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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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Title Screen

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: September 13, 2007
Released in US: March 24, 2008
Released in EU: June 20, 2008
Released in AU: June 19, 2008
Released in KR: October 19, 2007
Released in AS: September 11, 2007

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to the ever-so-popular Final Fantasy VII. Oh, and it's also a game for the PSP.

DMW Debug

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By using the below CWCheat code, you can access a debug mode which allows you to change the outcome for the DMW Slots by pressing L + R.

USA Europe

0x98A21E3C 0x00000300
0x08A3EE20 0x00000001

0xD2000000 0x00000000

0x98A221BC 0x00000300
0x08A3F1A0 0x00000001

0xD2000000 0x00000000

Debug Menu

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There exists a debug menu in the game, but every selection doesn't lead into anything in every other region except for the European version which it is fully functional except for the "Battle" selection.

Download.png Download Moriya Kun debug room Save File
File: CCFFVII-ULES01044DATA98.zip (info)

Loading this save file in the European version leads into the Moriya Kun debug room which allows access to the Debug Menu.

Inaccessible Areas

There is a blocked off entry in "Sector 6 Slums - Park". It says "No Entry", if you go into the map. Unlike other paths that are shown this way, they eventually open up. This one, however, does not.

Regional Differences

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Technical Changes

  • In the Japanese version, when starting a new game the game starts instantly. There are no difficulty modes to choose from. In the international versions, when starting a new game you are given the choice between Normal Mode and Hard Mode difficulty. Normal represents the mode of the original Japanese difficulty, while Hard gives the enemies more HP.
  • In the Japanese version, if Zack is KO'd during a side mission, it is a Game Over. In the international versions, the game treats it as if you abandoned the mission and returns you to the save point. This actually leads to an exploit where you can steal an infinite amount of otherwise rare Phoenix Downs from the Bonus Boss and use them to max out your cash and all your materia.
  • In the international versions, many mission maps had their inaccessible areas expanded to cut out areas where they were considered superfluous as the removed areas didn't held any treasure.
  • The majority of missions had the camera changed in the international versions so it was more behind Zack rather then above him. With this change the player can see further off into the distance and thus make it easier to survey larger areas.

Graphical Changes

  • The Save Point symbols had their icons changed with the text "S" and "Save" with the SOLDIER symbol for the international versions. This change is also reflected in the icons that mark out save points on the area maps.
  • The statue of the Goddess in the Japanese version has been changed in the other versions of the game because the original statue resembled too much like the statue of the Virgin Mary.
  • In the Chapter 5 minigame, there is no unit written for Zack's body temperature in the Japanese version, though the values match that of common human body temperatures when written in the celsius unit. In the international versions, Celsius (°C) is written as the unit for Zack’s body temperature.


Some environmental background text received edits for the international versions:

  • At the Shinra SOLDIER floor, the signs "soldier" and "solder" were both changed to "SOLDIER". Oddly, the original sign remains in all versions for the pre-rendered DMW cutscene where Zack realizes he forgot not just his materia but also his sword.
  • The sign at the market section of Sector 5 Slums had its text changed from "CLOSE" to "CLOSED".
  • The sign at Sector 0 - Highway had its text changed from "Shin-raCompany" to "Shin-RaCompany".