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Title Screen


Developer: Squeegee Software
Publisher: Squeegee Software
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: 1996

PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Giza is a shareware puzzle/FPS hybrid. You, an Apple Newton, and the magic of crystals are all that can stop the U.S. government from dismantling the great pyramids to build a doomsday weapon.

Anti-Piracy Message(s)

Starting in at least version 2.1.4, if the game recognizes a pirated registration code, it lets loose with a four-dialog-box rant. Click 'OK' to one message and the next immediately replaces it. The successive dialogs, and the progression from threatening to shaming to pleading, are very similar to the anti-piracy feature in Snood v3.52.

spent a huge amount of time trying
to make this game as good as I can.
You are stealing it from me. Either
pay for it or don't play it.

You may think you are 'Fighting the
power' by pirating software. I am
barely making a living doing this. If
illegal passwords are posted
everywhere I can't live.

Then I have to get a job at a big
insurance company. Then who wins?
Think about it. Little guys need to
support each other not steal from
each other.

The password you entered was
incorrect. Try again.

(That last box doubles as the message shown in response to incorrect, but not pirated, codes.)