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Final Fantasy V Advance

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy V Advance

Developer: TOSE[1]
Publishers: Square Enix (JP), Nintendo (US/EU)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: October 12, 2006
Released in US: November 6, 2006
Released in EU: April 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Final Fantasy V Advance is a Game Boy Advance port of Final Fantasy V, featuring four new classes, a new bonus dungeon, and a few other minor additions. Also featured is a new translation. which is a gigantic step above the horrible one seen in the PlayStation version.

Unused Areas

Map 56 is "Castle Tycoon - Dungeon". It is an unused version of Castle Tycoon areas with the pallette of the dungeon in Castle Walse.

Unused Enemies

The unused enemies from the original are still defined and just as unused as before.

To do:
Find a nice way of presenting these guys' full stats.

Big Boss

Big Boss gonna...kin your nuts?

Big Boss uses the same graphics as the Nutkin and has absolutely ridiculous stats: 250 attack, defense, and magic power, along with 99% evasion and magic evasion. It's immune to all elements and status effects, and is undead and heavy-flagged. The catch is that it only has a measly 3 HP.

While it seems complete stat-wise, its attack sequence only uses "Regeneration", which is a do-nothing skill.


Really, who cares about normal chimeras when the Dhorme Chimera exists?

The game has plenty of chimera enemies, but this basic one is never encountered. All of its stats are 0, with the exception of its HP and Speed. Its attack sequence is very basic, just choosing between a 2/3 chance of fighting and a 1/3 chance of using its special.


Is she supposed to be riding the snakes? Then why's her left leg visible?

Everyone's favorite naked flying snake lady has another monster entry. It isn't found with her other forms, but instead in between the bosses fought in Exdeath's castle.

While this Melusine's stats are, for the most part, higher than those of the one fought in front of the Elder Tree, her HP is lower, at 15,000, and her attack sequence is very different. Several of her stats, including her item drops and steals, are identical to those of Carbuncle, who precedes her in the enemy data. She is always weak against fire, ice, and lightning, immune to earth, and never changes her weakness. She uses normal attacks, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Entice, and her special, which is not set up to have any effects. When defeated, the first line of Ramuh's dialogue with Ifrit is spoken and she escapes, implying that whatever she was originally going to say was overwritten after she was scrapped.

Neo Goblin

-insert tired old Matrix joke here-

This guy's found with the bosses and other story enemies, and is about as interesting as you'd expect from an enemy with "Goblin" in its name.

Unused Graphics

To do:
The wind drake's normal version (not world map and ending) has walking frames


I'm still here. So am I.

The unused necklace and jewel objects from the original version are still present, still loaded into VRAM at the same time, and don't appear to have been updated at all.




These large and squished item icons can be found in the dialogue and music player fonts, respectively. They're left over from Final Fantasy IV Advance, where they were also unused.

FF5GBA-PSButtonsBig.png FF5GBA-PSButtonsSmall.png

These PlayStation button characters are found in the Japanese version's dialogue and menu fonts.

Unused Items

To do:
Check if the key items Castle Key, Bell, and Moogle Fur are unused.

The same unused items present in the SNES version still linger in this port, and are still unused. The Blood Shield was changed to "Hematic Shield", and the Saber was renamed "Sabre". Two other unused items, called "Dummy" and "FF", and appear to be mere filler.

Unused Commands

In addition to the unused commands seen in the original SNES version, four more commands were added in the GBA port, and left unused. "!Dummy01" still has no effect, but "!Dummy02" was modified for some reason.

  • !Dummy02 - This command's effect was changed, and is now a non-functional duplicate of the "Third Rank" ability used in the new Oracle class' "Predict" ability. It shows the animation, but does not actually produce an effect.
  • !Hishou - Functionally, this is a total duplicate of the Dragoon's "Jump" command. Its purpose is unknown.
  • !Excite - This command brings up the message "Entranced!", but seems to have no other effect. Judging by its name/partial effect, this was likely going to be much the same as the Dancer's "Flirt" command.
  • !Patarillo - The only effect this command has is to bizarrely transport the user to the other side of the battlefield, seemingly at random, where they remain for the rest of the battle. It doesn't appear to hinder the character in any way.
  • !Command - If hacked in, this shows up on the menu, but is displayed as a blank slot in battle and has no function. Probably a placefiller.

Unused Text

As a cutscene starts as soon as the player enters "Ronka Ruins - Crystal Chamber" (where the Earth Crystal is) and the place is destroyed, its name cannot be seen in the menu.