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Ghoul School

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Title Screen

Ghoul School

Developer: Imagineering
Publisher: Electro Brain
Platform: NES
Released in US: March 1992

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Ghoul School is an NES game where kids try to defeat a bunch of creatures who have taken over Cool School High.

Debug Mode

Ghoul school debug.png

At the "ELECTRO BRAIN PRESENTS" screen, press B, Up, B, B, Left, Select ("BUBBLS"). You'll be taken to a screen that lets you start from any area in the game, as well as listen to the music and sound effects. Press Select to move between options, Up and Down to modify the selected option, A to play a music track or sound effect, or Start to start the game.

The options are as follows:

  • Board: Select from any area in the game, including the warp zone.
  • Panel: Select a specific screen of the above area, from left to right.
  • Sound: Listen to any sound effect in the game.
  • Tune: Listen to any of the game's music tracks.

Additionally, you start with every item in the game.

Warp Zone

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Welcome To Warp Zone!

Using either a zipping bug or a glitch involving the elevator, it's possible to access a debug hallway, labeled as Room 015, the "Warp Zone". There are seven different exits here, each leading to a different area:

  • Up: Room 034 (close to Auto Shop)
  • Middle: Room 028 (near Principal's Office)
  • Down: Room 029 (near beginning / Blob Room)
  • Door: Room 039 (near the Crawl Space)
  • Up: Room 011 (near an elevator)
  • Middle: Room 014 (near Gym)
  • Down: Room 021 (near Library)

(Source: Rick, Supper)