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F-15 City War

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Title Screen

F-15 City War

Developer: Idea-Tek
Publishers: American Video Entertainment (US), Gluk Video (ES), HES (AU), Idea-Tek (TW), Micro Genius (AS)
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released internationally: 1990

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

F-15 City War is an unlicensed NES shooter from 1990, combining Thunder Blade-style 3D-ish stages with vertically-scrolling stages.

Hidden Developer Credit

Present at 0x4188.


This could possibly be Zeng "Harry Jean" Jinlong (曾金隆), a programmer credited in some Sachen games.

Regional Differences

There are five different versions of the game:

  • Original Taiwanese version, self-published by Idea-Tek, cartridge code ET.03 [dumped].
  • First North American version from American Video Entertainment, cartridge code AVE-FC [dumped].
  • Second North American version from American Video Entertainment, cartridge code AVE-FC, labelled "REV11" on the PRG-ROM IC [dumped].
  • Spanish version from Gluk Video [dumped].
  • Asian version from Taiwan X'tal Corporation (TXC) published under their Micro Genius brand, cartridge code MGC-006 [undumped].

The following regional differences exist:

  • In the original Taiwanese and first North American version, the last boss fight and the ending screens are displayed with incorrect screen and attribute positioning when playing through the game regularly without cheats. The glitch does not occur when using Game Genie cheats to skip to the last boss directly.
  • In the original Taiwanese version, the player sprite moves at about half the speed compared to all later versions, making the game much more difficult.
  • Cheats only work in some versions (see below).


  • Original Taiwanese version: press SELECT at the "CONTINUE/START" title screen exactly twenty times, then press START to continue or begin the game, to start with 30 instead of 5 lives. The displayed number of lives will be glitched as a result. This only works when starting a new game or continuing from levels up to three (counting boss fights as levels).
  • First North American version: press SELECT at the "CONTINUE/START" title screen exactly ten times, then press A as many times as desired to select the starting level number (not counting boss fights as levels).