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Final Fantasy VI/Unused Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Final Fantasy VI.

Unused Field Dialogue

He's all about the bennies.
English Japanese Translation
SHADOW: ......
Why am I here...?
For the money, I guess.
Shadow: ...
 You want to know why I'm here...?
 For the money... obviously.

Strangely enough, despite it not being possible to have him in your party at this point in the game by normal means, Shadow has his own space on the World of Balance version of the airship, with a bit of dialogue if you talk to him. The GBA version of this line has him question his statement.

English Japanese Translation
CELES: Kefka's sure to come up
with another demented plan.
We need to do something FAST!
Celes: Cefca is sure to be
 thinking up another wicked scheme.
 We'd better do something soon...
SHADOW: I think Kefka's out for
General Leo's hide!
Shadow: Just between you and me,
 Cefca seems to be after
 General Leo's life.
STRAGO: ...I've never seen
anyone so sleazy as Kefka.
Stragos: I've been alive for
 quite a while, but I've never once
 fallen from so high up.
RELM: I'm sure those Espers are
all very kind!
Relm: The eidolons, they're
 all good guys, right!?

Lines intended to be used when the airship crashes after the Sealed Gate events. Thing is, none of these characters are in your team at the time.

English Japanese Translation
TERRA: No! Get away from me!
Tina: No! Stop!!

Mixed in with the dialogue from Terra's flashback of Kefka putting the slave crown on her head. While it could have belonged to an early version of the sequence, she is silent and shows no visible restraint in the final game.

English Japanese Translation
CID: This is my finest work.
These Magitek converters
combine the power of magic
with machines...
Cid: It's my finest work. 
 The ultimate machine, combining the powers
 of sorcery and technology into one...

In the same place as the above text. Cid is not even in this sequence, so there's no way his line here could have even been delivered. It's possible he was present here in earlier versions of the game.

English Japanese Translation
EDGAR: Come find me when you
feel rested.
エドガー「また後で 私のところへ来てくれ。
Edgar: Come back to me later.

Found early in the Figaro Castle dialogue. It's pretty generic, but Edgar doesn't say this.

English Japanese Translation
Contact a supervisor.
From: Development Team.
An error has occurred.
Please contact one of
the people in charge.
--From the developers

Oddly, this too is found in the Figaro Castle text. Could be a legit error message, or it could be some kind of developer in-joke. There's no real way of knowing for sure. The GBA version changes this to “You must be one Lete son of a submariner to have found this”, referencing Kefka’s infamous line.

English Japanese Translation
ふんっ 犬め!
Hmph! Cur!

Well! Such manners! This is mixed in with the dialogue for the old man who you deliver cider to. Seems he was a bit ruder earlier in development.

English Japanese Translation
EDGAR: He must have gone to
pay his respects to his mentor,
Edgar:  Mash is a disciple
 of Duncan's, after all...
 I'd never have guessed he'd be so
 obliged to such a famous person...

This line was supposed to be delivered right after talking to the old man outside of Sabin's house, and learning about Sabin, Duncan, and Vargas. It's not, though.

English Japanese Translation
TERRA: YOU! You're the coward
who murdered Master Duncan!
Tina: I hear a student of Duncan
 the martial artist murdered him and
 ran away... It was you, wasn't it?

Among the text during the meeting with Vargas. It's for the best that this line was cut, as it just doesn't work. While technically true, there's no way Terra would know this, since it's not until Sabin appears that the idea of Duncan having been murdered is even brought up.

English Japanese Translation
Talk to everyone here, heed
their advice.
Banan: Tina...
 Please, ask the others for their advice.

Probably supposed to be spoken by Banon when Terra is given free run of the Returners' Hideout... but Banon doesn't appear until you've spoken with everyone, and then doing so starts an entirely different discussion.

English Japanese Translation
TERRA: He's badly wounded!
Tina: What horrible injuries...

Meant to be used when the wounded soldier stumbles into the Returners' Hideout. Probably left out as it's pretty redundant.

English Japanese Translation
(Please choose a scenario.)

<choice> Banon and Co.
<choice> SABIN
<choice> LOCKE

<choice> バナン達
<choice> マッシュ
<choice> ロック
  (Please choose a scenario.)

<choice>  Banan and Co.
<choice> Mash
<choice> Lock

Apparently, you were, at one point, just supposed to pick a scenario from a standard menu, which was later changed to the current setup of using Mog as a "living cursor", if you will.

English Japanese Translation
Where's Gau...?
LOCKE: He hates ships.
We must...leave him behind!
Tina: Where's Gau?
Lock: I guess he doesn't like ships.
  Oh well. It's just the two of us, then.

A semi-famous little bit of "just in case" text found among the Albrook dock dialogue. The dummied scene depicting Terra, Locke, and Gau is complete with events and animation. In theory, it should be possible to have Gau here, if you left him on the Veldt and picked him up right before this sequence. In practice, however, there's no way to do this, as you can't leave the southern continent at this point.

English Japanese Translation
SHADOW: You kids stay out of
trouble now, you hear?
Shadow: We'd better let him relax and
unwind a bit before we board the ship.

Another line from Albrook. This is supposed to be said if you never met Shadow up to this point (not during Sabin's part of the Return to Narshe scenario and not in the Kohlingen cafe), but there's no code to display it, so it goes unused.

English Japanese Translation
"Some woman flew up to the
top floor!"
"Did you say..."flew..."?
That must be TERRA!!!!"

Creepy monster's live up there.
Look out fer 'em!

Some girl flew up to the top floor.
"Flew? Maybe it was Tina...?"

You better not go there... though it's not
like any monsters are living up there or anything.

Unspoken Zozo text with a small grammar mistake ("monster's", in this context, should not have an apostrophe). The Japanese text is written as an obvious lie, like much of Zozo's NPC dialogue, but the English translation missed this detail and accidentally turned whoever this dialogue was intended for into a second truth-teller.

English Japanese Translation
There's only one airship in the
world. It's owned by a gambler,
or should I say pirate...?
There's only one airship left in the world.
It's owned by a gambler. I hear he also uses it
to engage in air piracy.

Intended for, but never spoken by, a Jidoor resident. Where they got the idea that Setzer is a pirate, the world may never know.

English Japanese Translation
This Magicite can be yours for
10000 GP.
<choice> (Buy it.)
<choice> (Don't want it.)
<choice> (かう)
<choice> (いらない)
I'll sell you this magicite
for 10,000 gil.
<choice>  (I'll buy it.)
<choice>  (I don't need it.)
This Magicite can be yours for
50000 GP.
<choice> (Buy it.)
<choice> (Don't want it.)
<choice> (かう)
<choice> (いらない)
I'll sell you this magicite
for 50,000 gil.
<choice>  (I'll buy it.)
<choice>  (I don't need it.)

Someone was apparently hawking Magicite at inflated prices. There are three Magicite which are buyable, and one does indeed cost 10,000G, but this dialogue isn't used, and none costs 50,000G. Right after these strings in the data are messages for obtaining the Palidor (Quetzalli) and Terrato (Midgardsormr) Magicite, suggesting that these were the ones for sale. In the final game, Palidor is found on the island where Celes wakes up on the World of Ruin, and Terrato can be found in Umaro’s cave.

English Japanese Translation
Got "Super Ball."
Obtained a Super Ball.
Got "Bolt Edge."
Obtained a Throw.
Got "Fire Skean."
Obtained a Fire Scroll.
Got "Shadow Edge."
Obtained a Throw.
Got "?????."
Obtained a cicada shell.

These lines are mixed in with the other stuff you can find buried in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. None of these items can be found here, so obviously this text is never seen. The last one is most curious, and is ItemDoesNotExist in the GBA translation.

English Japanese Translation
Come to think of it...
I saw some total geek when I
last went south, to the Veldt.
Watch yourselves in those parts!
Come to think of it...
I saw some strange kid the other day
when I went to the Beastlands down south.
Better be careful when you head through there.

This was stored among the lines that appear around the hut of GAU's father, but I can’t think of anybody there saying this (perhaps the Merchant, but all Merchant lines have "Merchant:" in it).

English Japanese Translation
SABIN: The going is bound to
be...pretty rough...
Mash: Going against the
 Empire will be dangerous,
 even for the two of us.

This is alongside the lines for recruiting Shadow at the old man's hut. Probably referring to the Imperial Base.

English Japanese Translation
SABIN: What's going on, here?
Mash: What are you talking about,

This is supposed to be used if you bring Sabin to Gerad/Edgar in Nikeah, however there is no code to display this line.

English Japanese Translation
SOLDIER: Who in blazes're YOU?
Soldier: Who are you?!

Probably the last lines of a Soldier who has the unfortunate fate of running into SABIN and SHADOW.

Unused Battle Dialogue

Various bits of in-battle dialogue went unused. Most of it was seemingly left out either because an effect was added instead of dialogue, or because plans changed. Some of it, however, is a complete mystery.

English Japanese Translation
Get away! 
Or I'll thrash ya!!
めざわりな やつらめ! 
You're in my wayǃ
I'm gonna trounce youǃǃ

Generic villain dialogue. This is mixed in with Ultros' lines, and absolutely sounds like something he would say, so it was probably intended to be spoken by him at some point.

English Japanese Translation
It can't be......!
I...I'm invincible!!
How could you defeat me...?

Stock "defeated villain" dialogue that never ended up used. The demon Chadarnook's final line is similar, but this isn't it. Comes right after the above line, so very likely another Ultros boast.

English Japanese Translation
Dadaluma whistled!
ダダルマーは くちぶえをふいた!
Dadaluma whistledǃ

When Dadaluma whistles for backup, a sound effect is played instead of this dialogue box appearing.

English Japanese Translation

That's all it says. Could have been used for enemies that can cast revival spells, or in some sort of scripted battle, but it's too vague to place.

English Japanese Translation
Cyclone attack
Whirlwind kick.

A... cyclone attack. Given the Japanese line, this is most likely an older, more generic version of the "Mortal Attack! Blizzard Fist!" line used in the Vargas battle.

English Japanese Translation
Steal your GPǃ
ギルを ぬすむ
Steals some gil.

A few enemies (Ursus (Mugbear), Harvester, Dadaluma) can steal money from you, but a more specific message showing how much was stolen is used instead of this generic blurb.

English Japanese Translation
You bloody thief!
I'll teach you a lesson!
Heyǃ You're a sticky-figured bad guyǃ
OK then, time for your punishmentǃ

This was probably either intended for something related to Locke (either in his mini-scenario at South Figaro early on, or possibly something that was cut entirely), or as an enemy's response to being stolen from.

English Japanese Translation
Enemy's combat ability: A
Enemy's combat ability: B
Enemy's combat ability: C
敵の戦闘力 ランク A
敵の戦闘力 ランク B
敵の戦闘力 ランク C
Enemy's fighting strengthː Rank A
Enemy's fighting strengthː Rank B
Enemy's fighting strengthː Rank C

These are separate dialogue entries, but are all basically the same thing. It's too generic to link to anything in particular. That it sorts enemies combat skills into "ranks" may imply that the Libra spell may have been slightly more detailed early on.

English Japanese Translation
Adding up enemies' attacks!
Totaling number of enemy attacks...

Some sort of machine program? There isn't anywhere obvious this would fit.

English Japanese Translation
Count 9!
Count 8!
Count 7!
カウント 9
カウント 8
カウント 7
Countː 9
Countː 8
Countː 7

Listed with the other "countdown" text bits. The Air Force's Wave Cannon attack counts down from 6. No other enemy counts down in this manner, so these three are unused.

English Japanese Translation
Doom Gaze became mute!
Can't use Ice-elemental attack!!

Doom Gaze was cured of injury!
Ice-elemental attack recovered!

Cut Doom Gaze's poisonous claw!
Can't use "Poison" attack!!

Doom Gaze became blind!
Can't use "Doom"!!

Doom Gaze was cured of injury!
"Doom" recovered!




Sealed Deathgaze's mouthǃ
It can't use cold attacksǃǃ

Deathgaze's wounds were healedǃ
It recovered its ability to use cold attacks.

Sealed Deathgaze's poisonous clawsǃ
It can't use poisonous attacksǃǃ

Sealed Deathgaze's eyesǃ
It can't use death attacksǃǃ

Deathgaze's wounds were healedǃ
It recovered its ability to use death attacks.

It seems like the fight with Doom Gaze (Death Gaze) was originally intended to be a considerably more strategic affair than it ended up being. None of the listed status effects even work on it, however, much less do what this dialogue suggests.

English Japanese Translation
He's... coming to take control of us!
H... Here it comesǃ
It's going to possess usǃ

Pretty generic. Nobody "takes control of you", though, save for the female Chadarnook and Goddess, with their Charm and Love Token spell. And it goes without saying that neither one is a "he". The Wrexsoul fight is a possibility.

The Japanese dialogue implies it's a female character speaking.

English Japanese Translation
My mission is
My mission is

No idea what this was supposed to be for. The line just ends abruptly.

English Japanese Translation
A fellow travelerǃ
I'm taking you with meǃ

It's unknown what this was intended for. みちづれ can mean "fellow traveler", but in the context of a battle this is more likely. Obviously, this could have been used for an enemy or boss who tries to use one last super-strong attack before dying. The GBA version attributes this to the Soul Savers that accompany Wrexsoul in Cyan’s dream, and uses the Japanese interpretation.

English Japanese Translation
Someone posing as me has
been stealing treasures!
Beware of being tricked!
Remember, rewards come to
unavaricious people.
Well, let's begin!
さあ 、おっぱじめるとするか
It looks like my impostor's been
going around stealing treasure lately...
Don't let yourselves
be fooledǃ
Treasure comes
to those who waitǃ
Well, shall we get going?

Almost certainly intended for a scrapped fight with Siegfried, which fits nicely with him inexplicably having a Rage, as well.

English Japanese Translation
Such...strengh! Cyan......
S-so strong...
You are as magnificent as I expected...

The さすが in the Japanese line implies this is somebody who knows Cyan personally or is otherwise familiar with him. It could have been the "Leader" Cyan fights shortly after he's introduced, or somebody else. And yes, "strength" was misspelled in-game.

English Japanese Translation
What's wrong?
You look ill.
Can I be of assistance?
しょうがない 少し助けてやるか
Heheheh... What's the matter?
You look pale.
Ah, well. Can I help you out a bit?

The sinister chuckle at the beginning implies this is someone who's either lying or being sarcastic. May have been a boldfaced lie spouted by someone from Zozo, presumably Dadaluma.

English Japanese Translation
Ice Dragon called its pal!
Skull Dragon summoned!

Storm Dragon called its pal!
Dirt Dragon summoned!

Dirt Dragon called its pal!
Gold Dragon summoned!

Gold Dragon called its pal!
Storm Dragon summoned!

Skull Dragon called its pal!
Blue Dragon summoned!

Blue Dragon called its pal!
Dirt Dragon summoned!

Red Dragon called its pal!
Ice Dragon summoned!

White Dragon called its pal!
Red Dragon summoned!







Freeze Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Skull Dragonǃ

Storm Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Earth Dragonǃ

Earth Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Yellow Dragonǃ

Yellow Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Storm Dragonǃ

Skull Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Blue Dragonǃ

Blue Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Earth Dragonǃ

Red Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Freeze Dragonǃ

Holy Dragon called a partnerǃ
Summoned Red Dragonǃ

More near-identical lines grouped together. It looks like the dragons once had some sort of "unity" planned, where one could call another for backup. This would have been an interesting idea, but it was probably deemed too difficult to implement properly (one of the challenges of the game, after all, is finding the dragons), resulting it being scrapped.

English Japanese Translation
Storm Drgn undergoing changes!
Dirt Dragon got mad!
Skull Dragon lives on magic pwr!
Storm Dragon is transformingǃ
Earth Dragon lost all sensesǃ
Skull Dragon lives with magic power.

More dragon-related tidbits. The Storm Dragon never transforms and the Dirt Dragon is always mad, near as anyone can figure, and never seems to have any sense of reason. The last one appears to be a clue that the Skull Dragon dies at 0 MP. Interestingly, these concepts, if not the lines themselves, appear to have been used in the Game Boy Advance port, in the Dragon's Den bonus dungeon, where stronger versions of the eight dragons are fought. The Storm Dragon's "transformation" involves it cloaking itself in wind (which should give it Haste and Image, yet does nothing because of a glitch), the Earth Dragon gets furious and launches loads of incredibly powerful physical attacks when its HP hits a certain point, and the Skull Dragon can only be killed by depleting all its MP.

English Japanese Translation
Guardian called his pal!
Guardian called a partnerǃ

Guardian has no friends! Guardian needs no friends! Guardian is a machine, anyhow. Probably intended as part of its inexplicable "Ultros" battle program.

English Japanese Translation
Absorbed by Hidonǃ
Absorbed by Hidonǃ

What was Hidon supposed to absorb? It's true that it absorbs Poison-elemental attacks, but it's unlikely that this message was intended for that purpose. Perhaps at some point in development, it was able to absorb the Hidonite to regenerate itself?

English Japanese Translation
Hidonite changes into Hidon
Hihidon transforms into Hidon.

Looks like Hidon was another enemy that was more interesting in the development stages than it ended up in the actual game. The Japanese text mentions an enemy called a "Hihidon" that doesn't exist in the final game--Hidonites are called "Erebos" (エレボス) in the Japanese version and the GBA version. It's possible this was an early name for the same enemy.

English Japanese Translation
Pa, pai, Ouuuch!
Bugobo...... Guwaaa!!
イッ…… イッターーイ!
グググ…… グワァーーー!!
O... Owchǃǃǃ
Grr... Graaaahǃǃ

Growls and other monster sounds, or possibly alternate "dialogue" for Gau. These lines are actually scattered throughout the text data haphazardly, but they're all basically the same thing. in the GBA version, the first line is attributed to Kefka and the third line is attributed to Whelk (Ymir).