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Proto:SaGa Frontier

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This page details one or more prototype versions of SaGa Frontier.

To do:
There's probably a good chunk of stuff just not here yet.

A demo of the game was included with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Tactics.

World Map

In the demo, use the Gameshark code 8001008C 01FD to put the RegionMap in the first slot of the lead character's equipment, and 8001037E 0000 + 80010380 0000 to unlock all areas in the RegionMap. The only accessible regions are Scrap, Boro (Junk), and Margmel.

The graphics for Baccarat, Mosperiburg, and Manhattan were entirely different in the demo:

Demo Final
A blob of light. A blob of light... with misspelled banners!
Demo Final
Star Ocean: Red Sphere Ominous enough?
Demo Final
Ack! Manhattan is falling apart! Oh, they fixed it.

And a demo of the demo's RegionMap in action: