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Gears of War 3

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Title Screen

Gears of War 3

Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in US: September 20, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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Gears of War 3 is the final entry in Epic's trilogy, after which Microsoft acquired the franchise and it went on to suffer the exact same fate as Halo.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Scaleform UI Mockup Images

Early Beast Mode

Originally Beast was called Siege. Early UI elements still remain in the files.

UI Mockups

Early Final
Siege char select temp2.png Beast final ui.png

The Locust were laid out by type rather than tier. The Mulcher and Shrieker are not playable in the final, and the Drone/Grenadier were replaced by the Savage Grenadier and Savage Drone. The Corpser is absent from the early UI.

There are also 2 more mockups.

Early Final
Template.png Beast final ui.png

Test UI mockup.

Early Final
Siege char select temp.png Beast final ui.png

A different layout and number of Locust.

UI assets

Horde Mode

UI Mockups

Early Final
BuildLG Guide.png Hord Final UI.png

All of the HUD is on the left of the screen. Fortification level is displayed by Roman Numeral instead of Number. Bonus Objectives is lacking an icon. Enemy number & Score are missing. Locust insignia instead of COG symbol.

Early Final
BuildSM guide.png Hord Final UI.png

The exact same, but without the Bonus Objective.

Early Final
Guide layout.jpg Hord Final UI.png

Closer to the final. Time till next wave is larger. Bonus Objective hud is completely different.

UI assets

Options Menu

Main Menu


Unused Character Localization Strings

A ton of unused localization text relating to characters. Mostly though cut multiplayer characters and legacy "pawns" that originate from Gears of War 3's development stages.


[ChopperPilot LocustCharacterSummary]
CharacterBio=Sometimes the best tactic is to use an enemy's own weapons to defeat them. The Cyclops is well versed in the ways of the Lancer, and is always anxious to display his skill with its chainsaw.

Legacy Minh Young Kim

Contains legacy pawn references taken from the early development stages, mostly during early stages of RAAM's Shadow Campaign DLC. The model and textures do get used for the COG Redshirts and Carmine brothers in retail. In retail version of the game Kim uses a completely redesigned model and textures.


Legacy General RAAM

Another legacy pawn reference found within the retail game. Seems to use the original model and texture work from the previous two titles as opposed to the redesign from RAAM's Shadow Campaign DLC. When loaded under the September 14, 2011 Windows build this becomes clear.

CharacterName=General RAAM

Legacy Tai

Much like the previously mentioned legacy characters this is a leftover from the development period. This uses the same model and textures with Gears of War 2 Tai. Though we do know the pawn was used as a placeholder during the early development of Beast Mode and the RAAM's Shadow DLC Campaign.


Legacy Theron Guard

The text is duplicate from retail Theron Guard, though the used version has the Sentinel helmet from previous installments. Oddly the Sentinel's legacy name is still used for the bot localization data. This also uses a different character profile and pawn within the game code.

[Theron LocustCharacterSummary]
CharacterName=Theron Guard
CharacterBio=Theron Guards are extremely intelligent and crafty. One alone on the battlefield is a force to be feared. Facing a squad of them is to face death itself.
CharacterName=Theron Guard

Prototype Theron Elite

This design of the Theron Elite uses the original Theron Guard helmet, much like the Savage Theron did during the alpha builds. Given also by the Character Profile Name within the game code, which oddly the AI is referred to as "Onyx Theron." The textures are also in a completely unfinished state.

[SavageTheronBlack LocustCharacterSummary]
CharacterName=Theron Elite
CharacterBio=Black Theron are exceedingly rare, and truly the stuff of nightmares. They serve at the mercy of the Queen, sacrificing their lives--and everyone else's--without question. Succumb!
CharacterName=Onyx Theron


[Skorge LocustCharacterSummary]
CharacterBio=Skorge's chants are powerful enough to tame even the most fearsome beasts that lurk in the Hollow. He is the highest ranking of all the Kantus, and a personal envoy of the Queen.

Unused Character Portrait

Prototype Theron Elite

Body Portrait Head Portrait
Gears3 T CharPortraits LG LOC ProtoTheronElite.png Gears3 T CharPortraits SM LOC TheronElite.png

Judging by these icons the original design was based on the original Multiplayer Theron Guard design from the previous titles. Much like the Savage Theron went through in the alpha stages.

Hidden & Unused Weapon Skins

Child's Play

Skin Icon Lancer Portrait Hammerburst Portrait Retro Lancer Portrait Gnasher Portrait Sawed-Off Portrait
Gears of War 3 T WeaponSkins ChildsPlay.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons Lancer ChildsPlay.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons Hammerburst ChildsPlay.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons RetroLancer ChildsPlay.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons Gnasher ChildsPlay.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons SawedOff ChildsPlay.png

Originally meant to be released as a charity weapon skin, it was released on launch as hidden on the Xbox 360. The reason as for this had to deal with it likely sending the wrong message as it was for charity donations. In-game the skin would've have an animated orb surrounding the Child's Play logo.

Epic Pixelated Skin

Skin Icon Lancer Portrait Hammerburst Portrait Retro Lancer Portrait Gnasher Portrait Sawed-Off Portrait
Gears3 T WeaponSkins Pixel.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons Lancer Pixel.png T Portraits Weapons Hammerburst Pixel.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons RetroLancer Pixel.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons Gnasher Pixel.png Gears3 T Portraits Weapons SawedOff Pixel.png

The Epic skin was given to employees at Epic Games, which is a team-color pixelated material applied to the weapon. Though now it's pretty common to find modded profiles with these, due to Gears of War 3 not having proper moderation for years & the rise of JTAGs and modded Xboxes.

Developer Medals

Code Trivia

Internally, TDM is referred to as "GearGameTDM_Newb", Warzone mode is referred as GearGameTDM. Also each game mode has "_Base" at the end of the filename, these are classes that contain several variables and rules for the game mode. Each game mode also has a "_Content" file that gives off general assets for memory usage, which normally gets formed for when the game gets cooked as part of Epic's compression method.