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Final Fantasy XIII

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy XIII

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: December 19, 2009

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Final Fantasy XIII is the thirteenth major installment in the never-ending RPG series, which introduced Claire Farron, aka Lightning, who ended up starring in her own pseudo-sequel spinoff later.

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E3 Preview Content

Early Hope

Most visible difference between early and final version is the difference in the colour of Hope's hair and neck scarf.


The only noticeable difference between the model used in the E3 preview build and the final is the color scheme: in the early build, his hair was closer to Lightning's bright pink rather than being gray/white. There are also minimal differences in the texture design of the bandanna he wears around his neck.


A model that appears to be a prototype leftover. It seems to be close to Hope's final design, but it has a very low polygon count and no textures along with seemingly wearing different clothes (although in similar fashion). Most noticeable is the lack of his signature scarf, and slight difference in his hair polygons' layout.

Hope's facial features also seem to be different, but that can't be determined for certain due to the model's low fidelity and lack of textures.

Unused Models



An unused, uncolored Cactuar model exists within the game's data. A metallic-colored version was used in Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the Metal Gigantuar enemy.


  • Two other models exist on the disc which were not used in Final Fantasy XIII, but were used in Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Gorgyra and Raspatil.
  • There is also a fully animated Zenobia and Vaballathus, but are never used due to the creature being killed in a cutscene before facing the party.
  • A blue wyvern-looking Cie'th was also never used in-game, but appeared in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as the superboss Ereshkigal.

The Seventh Ark

Introductory screen of the 7th Ark

The Seventh Ark is a cut playable zone, originally meant to be one of 13 existing Arks in the game's universe, also being the third Ark (besides 5th and 13th Arks) directly shown in-game.

The entire zone was initially planned to be an integral part of the game:

It was going to be an extra area with optional free battles and a quest structure of some sort
(Source: Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega)

However, due to its nature, being optional, and not essential to the story, it was sacrificed for the sake of finishing the rest of the game in time for release. It was then supposed to be finished and released as DLC, but the team ran into issues caused by differences in the DLC shipping process between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Additionally, the team indicated that there were technical limitations of some kind within the engine which possibly made it harder to ship the DLC. As a result, the Seventh Ark was never finished.

Despite being incomplete, the retail version on all three platforms does contain the Seventh Ark. A small part of the area can be accessed by editing user save files, but additional modifications are required to initiate other events within the area due to a lack of (or removal of) event scripting.

Originally, it was meant to be accessible using the 3rd warp gate inside The Orphan's Cradle. Once entered, it was supposed to greet the player with an introductory screen identical to the chapter title screen. The accessible area consists of a small corridor with warp gate, leading to a greater hallway with a Berserker (or a statue of it) in the middle. It is worth noting that the accessible area does not have any enemies, although whether that was the final intention is unknown.

The greater hallway also has a set of four diamond-shaped switches which, despite being interactive, don't contain any messages. Accepting the first option will make the switch spin indefinitely while making the player unable to move, leaving you with no option but closing the game or resetting the console.

Using the second option seems to either do nothing at all, or launch one of two things: a cutscene showing the door which leads to the second hallway opening, or a Nemesis boss battle.

The second room is much smaller and round, with a set of three (locked) main doors located directly in front, left, and right with a set of closed gates located on diagonal walls. The gates do not have any collision, and walking through them reveals a small box-style, dead-end room which may indicate that this area was meant to be an ambush of some sort. Present in the middle is another diamond-shaped switch which functions like the other four.

Currently, there is no way to leave the initial area, as it is completely detached from the rest of the rooms (marked with red rectangle).



The available parts of the Seventh Ark contain few in-game cutscenes (non-CGI), which are unpolished (lack of ambiance audio, rough animations) and have only Japanese voiceovers (though there are English subtitles). Besides cutscenes, the Seventh Ark also features a Fal'Cie boss dubbed Nemesis, which was later reused in XIII-2 as Adam, the proto-Fal'Cie.

As for the rest of the existing content, the boss battle is roughly laid out:

  • Nemesis itself has poor animations and no AI.
  • His two manipulators, left and right, each have roughly 2,999,997 HP.
  • Nemesis has about 6,999,993 HP, but unlike his manipulators does not seem to have the correct collision mesh. As a result, he's immune to most attacks due to hits not always connecting with his collision mesh.

List of available cutscenes

  1. Upon entering, the full party will think that they've landed back in the Fifth Ark. However, Vanille quickly makes it clear that this is a separate Ark and one of the 13 existing ones.
  2. (most likely) When all four switches are enabled inside the first hall, the door to the second hall opens.
  3. When initiating the battle with Nemesis, a short cutscene plays showing the arena. Lightning senses an ambush and notices Nemesis; she taunts the Fal'Cie, and battle begins.
  4. Upon defeating Nemesis, Lightning starts a monologue about the need to use their powers in order to save the world instead of destroying it.

Additionally, both the Seventh Ark and Nemesis have Datalog entries, however they were not translated to English. Trying to view the log entry in English versions of the game will display the line "PLACEHOLDER - TO BE TRANSLATED LAST AS THIS IS GOING TO BE DELETED ANYWAY". Oof.

Very strangely, the Datalog entries were translated into Spanish, and can be retrieved from the game files.

Translated 7th Ark description: "One of the military installations of which the legends of Gran Pulse speak. The Fifth Ark is clearly an arsenal ready to combat invaders; the Seventh, instead, has as its principal function to awaken the hidden power of the l'Cie."
Translated Nemesis description: "Fal'Cie lord and master of the Seventh Ark. Its work consists of harassing the l'Cie in the middle of cruel tests and obligating them to surpass their own limits. Apparently it trains them to fight against someone, but it is not known who. Nemesis and its Ark already existed in the times before the construction of Cocoon."

Pre-rendered Cutscenes

Strangely, this game uses .wmp for its pre-rendered cut-scenes instead of the traditional .bik file extension


This file contains a mix of cutscenes you would normally get in the game but starts with a earlier version of the cut scene that you get after defeating Anima.[1]
Anima cutscene pre-release.png


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