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Fright Club

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Title Screen

Fright Club

Publisher: Trouble
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

You don't simply fight a zombie horde with just a sword. You also use machineguns, flamethrowers, and unfortunately-named shooting stars.

Hidden Objects


Below the game screen, lie two objects:

Text 153 is placed to the left, and reads Crop at 300px.

Button 152 is placed to the right, and clicking it advances the player to a screen, in the following order:

  • play (Title Screen)
  • Instructions
  • ChooseCharacter (Character Select)
  • Play (Gameplay) x10
  • gameover (zoomed-out gameplay, unused?) x4
  • GameOver
  • SubmitScoreTrue (Congratulations)
  • SubmitScoreFalse (Try Again)
  • CoffinOfFame (Highscores)
  • GetFriend (Share)
  • prize (Promotion Screen)
  • TermsConditions

When the final screen is reached, the sequence loops.