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Blood: Fresh Supply

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Title Screen

Blood: Fresh Supply

Also known as: Blood EX
Developers: Monolith Productions, Night Dive Studios
Publisher: Atari, SA
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: May 9, 2019

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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To do:
  • Look for any test maps (a staple of Night Dive remasters).
  • Mention Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal's work on his Blood EX project in a prerelease article.
  • All of the bugs seen at launch need to be documented.

Blood: Fresh Supply is the 2019 remastered edition of Blood, being released after issues over IP and publishing rights were resolved. It features both the Cryptic Passage and Plasma Pak expansions, achievements, and a ton of improvements.

Unfortunately, it also launched with a LOT of bugs and other technical shortcomings. However, Night Dive were quick to release patches fixing most of the issues and the game is in a much more acceptable state nowadays (and besides, it's not the worst remaster Night Dive has ever done *cough cough*).

Much of the original's unused content still does not live... again, unless it has been upgraded to fully functioning form.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Project Name

The remaster's executable is named "anuket", in reference to the Egyptian deity of the same name.

Revisional Differences

To do:
There were a few "beta"/test patches not a part of the main ones. Info about them here.

These are taken from Steam update posts and the game's PatchNotes.txt. This .txt should not be confused with the original game's PATCH.TXT readme.


The launch version.


Released on May 15th, 2019.

  • Fix video crash when switching from OpenGL to other renderers,
  • Fluidsynth now loads MIDI internally, resolving some instances of user crashes depending on the user's directory name,
  • Fix CD audio music not being present when reloading a level,
  • Fix MP monster settings not being respected,
  • Change "Show Player Weapons" to "Show Player Weapons Overhead",
  • Fix armour being affected by friendly fire if friendly fire was switched off,
  • Remove the three extra recoil SFX for Cultists,
  • Tesla blast projectile now renders as flat - adding custom definition entry for making it always pitch towards the viewer,
  • Bug fix with TNT/Spray can disappearing when exploding in hands while on the last ammo,
  • Removing the run glitch feature,
  • Fixed incorrect negative shade for candles, causing the sprite effect to appear brighter,
  • Removed the pre-fire animation for tesla weapon,
  • Removed the morphing animation for gargoyle statues,
  • Stone gargoyle now uses the correct recoil SFX,
  • Lightly Broiled is now always the default selected menu item when entering the difficulty menu,
  • Akimbo Napalm weapon now plays the correct firing animation as seen in DOS version 1.21 (was using the old 1.0 one),
  • Fix taunting when killing enemies with TNT not working,
  • Stop players using power ups when dead,
  • Disallow Quickloading if no saves are available to load,
  • Fix a bug that caused a crash at the start of Death Wish E2M1,
  • Autorun state is now saved between sessions,
  • Fix the FoV slider being uncapped when using the arrow keys or controller,
  • Key sprites now default to full shade values,
  • Importing updated extra voxels,
  • Major revision to virtual vram system and shaders. Height is now only padded for wall textures now. Fixes tiling issues with non power of 2 texture widths,
  • Padded textures and normal textures are now treated as separate virtual vram entries. Fixes issue with the monolith logo in the save game menu being distorted while in E3M2,
  • Concussion damage is now scaled against tick scale, making gibbing to occur more easily,
  • Changed jump height for getting out of water back to the original height. This broke E2M2,
  • Shade value for walls with back wall swap flag is now accounted for,
  • Proper shade and palette values are now inherited from sprite to voxels (they now appear correct in DWE3M1),
  • Texture UV mapping fixed for E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E3M2, E1M8,
  • Fix a bug that would allow loading in multiplayer,
  • Fix issue when moving between menus if the current selected menu entry is too high or low,
  • Players are now always respawned with 100 health, regardless of what the level start has,
  • Spraycan and HellHound missiles now deal correct damage type and burn time,
  • Tesla weapon now fires one extra projectile at the end of its firing animation,
  • All TNT/Prox/Remote/dynamite explosions now play the correct sprite if not colliding with the floor first,
  • Fix players being able to cheat to acquire the E3M1 no-civilians-killed achievement,
  • Add support for private and friend lobbies,
  • Add missing Cerberus electrocution state,
  • Jumping boots now negate all pummel (includes fall) damage,
  • Make sure zombies are changed into dead actors on death, restores knockback force in the DOS version,
  • Add load screen messages when loading fails; allow loading from specific older versions. If, in this case, you want to load saves from the previous Fresh Supply version please type `developer 1` in console, load, save over your old save, then type `developer 0` in console.
  • Fixing timing of burn damage,
  • Enemies now correctly avoid water,
  • Fixing DWE2M1 bug with player start spawns,
  • Duplicate addon paths are now checked for,
  • Key 7 is now defined,
  • Remove a specific voxel on E2M2,
  • Scale voxels at the same ratio as sprites,
  • Show extra info in lobby list,
  • Pressing use now performs a standard hitscan operation. This resolves some issues in DWE1M9.
(Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1010750/announcements/detail/1620645290559247391)


Released on June 4th 2019.

  • Gargoyle Statues can be moved and bleed when shot,
  • Ecto Skull Projectile is now transparent,
  • Reflection effect appears on player when picking up the reflection powerup,
  • Fixed bug with pressing use on wall sprites very close to the wall (fixes some issues in Death Wish),
  • Crash fix for Bloody Pulp Fiction mod,
  • Phantasm bleeds when shot,
  • Fixed bug with pressing use on wall sprites with flip-y flag set. Fixes issue in DWE3M6,
  • Support for unused dude actor types,
  • INI parsing system now replicates Monolith's implementation (fixes numerous issues with user INIs),
  • Full rendering support for wall type 501,
  • Bug fix with Fat Zombies not seeing the player at the beginning of DWE3M2,
  • Sounds played by QAV animations now assigns to channel 16 and up - fixes some problems with them cutting off Caleb's speeches,
  • Reverse search order for linked sprites to sector stacks. Fixes DWE1M3,
  • Reversed CanSee ray direction for CheckProximity - fixes proximity behavior,
  • Fixed incorrect impact fx on vector firing on mid-textures via overpicnum,
  • Jump Boots now protects against pummel type damage,
  • Fixed crash when dropping items not defined in definition system,
  • Fixed issues when interacting with usable walls and sectors marked as ‘pushwall’,
  • RFF system is no longer case-sensitive when looking up data entries,
  • Dude sprite types now activates when receiving the TOUCH or PUSH command,
  • Dude sprite types now applies BLOCKING/HITSCAN/INTERACT flags on spawn,
  • Player can now interact with stone statues,
  • Corrected the bounceDamage factor for Spiders (was 1200 instead of 1600) which result in premature fall damage when they fall near the end of e2m7,
  • New actor flag for not dropping items/keys (Cerberus fix),
  • Various misc. Fixes involving Hitscan and Vectorscan,
  • Start/End parameters for the CanSee function has been reversed - fixes MANY behavior problems,
  • Fixed damage sectors not immediately damaging player on land impact,
  • Fixed scroll floors/ceilings in wrong direction in E2M6,
  • Fixed code to determine if wall should have decals (using proper logic now). Fixes decals not showing up in many areas in E1M1,
  • Fixed up A LOT of the Cultists behaviors. Only use a 2D hitscan vector for determining sightlight checks instead of 3D. Fixes several problems,
  • Cultists now play Gib SEQ based on type,
  • Cultists and Earth/Axe Zombies now ignore damaged based sectors (fixes AI issue in DWE1M1),
  • Proximity range for prox mines is now correct,
  • Fixed issue with gib objects and other types from spawning two of the same item,
  • Fixed a typo with Exp_Dynamite_Wall, resulting in no SEQ from playing when invoked,
  • Minor bug fix with the CanSee function. Fixes an issue in DWE3M2,
  • Art tile animation is now randomized for oscil,
  • Fixed mouse not working on main menu after loading lower saves,
  • Audio velocity option is now saved to config,
  • Player no longer falls while dead in water,
  • Camera no longer toggle chasecam while in menu,
  • Map markers now show with an exclusive cheat (new cheat code: OAKISLAND),
  • Can now switch weapons during any point of the gun's state that isn't lowering or holstering,
  • Fixed a bug where explosion objects would persist due to bad underflow of xSprite's data1 and data4 members,
  • Fixed hitscan wall detection and wall UV mapping,
  • Added scale console variable for the weapon wheel. Set g_weaponWheelScale in the console to change it (defaults to 1.0),
  • Changed player jump boot height to 24.0. Makes it easier to reach the rooms in BB1,
  • Bug fix with wall unlock commands sending a ON command,
  • Support for padlock actor,
  • Allowed loading of all old (day-0 public build or later) saves.
(Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1010750/announcements/detail/1612765261451213302)


Released on June 6th 2019.

  • Engine updates,
  • Fixed a potential crash with OpenAL playback of Vorbis buffers,
  • OpenAL32.dll updated,
  • Missles now pass through breakable windows.
(Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1010750/announcements/detail/1610514097382812678)


The most recent patch for the game, released on August 5th, 2019. PatchNotes.txt mistakenly refers to this having released on August 4th.

  • Sprite links and how they're handled on level load is now accurate,
  • Earth zombie accuracy behaviour fix. They immediately go into search state when woken,
  • Ghost sight check accuracy behaviour fix (does not use eye-height offset when calling hitscan),
  • Napalm damage type accuracy fixed. Now uses hitscan type,
  • Tommy Gun Alt-Fire attack now uses the correct vector type. Vector type 3 now identified as BV_BULLET_WIDE,
  • Gillbeasts now take flare/fire damage on land,
  • Speed optimizations when writing save games,
  • Sounds now pre-cached on start-up,
  • Correct logic for changing AI targets and kin (incorrect randomization weight),
  • Miscellaneous General Engine Improvements,
  • Explicitly check for link sprites when Z-Translating the sector,
  • Support for tilenums beyond 4095 for SEQ files,
  • Changed ActionScan interaction code,
  • Support to make the object do a small 'boost' when snapping between different floor heights,
  • Fixed Fat Zombie melee vector direction,
  • Fixed player damage from being over-aggressive to network clients,
  • Updated maphacks to include MLD offsets for Voxels,
  • Fixed several floor link collision issues,
  • Updated Steamworks to 1.46,
  • Misc. sprite link fixes,
  • Misc. respawn fixes,
  • Misc. fixes.
(Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1010750/announcements/detail/1611645072188616319)