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Grabbed by the Ghoulies

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Title Screen

Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox
Released in JP: April 29, 2004
Released in US: October 21, 2003
Released in EU: November 21, 2003

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Grabbed by the Ghoulies was Rare's first game for an Xbox system after the company was acquired by Microsoft, and development had to be ported over from the GameCube and significantly streamlined as a result. Needless to say, the game's sole surviving legacy is that it signaled very dark times to come for longtime Rare fans. Tons of self-deprecating jokes from Rare about how poorly it sold would follow.

Despite this, however, the game was dusted off pretty well for Rare Replay on the Xbox One, and it was in fact the only game in the collection to get a native port instead of running in some form of emulator!


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Game Logos

In the Other PNGs folder are some game logos for use in the CDX menu. However, copies of the logos without ESRB ratings are also present in the folder, which are unused in the North American release.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies-Amped2.png Grabbed by the Ghoulies-Gotham2 ESRB without.png Grabbed by the Ghoulies-Kameo ESRB without.png Grabbed by the Ghoulies-Links2004.png Grabbed by the Ghoulies-Musicmixer no ESRB.png Grabbed by the Ghoulies-NBAInsideDrive-NoESRB.PNG Grabbed by the Ghoulies-TopSpin.png


0f1b0074 contains an unused graphic of a vampire enemy that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. It might just be a leftover from the scrapped GameCube release.

GBTG 0f1b0074 vampire.png

Leftover Icons

02fd7fb3 is an unused icon of a syringe. It was intended to be a weapon but it was cut.

GrabbedByTheGhoulies 02fd7fb3.png

Some scrapped weapon icons are also present in the game's files.

GrabbedByTheGhoulies 0080a5e3.png GrabbedByTheGhoulies 0e6faf43.png GrabbedByTheGhoulies 0154e803.png GrabbedByTheGhoulies 0fd5d603.png GrabbedByTheGhoulies 052d39a3.png

Unused Audio

Background Ambiance

Ghostly choir?
A soundbyte of rain, though there are no levels in the game that feature it.
Same as above.

Sound Effects

This may have played when the player collected something.
A sound effect used in old builds for when Medusa is looking for the player.

Unused Text

Internal Names

Some files and code were labeled with internal and/or old names for bonus challenges, characters, rooms, and weapons.

Bonus Challenges

Internal name Actual name
Meet The Reaper! (Don't Fear) The Reaper!
Mind The Potsǃ Gone to Potǃ
Protect Fiddler Poor Ol' Fiddlesworth
Scaredy Spidersǃ Catch The Cowards!
Snooker Skeletons Billiard Room Bust-Up
Undead Disco Divas Friday Night at the Embassy


Internal name Actual name
boy Cooper
butler Crivens
cook Ma Soupswill
ghouliegirl Ghouly Amber
girl Amber
groundsman Fiddlesworth
hauntedpicture Haunted Painting
mummycursed Ancient Mummy
uglygirl Ghouly Amber


Internal name Actual name
centralhallway Grand Hallway
GhoulishGamingRoom Gaming Room
GrimyGarbageYard Garbage Yard
HousekeepingStorage Housekeeping Store
PottingShed Potting Room
ScummyScullery Scullery
SnookerRoom Billiard Room
WaitingRoom Sitting Room
WhineCellar Cellar
WoodShedofWoe Wood Shed


Internal name Actual name
blunderbuss Ol' Edna
popcangun N/A
waterpistol Water Squirter

Leftover Strings

loctext\english\0c50e153 has many leftover strings from various builds of the game.


String ID Speaker Sound Effect Text
dialogs__chapter1_scene11_girlputdowns_putdown0 Cooper GDIALOGUE_BOY_YEAH Believe me, this hurts me more
than it hurts you!
dialogs__chapter1_scene11_girlputdowns_putdown1 Cooper GDIALOGUE_BOY_BREATHLAUGH If only I could kick you to the
nearest gym!
dialogs__chapter1_scene11_girlputdowns_putdown2 Cooper GDIALOGUE_BOY_EXHALE It's not just your appearance, the
smell is far worse!
dialogs__chapter1_scene11_girlputdowns_putdown3 Cooper GDIALOGUE_BOY_BUILDUP Trust me, this'll make you a
better person in the end!
dialogs__chapter1_scene11_girlputdowns_putdown4 Cooper GDIALOGUE_BOY_BUILDUP This is for every time we've had
to watch soppy chick flicks instead
of the latest action blockbuster!
dialogs__chapter1_scene11_girlputdowns_putdown5 Cooper GDIALOGUE_BOY_OKAY Okay, I can stop beating on you
now. I seem to have run out of
witty one-liners!

Cooper was going to say some one-liners if the player chose to beat up Ghouly Amber during Chapter 1 Scene 11.


String ID Speaker Sound Effect Text
dialogs__chapter3a_scene2_butlerindistress Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_CRIVENSFRIGHT Woe is me! Can anyone
save an old codger from
these winged monsters?
dialogs__chapter3c_scene6_cookclue Ma Soupswill GDIALOGUE_COOK_GENERAL What's going on? This
isn't one of my cookbooks.

Some dialogue from Crivens and Ma Soupswill during Chapter 3 that was later replaced.


String ID Speaker Sound Effect Text
dialogs__xselldemo_playinfo Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Sir may play sample
scenes by choosing
this option!
dialogs__xselldemo_storybookinfo Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Sir may view the Intro Storybook
movie from the game here. Why,
there's also some kind of Trailer
dialogs__xselldemo_challengesinfo Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_QUESTION Does Sir have the mettle
to attempt a devious
dialogs__xselldemo_billiardroom1 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_OVERHERE Greetings, Sir! Crivens here!
I'm the lowly butler here at
Ghoulhaven Hall.
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN My master, Baron von Ghoul, is
busy preparing the Hall for future
'guests', so Sir may only visit a few
rooms at this time.
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT May I suggest Sir uses the Left
Thumbstick to move and HOLDS
the Right Thumbstick in the
direction he wishes to attack!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS Sir may also pick up certain items
of furniture and other objects to use
as weapons by pressing the A button!
dialogs__xselldemo_billiardroom2 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN The door has locked Sir in, by
Jove! This means you must complete
a Challenge to escape!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN In this instance, you must defeat
10 SKELETONS 💀 before you
may leave the room!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Break some bones!
dialogs__xselldemo_lowercorridors1 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Zounds! The impact flash ⚠️ icon
means DON'T GET HIT! That's
right, not even once!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_CRIVENSFRIGHT If Sir is unfortunate enough to be
mauled in any way, then things
will be made even worse with the
appearance of the Grim Reaper!
dialogs__xselldemo_relicstore1 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Hurrumph! Sir appears locked in
again, which means it's Challenge
once more!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS The gravestone ⚰️ icon means
Sir must DEFEAT ALL the Ghoulies
in this room to complete the
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT That's every last one, so get to it!
dialogs__xselldemo_challengeintros_protectfiddler Fiddlesworth GDIALOGUE_GROUNDSKEEPER_GENERAL Peel my potatoes!
- - GDIALOGUE_GROUNDSKEEPER_GENERAL Hello there! I be ol' Fiddlesworth
the groundskeeper. I be in a spot o'
bother, an' no mistake!
- - GDIALOGUE_GROUNDSKEEPER_GENERAL My Challenge t'yer is t'see 'ow
long yer can protect me from the
beasties before I get a thrashin'!
dialogs__xselldemo_demoend Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Well done! Sir has managed to
survive the demo in one piece!
100 levels plus Bonus Challenges
await you in the full version!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN You will also find over 100
destructible objects to be used as
wacky weapons, as well as a huge
variety of spiffing power-ups!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Sir had better prepare for a ton of
adventurous fun and a twisty-turny
plot full of unexpected surprises,
escapes, rescues and crazy action!
Coming to an Xbox near you,
Holiday 2003, by Jove!
dialogs__xselldemo_musicroom1 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Things seem to be rather easy
for young Sir. Allow me to show
you a room that should provide
you with more of a challenge...
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS I have taken the liberty of placing
the soda can launcher in Sir's hands,
which should give you a bit of a
fighting chance!
dialogs__xselldemo_musicroom2 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Now this should be a little
before being allowed to move on!
dialogs__xselldemo_musicroom3 Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Ah, you fought well, Sir! Now let
me relieve you of that weapon. Our
housekeeper, Ms. Buffbrass, won't
be happy about the sticky mess!


String ID Speaker Sound Effect Text
dialogs__e3_eventcomplete Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Well done, Sir! That was fun!
You've managed to survive the
challenge in one piece!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS Now you just have to make your
way to the exit door to try another
dialogs__e3_chapter1complete Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Well done, Sir! That was fun!
You've managed to survive this
chapter in one piece!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS Now you just have to make your
way to the exit door to try another
dialogs__e3_dancersavoided Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Well done, Sir!
You made it across the dancefloor
without starting a brawl by bumping
into the crazed dancers!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS Now make your way to the exit
door and try another challenge!
dialogs__e3_howtofight Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT May I suggest Sir uses the Left
Thumbstick to move and HOLDS
the Right Thumbstick in the
direction he wishes to attack!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS Sir may also pick up certain items of
furniture and other objects to use
as weapons by pressing the A button!
dialogs__e3_killall Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Sir appears to be locked in! The
gravestone ⚰️ icon means Sir must
Kill ALL GHOULIES in this room
to escape!
dialogs__e3_diningroom Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Gadzooks!
Sir appears to be locked in!
to escape!
dialogs__e3_workshop Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_POINT Sir appears to be locked in!
To escape, Sir must Kill 10 GHOULIES
and also FIND THE KEY hidden inside
an object somewhere in this room!
dialogs__e3_mummyhint Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Hmm, your attacks don't seem to be
able to harm it, Sir. A little fire may
do the trick. Now if only you could
find some!
dialogs__e3_ghoulykey Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN By Jove!
Sir is locked in! To escape, Sir
must defeat the Ghouly that is
holding the key to the door!


String ID Speaker Sound Effect Text
dialogs__eventintros_MinimumDamage Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN Zounds!
The house-in-half 🏚️ icon means
Sir must cause a minimum amount
of DAMAGE to escape the room!
- - GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_THERESHEIS If Sir should find himself in
a position where the damage amount
can't be achieved, The Reaper shall
expose himself!
dialogs__eventreminders_MinimumDamage Crivens GDIALOGUE_CRIVENS_STRAIN The house-in-half 🏚️ icon means
Sir must cause a minimum amount
of DAMAGE to escape the room!

It was originally planned for the player to perform the least amount of damage possible to the room during challenges that display the house-in-half icon. It would later be changed to require the player to not perform any damage at all. Additionally, there was a crude joke removed from the introduction to the mechanic.


String ID Speaker Sound Effect Text
dialogs__jthomas Crivens none Fffffffff
dialogs__jthomaserroralert Crivens none ERROR!
check Dolphin interface
for more details
dialogs__pbaker Crivens none You can kiss my wrinkly grey but(ler)
dialogs__pbakertestdialog Mr. Ribs GDIALOGUE_MRRIBS_GENERAL Tee-hee, did fiery ones get
you? Mr. Ribs take smoke
maker back to Cookie
now, boy not need it now!
dialogs__promo_makersof none GDIALOGUE_COOK_COMEHERE -
From the makers of
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Tooie

"jthomas" and "pbaker" refer to James Thomas and Philip Baker respectively, who are credited as programmers. The error alert is a rare remnant of the game's initial development as a GameCube title.

More E3 Strings

09e34d53 and 08b37293 from the same folder have some more leftover strings from the E3 2003 demo.

The E3 Embassy Ballroom
Attic Unavailable in this demo
Dialogue Test Scene
Phil's Text Foundry
Demo O' Doom

Chapter One Complete
Undead Disco Divas
Pirates' Dinner Party
Who's the Daddy?
Kung-Fu Conservatory
Soak a Zombie!
Hunchy Punchy

Developer Notes

Present in loctext\english\0b24c424 are some developer notes.

; ********************************************
; *********** DIALOGS SCENE TEST *************
; ********************************************
; **** Don't localise the following items ****
; ********************************************
; ********************************************
; ****** End of Dialog Scene Test Items ******
; ********************************************
(Source: Ferrox)