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Eggy (MSX, iOS)

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Title Screen


Developer: Bothtec
Publishers: Bothtec (JP MSX), Eaglesoft (NL), D4 Enterprise (iOS)
Platforms: MSX, iOS
Released in JP: 1985 (MSX), March 31, 2009[1] (iOS)
Released in NL: 1986 (MSX)

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.

In Eggy, the player controls Ena, a body armor that has to collect supplies while at the same time avoiding hits from tanks and saving humans from becoming evil undead cyborgs.

The game would later become the "mascot" for Project EGG, a subscription service that features modern-hardware conversions of old PC games.

Uncompiled Source Code

Found at offset 0x5FA6 in the .cas dump, 0x7D3F in the .dsk dump, and 0x5E5E in the iOS version's .rom file. The text highlighted in red is exclusive to the .cas and .rom versions.

Y1:	DW      0
WX:	DW      0
WY:	DW      0
LX:	DW      0
LY:	DW      0
XX:	DW      0
YY:	DW      0
WMODE:	DW      0
PENW:	DW      0
WAITWC:	DB      10H
KEYW1:	DB      0               ;BIT 0-3 CURSOL ,4-7 SCROLL
KEYW2:	DB      0               ;BIT 0 SHIFT ,1 CONTROL
XSTEP:	DB      0
YSTEP:	DB      0
XMOVE:	DB      0
YMOVE:	DB      0
SCROLL:	DB      0
WAITW:	DB      10H
REPTW:	DB      0
COLOR:	DB      0
PENBUF:	DS      16
	        ORG     0C000H
	LD      HL,(X)
	LD      DE,(XR)
	ADD     HL,DE
	LD      (WX1),HL
	LD      HL,(Y)
	LD      DE,(YR)
	ADD     HL,DE
	LD      (WY1),HL
	LD      HL,8
	LD      (WX2),HL
	LD      HL,4
	LD      (WY2),H