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Fish Dude

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Title Screen

Fish Dude

Also known as: Uoozu (JP)
Developer: ANex
Publishers: Towa Chiki (JP), SOFEL (US)
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: October 5, 1990
Released in US: April 1991

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Dude. It's a fish. Who is also a dude.

Hidden Text

This string is found at the beginning of the ROM at 0x70:

  SALIO & ANex  

Regional Differences

Japan USA
Uoozu Title.png Fish Dude-title.png

Besides the different title screen that comes with a title change, the password feature was changed. In Uoozu, press Start on the title screen and on the next screen A or B to change the stage/level and then press Start to input a password. The passwords are also four characters long instead of just two in Fish Dude.


The Japanese version of the game includes 6 hardcoded passwords. To activate them, hold Down and press Start on the password screen after entering them.

Password Effect Screenshot
STAF Opens a staff roll.
MSIC Opens a "sound test" screen where you can play each of the game's songs and sound effects.
Each song also includes a title. Press Start to return to the previous screen.
Uoozu MSIC.png
FONT Switches the font out with a slightly larger one that fills more of the 8x8 tile space.
Enter the password again to switch back to the default font.
Uoozu FONT.png
MODE Opens a "setup" screen, allowing you to set the number of remaining lives (0~7),
difficulty (0~3), and change the in-game colors to a "negative" version.
Uoozu MODE.png
MAPS Opens a "map select" screen. Uoozu MAPS.png
XENA Allows you to choose levels A, B, and C. Uoozu XENA.png

(Source: @yamada_arthur)

US Version Passwords

Due to the changes made to the password system, all of the above were disabled in the US version. The code is still sitting in the ROM unreferenced and can all but "XENA" can be (sort of) re-enabled via Game Genie codes. With the desired code active, simply go to the password entry screen and press Start.

Game Genie Effect
03F‑6FF‑5DF+32F‑70F‑A2A Staff Roll
76F‑6FF‑5DF+33F‑70F‑A2A Sound Test
9EF‑6FF‑5DF Font Toggle, due to the hacky access method, will appear garbled.
C9F‑6FF‑5DF+35F‑70F‑A2A Setup
38F‑6FF‑5DF+37F‑70F‑A2A Map Select, due to the hacky access method it won't function.
(Source: cah4e3)