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Echo Night No. 2: Nemuri no Shihaisha

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Title Screen

Echo Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha

Also known as: Echo Night #2: The Lord of Nightmares (Translation)
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: FromSoftware
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: August 5, 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

Cactus feels all lost and stuff.
The proper name of this game is Echo Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha.
Due to wiki limitations, however, the page's name is simplified. The # is not allowed to avoid conflicting with HTML.
To do:
Rip and translate all the unused text.

The second game in the Echo Night series and the only game in the series that's Japan exclusive.

Unused Items

To do:
Get a picture of those items with the original Japanese ROM.

The game has three items that have no function whatsoever attached.

Eco Night 2 Unused Ring.png

A ring-looking thing.

Eco Night 2 Unused Thing.png

A speaker-looking thing.

Eco Night 2 Unused Pendant.png

Some sort of talisman or pendant.

All those items are either called ボツ ("botsu": Unused) or stay nameless.

Unused Areas

Benjamin Room

A whole view of the room.

Called in-game 大学構内/図書館前 (In front of the Campus / Library) and internally referred as ☆図書館への道 (Way to the Library).

When accessed, the room is entirely black (yet solid) and composed of two characters that are out of reach. One is a guy in a white coat laying on his back and carrying a knife, the other is a woman seemingly approaching him but frozen in place. Though invisible, several objects that do not lack collision are present in the room, including two doors that when interacted with will put the player back in the middle of the room. Both characters lack any kind of interactivity.

To access Benjamin Room, one can use the following Action Replay code:

80016070 0044
80016072 3405
80016074 0000
80016076 0000

Prologue Room

The whole unused room as seen from out of bounds.

Called in-game 過去世界/庭園管理室 (Past World / Garden's Security Room) and internally referred as ★庭園の夢・管理室 (Garden's Dream ・ Security Room).

A fully-fledged room that, as both its names suggests, was originally part of the game's prologue. While the terrain is walkable, the room has almost no collision. A few key items are selectable - a photo of Catherine, a glass, an ashtray, a table, a bed, a window and the exit door. None of them, though, produce any response when interacted with. Music also plays in this room, but it's interrupted once the menu is opened and won't come back. Upon entering, the player is greeted with two contextual English images and a single line of dialogue.

Eco Night 2 Unused Intro 1.png Eco Night 2 Unused Intro 2.png

Japanese English Translation
そろそろ時間だ It's almost time.

To access the Prologue Room, one can use the following Action Replay code:

80016070 0027
80016072 3405
80016074 0000
80016076 0000

Unused Intro Cutscene

The game has an unused, alpha-looking intro cutscene that shows the protagonist approaching the mansion by car (different than the one used in the final game) while narrating the game events.

It loops forever, preventing one from playing the actual game.

To see the unused intro, one can use the following Action Replay code:

80016070 0029
80016072 3405
80016074 0000
80016076 0000