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Generations Lost

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Title Screen

Generations Lost

Developer: Pacific Softscape
Publisher: Time Warner Interactive
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: 1994
Released in EU: November 1994

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Developer's Tool

Entering AAAC on the password screen activates a developer's tool.

During game play, press Start for one full second to enter the pause menu. You will see your X and Y co-ordinates in the upper left corner. Not sure what else it does yet.

When the AAAC password is entered, it sets a value of FFFF to RAM address FFF4B8. When you enter the pause menu, this is what the assembly code looks like:

00:7030 4A 78 TST.W ($F4B8)      = Checking RAM address FFF4B8 to see if it's equal to zero.
00:7034 67 48 BEQ #$48 [00:707E] = If it's equal to zero, branch to ROM address $00707E.

Since the password set that RAM address to FFFF, it won't branch to $00707E. It will run the "developer's" routine, instead.

Here's a ROM patch that changes the conditional branch, so it will always run the "developer's" routine: At ROM address $007034, change the 6748 to 4E71. Alternatively, use the Game Genie code RF2A-A6VY.

(Source: Tony H)