goods so no one else is tricked. (Temporary)
Protect the Booze Bottles (Temporary)
エールの匂いに引き寄せられて\n スラッグが酒場に押し寄せてきた\n 酒瓶を守るためスラッグを倒せ。(仮)
Drawn by the smell of ale, slugs have descended on the tavern. Defeat the slugs to protect the bottles. (Temporary)
(Source: GlitterBerri - Translations)

Unused Quest Markers

Quest markers for "lore" quests are among the UI elements, but as of Patch 2.57, still go unused.

Unused Music

Placeholder Music

This weird 8-second song made up of beeps appears as a filler in the game's files several times. As of Patch 4.2, it appears to be filling in spots for Moonfire Faire (Obon Festival), Little Ladies' Day (Hina Matsuri) and a fifth Alexander track.

Launcher Music

This theme for Cid nan Garlond -- Dreams Aloft on the soundtrack -- is found as bgm_system_launcher.scd. However, the launcher on PlayStation 4 instead uses the XIV version of the classic Final Fantasy prelude.

Revisional Differences

As with any other MMO currently out on the market, Final Fantasy XIV has been updated over the past six years and content has been changed or removed due to numerous reasons.

Certain items that had crafting recipes in 1.0 no longer have either recipes to go with these older items or monsters no longer have these items in their drop table. The items are still in players' inventory and most of the items can be sold to NPCs and on the market as well. Any item that had a +1 to +3 quality had their quality changed to high-quality (+1). This is the case with older equipment as well. Most equipment that was not unique had the prefix of dated added to them and their stats weakened. However, as of the latest expansion Endwalker, high quality gathering items are no longer attainable.

Artifact armor had their special abilities removed in A Realm Reborn since the developers wanted to get away from having to keep special abilities on gear going forward. They were once found in the dungeons The Aurum Vale, Cutter's Cry, and Dzemael Darkhold. In 1.0 these were 8-man dungeons at level 45 and above. However in the transition from 1.0 to A Realm Reborn these dungeons were designed for 4 players and mechanics were changed because of it.

The Main Story Questline of A Realm Reborn has been streamlined in Patch 5.3 for its quests and so certain quests have either been removed from the game or condenced into other quests and their dialogue changed as a result. Some of the lore that was found in these quests were added to side quests.

The Grand Company Quest "Twisted Beliefs" was removed on October 15, 2013, during a hotfix update. The original quest required you to go speak with an NPC outside of the gates to the dungeon Amdapor Keep. However, this was removed and the quest Gilding the Bilious was added instead. This was due to people not wanting to go into the level 47 dungeon The Aurum Vale.

The Hevansward quest "I Believe I Can Fly" has been removed in patch 5.3 and the ability to fly has been moved to the end of 2.0. The hat that you would get from completing the quest is now handed out at the achievement NPC in Old Gridania.

Even though expansion sees each job and class changes and rebalancing, causing skills to either be reworked, removed, or otherwise just renamed. However NPCs have access to these skills still.

Regional Differences

Final Fantasy XIV has separate clients in both China and Korea. The Chinese client is ran by Shanda Games, who operate MapleStory & Ragnarok II in China, whereas the Korean one is ran by Nexon, who runs the MMOs Mabinogi & Blade and Soul.

To do:
Get hold of the Chinese and Korean clients, and compare data.

The Chinese version of the game is a separate client. Players pay per time played, rather than a monthly fee; this is very similar to the method of paying for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. It is likely that the upcoming Korean release will also follow this model as well. Game patches in China are also delayed; currently sitting at Patch 3.15.

Unlike the regional servers, wherein a Japanese player can join an English server and vice-versa, only those with the Chinese client can access the Chinese server. That being said, there is a reference to a Simplified Chinese language option in the worldwide client; however, it's ultimately unselectable as there is no Chinese text translated at all.

Lunar New Year

During the 2015 Chinese New Year, Chinese servers hosted an exclusive Lunar New Year event. Among the festivites was a boss fight with a Xi creature, and a collectible baby panda minion. The baby panda was added to the international game in Patch 3.3 as a purchasable minion.