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Title Screen


Developers: Monolith Productions, Sunstorm Interactive (Cryptic Passage)
Publishers: GT Interactive, Eidos Interactive (Europe), Atari, SA (Digital, current)
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: June 30, 1997 (Cryptic Passage), July 15, 1998 (One Unit: Whole Blood)
Released in US: May 31, 1997
Released in EU: June 20, 1997

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Pixelated nude woman.
To do:
Lots of sprites in here and no GIFs, please animate some of them.

Blood is a story about a man known as Caleb, a former member of "The Cabal", a cult worships the obscure Germanic god Tchernobog. After being betrayed and killed by his former allies, Caleb rises from his grave seeking vengeance all the while finding sadestic joy in killing his enemies with explosives and making lots of Army of Darkness jokes along the way.

Basically, a gothic horror Duke Nukem 3D.


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Development Info
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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info
Revisional Differences

Unused Graphics

A leftover image from the shareware version. In the Plasma Pak expansion, this graphic is used on some of the monitors in the Monolith Building 11 Bloodbath map.
Blood - Shareware Leftover01.png

Unused sprites for a fly.
Blood Fly2410.PNG Blood Fly2411.PNG Blood Fly2412.PNG Blood Fly2413.PNG Blood Fly2414.PNG Blood Fly2415.PNG Blood Fly2416.PNG Blood Fly2417.PNG Blood Fly2418.PNG Blood Fly2419.PNG



Graphics for the cut BloodLust mechanic. This mechanic was described on the Blood Website,

One of the innovations we conceived early on was the idea of BloodLust. Each time you as the player kill a minion of the Dark God, your BloodLust meter climbs a notch. If your BloodLust climbs high enough, you metamorphose into the Beast. As the Beast, you are stronger and faster than a human, but you are also limited in your choice of weaponry. There's a compromise between raw physical strength and tactical flexibility. Of course, BloodLust wanes with time--if you don't kill frequently, you revert to human form. That way, methodical players can generally progress through the levels without ever taking Beast form, while "kill and collect" types can romp around as Beasts all they want.

Blood BloodLust2360.PNG Blood BloodLust2361.PNG Blood BloodLust2362.PNG Blood BloodLust2363.PNG Blood BloodLust2364.PNG Blood BloodLust2365.PNG Blood BloodLust2366.PNG Blood BloodLust2367.PNG Blood BloodLust2368.PNG Blood BloodLust2369.PNG Blood BloodLust2370.PNG Blood BloodLust2371.PNG Blood BloodLust2372.PNG Blood BloodLust2373.PNG Blood BloodLust2374.PNG Blood BloodLust2375.PNG


Graphics with blood on the pitchfork. These would probably would have been overlaid on the actual sprites after killing an enemy, similar to Shadow Warrior. The Fresh Supply remaster repurposes the first graphic for the weapon selection.

Blood Pitchfork Blood 3131.PNG Blood Pitchfork Blood 3132.PNG Blood Pitchfork Blood 3133.PNG

Voodoo Doll

Unused graphics and an unused animation for the Voodoo Doll falling apart exist, likely intended to be shown upon running out of ammo for it. The animation gets re-used in the Fresh Supply remaster.

Blood VoodooDoll Broken 2442.PNG Blood VoodooDoll Broken 2443.PNG Blood VoodooDoll Broken 2444.PNG Blood VoodooDoll Broken 2445.PNG

Flare Gun

Two unused ammo boxes for the Flare Gun.

Blood Item Flares 818.PNG Blood Item Flares 819.PNG

Tommy Gun

Early graphics for ammo pickups.

Blood Item Ammo 814.PNG Blood Item Ammo 815.PNG



Our favorite gunslinging protagonist has some unused graphics. There exist graphics of Caleb teleporting away or dissolving? Who knows.

Blood Caleb Dissolving 3551.PNG Blood Caleb Dissolving 3552.PNG Blood Caleb Dissolving 3553.PNG Blood Caleb Dissolving 3554.PNG Blood Caleb Dissolving 3555.PNG Blood Caleb Dissolving 3556.PNG Blood Caleb Dissolving 3557.PNG

As part of the cut BloodLust mechanic, there exist unused graphics of Caleb transforming into a Beast.

Blood Caleb Beast 3954.PNG Blood Caleb Beast 3955.PNG Blood Caleb Beast 3956.PNG Blood Caleb Beast 3957.PNG Blood Caleb Beast 3958.PNG


The Cultist enemies have a series of jumping graphics that go unused. While the Help screen does use the side-facing graphics, rotation sprites for every other angle are present which aren't used.

Beginning to leap. Most of the side-facing graphic is obscured in the Help screen.

Blood Cultist Jump 1 2890.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 1 2891.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 1 2892.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 1 2893.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 1 2894.PNG

Apex of the jump.

Blood Cultist Jump 2 2895.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 2 2896.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 2 2897.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 2 2898.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 2 2899.PNG

Falling after reaching the apex.

Blood Cultist Jump 3 2900.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 3 2901.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 3 2902.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 3 2903.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 3 2904.PNG


Blood Cultist Jump 4 2905.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 4 2906.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 4 2907.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 4 2908.PNG Blood Cultist Jump 4 2909.PNG


There is no water in levels with the Beast in the Plasma Pak, so these aren't seen in the base game.

Blood Beast Swim 1 3584.PNG Blood Beast Swim 1 3585.PNG Blood Beast Swim 1 3586.PNG Blood Beast Swim 1 3587.PNG Blood Beast Swim 1 3588.PNG
Blood Beast Swim 2 3589.PNG Blood Beast Swim 2 3590.PNG Blood Beast Swim 2 3591.PNG Blood Beast Swim 2 3592.PNG Blood Beast Swim 2 3593.PNG
Blood Beast Swim 3 3594.PNG Blood Beast Swim 3 3595.PNG Blood Beast Swim 3 3596.PNG Blood Beast Swim 3 3597.PNG Blood Beast Swim 3 3598.PNG
Blood Beast Swim 4 3599.PNG Blood Beast Swim 4 3600.PNG Blood Beast Swim 4 3601.PNG Blood Beast Swim 4 3602.PNG Blood Beast Swim 4 3603.PNG

The Beast also has unused electrocution pain sprites. In the DOS version, these sprites can be seen under unusual circumstances. The sprites can be seen by firing the Tesla Cannon's alt fire at the Beast, then firing the shotgun at it.

Blood Beast Electrocution 3744.PNG Blood Beast Electrocution 3745.PNG Blood Beast Electrocution 3746.PNG Blood Beast Electrocution 3747.PNG Blood Beast Electrocution 3748.PNG

Likely as part of the cut BloodLust mechanic, the Beast has some crawling animations.

Blood Bloodlust Crawling 3998.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 3999.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4000.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4001.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4002.PNG
Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4003.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4004.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4005.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4006.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4007.PNG
Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4008.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4009.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4010.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4011.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4012.PNG
Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4013.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4014.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4015.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4016.PNG Blood Bloodlust Crawling 4017.PNG

Bone Eel

Electrocution pain sprites, likely caused by Tesla Cannon shots.
Blood Eel Electrocution 3729.PNG Blood Eel Electrocution 3730.PNG Blood Eel Electrocution 3731.PNG Blood Eel Electrocution 3732.PNG Blood Eel Electrocution 3733.PNG


Unused gliding graphics.

Blood Gargoyle GlideSwim1490.PNG Blood Gargoyle GlideSwim1491.PNG Blood Gargoyle GlideSwim1492.PNG Blood Gargoyle GlideSwim1493.PNG Blood Gargoyle GlideSwim1494.PNG

An unused attack frame is also present.

Blood Gargoyle AttackFrame1495.PNG Blood Gargoyle AttackFrame1496.PNG Blood Gargoyle AttackFrame1497.PNG Blood Gargoyle AttackFrame1498.PNG Blood Gargoyle AttackFrame1499.PNG

Graphics for a Gargoyle Statue coming to life. Statues immediately turn into regular Gargoyles, so these don't get an opportunity to shine.

Blood Gargoyle Statue 1535.PNG Blood Gargoyle Statue 1536.PNG Blood Gargoyle Statue 1537.PNG

Electrocution pain sprites. These would become re-used in the Fresh Supply port.

Blood Gargoyle Eletrocution 3719.PNG Blood Gargoyle Eletrocution 3720.PNG Blood Gargoyle Eletrocution 3721.PNG Blood Gargoyle Eletrocution 3722.PNG Blood Gargoyle Eletrocution 3723.PNG

Gill Beast

An unused pain state.

Blood GillBeast Pain 1655.PNG Blood GillBeast Pain 1656.PNG Blood GillBeast Pain 1657.PNG Blood GillBeast Pain 1658.PNG Blood GillBeast Pain 1659.PNG

An unused death animation. The first frame uses the same pose as the pain state.

Blood GillBeast Death 1660.PNG Blood GillBeast Death 1661.PNG Blood GillBeast Death 1662.PNG Blood GillBeast Death 1663.PNG Blood GillBeast Death 1664.PNG

Electrocution pain sprites. These would get re-used in the Fresh Supply port.

Blood GillBeast Electrocution 3734.PNG Blood GillBeast Electrocution 3735.PNG Blood GillBeast Electrocution 3736.PNG Blood GillBeast Electrocution 3737.PNG Blood GillBeast Electrocution 3738.PNG


Electrocution pain sprites caused by Tesla Cannon shots.

Blood Phantasm Electrocution 3739.PNG Blood Phantasm Electrocution 3740.PNG Blood Phantasm Electrocution 3741.PNG Blood Phantasm Electrocution 3742.PNG Blood Phantasm Electrocution 3743.PNG


Graphics for the underside of a spider. Each graphic has the chelicerae oriented slightly differently.

Blood Spider 1940.PNG Blood Spider 1941.PNG Blood Spider 1942.PNG


Tchernobog has some pain graphics which go unused.

Blood Tchernobog Pain 1850.PNG Blood Tchernobog Pain 1851.PNG Blood Tchernobog Pain 1852.PNG Blood Tchernobog Pain 1853.PNG Blood Tchernobog Pain 1854.PNG

Unused Music

  • PESTIS.MID (Pestis Cruento)

Some levels (particularly E1M3: Phantom Express, E3M2: The Siege which plays no music at all, E4M6: The Ganglion Depths and E4M7: In the Flesh) have a song option to play this music track per the BLOOD.INI file, only every line has been commented out leaving the track unused when either MIDI or AdLib/Soundblaster is setup. Discounting during CP02: Old Opera House in the Cryptic Passage expansion, only the RedBook CD version of the song is used in the final game.

Unused Items

To do:
Doppelganger, Raven Flight, and Shadow Cloak. Also, in-game screenshot showing off the Asbestos Suit HUD sprite.

Most unused items have their coding intact and they can be placed in maps using an editor.

The Asbestos Suit protects the player from damaging floors, as well as minimizing damage from the Napalm Launcher. There is also an unused HUD sprite associated with the suit.
Blood AsbestosSuit.png Blood AsbestosSuit HUD 2358.png

Red Potions provide 2 health upon walking over them.
Blood RedPotion.png

A blue outline in the shape of a key. When tagged to doors, it will function like a normal key.
Blood BlueKey.png

The "Decoy" item has no effect in-game. In the Plasma Pak expansion, this graphic is used on one of the monitors in the Monolith Building 11 Bloodbath map.
Blood DecoyItem.png

The Delirium Shroom causes the screen to distort upon pickup, mimicking the effects of being bitten by a spider. Its effect lasts for approximately 8 seconds. In the Plasma Pak expansion, this item is placed in the bathroom of the Monolith Building 11 Bloodbath map.
Blood DeliriumShroom.png

Upon pickup, Feather Fall causes the player character to fall slower and take less fall damage.
Blood FeatherFall.png

The Medicine Pouch restores 50 health. While this item is unused in the base game, it was later used in the Cryptic Passage expansion.
Blood MedicinePouch 822.png

The Gas Mask negates choking damage.
Blood GasMask 831.png

There's a handful of items which can be picked up but don't do anything.

Developer Challenge

A plain text file in the install folder, MONOLITH.TXT, includes a message by then-Monolith CEO Jason Hall, thanking the development team for their hard work and challenging players to take him on in online multiplayer.


I'm Jason Hall, the Chief Executive Officer of Monolith Productions Inc. 
I just wanted to say that I speak for all of us here at Monolith when I say 
that we appreciate you playing our latest game, BLOOD.

Many here have made sacrifices to bring this awesome product to you, the gamer.
It is very important to us to deliver the type of quality game play players of 
today demand. We will continue to strive for the best in the name of good 
gaming, and perhaps product by product, we can ever-so-slightly help to bring 
our whole industry into a new level of immersive experiences.

Monolith's intent is to support the gamer. We are listening to the industry 
and will act upon what we hear. We understand clearly that without gamers,
game companies would not exist. You can rest assured that we won't forget this
fact, which is why you can expect Monolith to give all of our products the 
attention they deserve in order to make them an excellent experience.

Here are some special thanks I'd like to say:

1.)	As with any game project being built, there were tons of things the 
Blood team would have loved to add. Time being the deciding factor in all 
cases, they only were able to add some of these things. I would personally 
like to thank them for making the tough decisions. The cool features that 
didn't make it into BLOOD will go into BLOOD 2...

2.)	Thanks to the Blood team--I am not picking a specific person or 
persons to thank in this text file, but I do want to personally thank the 
entire Blood team for all of their incredible work. You have all been true to 
the Monolith spirit of "I-will-work-my-ass-off-until-it-is-the-best-damn-
product-ever." All of your fellow "Lithers" think that you are awesome (we 
are playing Blood all the time) and we are proud that you are part of the 
collective effort that IS Monolith. I am sure that the gaming world will 
appreciate you and your efforts as well.

3.)	Thanks to Monolith itself--I'd just like to thank everyone here at 
Monolith for rallying together to support our internal teams (especially the 
Blood team). It is this kind of spirit and togetherness that will make the 
difference in our products and work environment. Keep the excitement!

Now for some final words:

[WARNING: the opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of Monolith 
Productions Inc. But since I'm the C.E.O, I'm going to rant for a second.]

As you play BLOOD and get better and better, you'll start getting into
BLOODBATHING... you know, calling up your friends and going head to head for some 
frag sessions. It's quite possible that you could become the best Blood player
on your block. Heck, you might even be he best in your neighborhood... or 
city... or state... or WORLD!!!!!! 


Before your "I'm the best at Blood ever" fantasy goes too far, make sure that 
you track me down and ask for a game. I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to bring reality
to you by way of guns akimbo shotgun.

That's all I have to say about that...

Currently, the top players at Monolith (not in order) are:

Jason Hall (MESSIAH) hall@lith.com
Craig Hubbard (CROWEATER) craigh@lith.com
Jay Wilson (SHADE) shade@lith.com
Mike Dussault (GUTTERMOUTH) dussault@lith.com
Scott Pultz (PULTZAR) scott@lith.com
Spencer Maiers (MR. ELITE) spen@lith.com

Of course, before you even bother facing the gods of Blood, you'd better prove 
you're worthy by stepping into the arena with some of the archangels.

Daniel Leeks (SHADOW) daniel@lith.com
Nathan Hendrickson (DOGMAN) nathan@lith.com
Matt Hayhurst (DETHDEALER) matt@lith.com
Paul Butterfield (MAI) paulb@lith.com
Israel Evans (WOOD) israel@lith.com

When you are ready to learn the meaning of a proper BLOODBATH come see us.

Now for the Monolith GREETS to our friends at their many companies (in no 
particular order)

What's UP: LucasArts, Hipnotic Interactive, Microsoft, 3D Realms, Eclipse 
Software, GT Interactive, Mindscape, Broderbund, Zombie LLC, WhizBang!, The 
Silvermans, Activision, Reality Bytes, Nvidia, 3dFX, Rendition, Enix, 
HappyPuppy, SEGA, Nintendo, NEC, Intergraph, SoftImage, Maxis, Accolade, MGM 
Interactive,  Kinesoft, Tusker Corp., Takarajimasha, Computer and Net Player, 
Computer Games Strategy Plus, KALI, TEN, Mpath, DEC, Bad Animals, Wallace 
Creative, Intel, OGR, NANI, The Future Crew, Renaissance, Remedy, Strategic
Simulations, Inc., and TRITON.


Jason Hall
Chief Executive Officer
Monolith Productions Inc.