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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories/Unused Mission-Related Content

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

A whole lot of unused lines for various missions. Most of these have the sound files still present as well.
Note:Used text may be used for additional context, in which case it will be in italics.

Story Missions

Chapter 1


Leftovers from an earlier version of the mission, which was shown off in BradyGames' strategy guide. You were meant to defend the boat from the assassins before eventually being forced to abandon ship.

Clip Subtitle
~w~You're a soldier... kill them!
~w~C'mon! You can do it!
~w~C'mon, shoot the bastards!
~w~Don't you know how to fire a gun?
~w~You shoot like a mujer!
~w~We are hit!
~w~We are gonna die!
~w~Caray! My boat!
~w~We're taking too much damage!
~w~She's gonna blow!

~r~You killed Martinez's contact.
Shoot the ~r~attacking speedboats.
Get off the boat before it explodes.

Cleaning House

Phil had a lot more to say and he was gonna drive you to his old place.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Well, I ain't a bank... I don't have it on me. But I'll take you to it.

~w~Hop aboard.

Phil's line about bringing something to think was repurposed in Cholo Victory, but it would have originally appeared here.

Clip Subtitle
~w~But the Cholo evicted me and now I can't get to it.

~w~And you want me to deal with them, yeah?

~w~What the hell? ...Stupid boat.
~w~This ought to fix it.
~w~This reminds me of a time in the American Australian war.
~w~Five of us had just killed a hundred of them assholes.
~w~This could take hours. Good job I brought a little something to drink.
~w~You still there? You got a bottle opener? Damn.
~w~Yeah, so I was in Nam you know. Qui-Gong, Nay-Gong, Bing-Bong, Du-Gong. You know...
~w~I love that time... I mean, I loved the army, man.
~w~The camaraderie after you killed a bunch of school girls... incredible!

Conduct Unbecoming

Again, Phil had more to say about the car, Mary wasn't too pleased about Vic asking for her, alternate lines for Vic asking around for Mary.

Clip Subtitle
~w~The sighting might be off, but my range is just around the corner.
~w~Go see how she shoots.
~w~Good having you on board, soldier.
~w~Martinez stole this didn't he? Why would he give me this? ...Wait. Don't tell me. I don't want to know.
~w~See you around Phil.

Looking for Mary. As seen in pre-release materials, Vic was indeed originally a marine instead of being in the Army. One extra line for Mona as well.

Clip Subtitle
~w~I'm looking for Mary.
~w~Have you seen Mary?
~w~Are you Mary?
~w~Another damn marine.
~w~I just need to find Mary.

~w~Sure. She's right over there.
~w~See you later.

Text for a tutorial for the group mechanic. The tutorial was moved to To Victor, the Spoils instead.

Mary is now in your group.
People in your group will follow you if they can.
Some people will also fight alongside you if they are in your group.

Cholo Victory

Yet again, Phil had a lot more to say.

Seems like there was another stop between the police station and the hospital.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Last time I ate here they had to rush me to ER, and pump my ass out.
~w~Found a serious hunk of shrapnel...
~w~That reminds me. I need to pick up my test results from the hospital.
~w~Hospital's still got my damned underwear... thieving bastards...
~w~Not sure I want it back there, it has more stains on it than a California freeway.

At the hospital and chasing after the cholo. Phil does the shooting by himself in the final mission.

Clip Subtitle
~w~I'll be a minute. Then we'll get back on the trail of them...

~w~Cholo bastard! There he is! Cholo bastard!

~w~What the hell are you doing?
~w~Let's kill 'em all!
~w~That's just one guy Phil.
~w~Really? Shit. I can see twelve of 'em. You better use the gun.
~w~Go on! Get 'em! And don't be a pussy, marine!

Boomshine Blowout

Some additional lines for Phil.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Merciful Lord.
~w~It's a beautiful country, man.
~w~My boomshine is saved.
~w~You're a hero Vic. A real American.

Truck Stop

Clip Subtitle
~w~They're good guys Vic: Just always so quiet... maybe I shouldn't trust 'em.

~w~Shhh! Here they come.


The storeowner was a bit more thankful.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Thanks mister... I appreciate it.
~w~No problem.

Fear the Repo

Vic wasn't pleased with Marty calling him "boy".

Clip Subtitle
~w~C'mon boy. I got debtors waiting.
~w~I'll tell you this once more, I ain't your boy.
~w~Just get on.... Damn sissy bitch.

Got Protection?

Got Protection? had a different/additional objective. Instead of driving around and picking up girls under attack, you were to drive them to work.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Hey, Vic. Marty said you might call by.
~w~Marty said the Cholo were giving you problems.
~w~Would you be a doll and drop us all off?
~w~We've got clients waiting.
~w~Hey, muscles, this is my stop.
~w~See ya later handsome.
~w~Thanks, hot stuff. That was fun...

~w~Get in the ~b~Pimping car.
~w~Get back in the ~b~Pimping Car.
~w~Take the girls to ~y~work.
~w~Drive the next girl to ~y~work.
~w~Take the car back to ~y~Marty's brothel.
~r~You trashed the Pimping car!

Taking Out the White Trash

Additional lines for Louise during and after the showdown at the trailer park.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Get your hands off me!
~w~Vic! Help!
~w~I'm gonna have me a ball.

Using a gun does not fail the mission.

~r~You used a gun.

To Victor, the Spoils

Additional lines for Louise, after taking over Marty's businesses.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Everything's gonna be just fine.
~w~Wait 'till I tell Mary-Jo! Mary-Beth is going to be okay.

Chapter 2

The Audition

Additional lines for Lance. The mission was to turn out slightly differently as well, instead of you driving Lance to the impound yard, you were going to take bicycles there and you'd have had to catch up to him.

On the way and at King Knuts.

Clip Subtitle
~w~You're screwing this up Vic.
~w~That's for me, Lance V.

Getting to the impound yard.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Grab one of those bikes and follow me. I've got an idea.
~w~This is it bro. Watch and learn.
~w~I'm the pedal-master!
~w~Where've you been man?

You were once meant to get the car without being seen. "Noise" was for the, well, Noise meter.

~w~You've been spotted!
~w~If you move slowly and keep quiet, you may be able to sneak past the guards.

Nice Package

Lines for Vic picking up the package.

Clip Subtitle
~w~There it is!
~w~That's mine asshole!
~w~Get off!
~w~I'll take that, friend!

Papi Don't Screech

Additional line for Alberto.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Wind the window down. It's too hot in here.

Money For Nothing

Additional lines for Bryan and Lance. It doesn't matter if the cops see you driving to the garage, you don't need to lose the van at the end of the mission as you just need to lose your wanted level.

Clip Subtitle
~w~We need to get in there without being seen.
~w~Vic. You run in while LV and I distract the cops.
~w~Lose the van. We're done.

No money is involved in this mission.

~r~The money has been destroyed.

Leap and Bound

A cutscene placeholder.

CUTSCENE - Midtro 2 - Lance goes out to boat. Gets knocked out. Follow them.

While these are technically used, you have to go out of your way to trigger them. If you pick up a weapon which replaces the binoculars in your inventory, the car bomb detonator or the camera (which is unavailable outside of The Mugshot Longshot), you will be prompted to pick up another pair from the compound safehouse.

Go to your ~t~safehouse~w~ and get some binoculars. Get some ~g~binoculars.

Bum Deal

An alternate line for Lance when you are at the "White Stallionz" bar.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Aw, man! It's clan night at the boys club!

Lance pointing out the obvious, as well as an unused line for Forbes.

Clip Subtitle
~w~What the hell? That's Forbes!

~w~He's escaping!
~w~Get him!

~w~See you around suckers! It's been a pleasure!

From Zero To Hero

Self explanatory.

(PLACEHOLDER: Missile lock)

Chapter 3

Accidents Will Happen

A few additional lines for Reni.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Move it, handsome!
~w~Tiefer! Shcneller! Harter! Faster!
~w~Faster! Harder! Deeper! Oh, mein Gott!


Additional lines for Vic and Lance.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Stop yelling at me. It's not my fault.

~w~Yes it is. If you hadn't stolen the Mendezes' coke they wouldn't be attacking all of my businesses.

~w~So let's get down there and stop them.
~w~Do you have any idea how hard I've worked to build up those businesses?

~w~I'm sick and tired of you blaming me for everything. Now, I'm gonna save 'your' empire.

Unfriendly Competition

Additional lines for Vic and an unknown woman, possibly one of the bodyguards.

Clip Subtitle
~w~At least your friend put up a fight!
~w~If it's a fight you're looking for...

The Colonel's Coke

Some additional lines for Gonzales. He tells you to take his copter, which his men are already on instead of having to pick them up. Sea-mines are not present in the game at all, though leftovers remain.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Not your army. Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez's my boss.

~w~This coke belongs to him, so do not mess with us if you want to live.
~w~I'll bear that in mind.

~w~Pull alongside. My men will come with you.
~w~Sea-mines ahead! They must have known we were coming.

High Wire

PLACEHOLDER: The last container is being moved to the police station, lift the container off the back of the truck.
PLACEHOLDER: One of our gang is being chased by the bikers, lift his car from harm.

Kill Phil

Additional lines for Barry and Phil Collins, who arrives on a helicopter, not a boat.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Come on. The boy's boat is going to be pulling in anytime.
~w~He's gone a bit rock and roll... happens to the best of us, mate.
~w~What? What have I got two heads or something?
~w~Seriously mate - stop staring at me. I'm just a drummer...

Purple Haze

An alternate version of the line for Gonzales.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Get the drugs, and kill the bastards who did this.

An alternate objective, instead of driving the drugs back to a deal, you drive them back to the lockup.

~r~The new buyer has gone..
Drive to the ~y~deal.

Say Cheese

You were meant to pick up a change of clothes, which never happens during the mission.

Collect your costume from the ~y~wardrobe department.

Where It Hurts Most

Louise was more picky about where she was to be taken.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Vic. I don't have any medical insurance. They won't treat me here...
~w~The doctor at the Schuman hospital knows me. He'll help.
~w~The doctor at Westhaven hospital knows me. He'll help.
~w~I told you Vic. The Schuman hospital...
~w~I told you Vic. Westhaven hospital...
~w~Please Vic. Not here. Take me to the Schuman hospital.
~w~Please Vic. Not here. Take me to Westhaven hospital.

Kill Phil Part II

Lines for Vic and the assassins.

Clip Subtitle
~w~I'd better warn the others.
~w~What the Hell!
~w~Not near the bomb!
~w~Don't shoot the bomb!

Alternate lines for Barry reacting to the bomb.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Bomb disposal?
~w~Here, are you having a laugh? Jesus, I fucking...

Steal the Deal

A little interaction that was cut. The Gonzales' goon you're following would have stolen one of two already occupied JetSkis, while you steal the other. Both JetSki owners partaking in a bit of schadenfreude.

Clip Subtitle
~w~I'll take that.
~w~Man that's tough... heheheh.
~w~Take the other JetSki.
~w~Hey! Wait a minute...
~w~Yeah! Ha ha ha ha!

The game never gets quite this agitated about you getting to your destination.

Stop being a pussy and get to the ~y~hut!

Farewell to Arms

No rockets are fired in this mission.

~w~Incoming rocket!

Burning Bridges

Alternate line for Lance as you are escaping.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Whooooo-eeeeee! I never doubted you Vic!

Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

Clip Subtitle
~w~Wait up. I'm gonna need some serious artillery for this gig...

~w~And I know just the man to make it happen.
~w~Hellooo Mr. M4.
~w~M-for Motherfucker, that's right.

Lost and Found

Additional lines for Vic and Lance in the opening cutscene.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Oh man, get your priorities in order.

~w~I have... idiot!

~w~Oh, man.

Additional lines for Louise, leading you to the helicopter, being left behind and reacting to being on fire.

Clip Subtitle
~w~This way Vic.
~w~It's up here.
~w~Hey! Wait for me.
~w~I thought you were taking me along?
~w~Be careful Vic. We're on fire!
~w~Oh, Sweet Jesus! I love you Vic!

So Long Schlong

Diego's men calling out to Reni and encountering Vic.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Where are you?
~w~Hey Reni?
~w~Diego wants to talk.
~w~Who the hell are you?
~w~Get him!
~w~Who's this guy?
~w~Kill him!

An additional line for Reni during the escape.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Come on.
~w~Come on what darling? You point, I'll shoot.

Domo Arigato Domestoboto

~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Armando sees the domestibot has burned his bonds, and destroys it.
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ The safe alarm is triggered. Amando destroys the robot.
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Armando destroys the robot when it disobeys his orders.
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Domestibot picks up item.
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Domestibot gives item to Armando.
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Domestibot lights Armando's cigar
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Domestobot cleans toilet.
~w~PLACEHOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE~n~ Domestobot gets taken over by Vic.

In the Air Tonight

Barry watching the show and an additional discussion about the bomb, revealing it was under the stage the whole time.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Look at the boy down there. He's a sitting duck... and he doesn't even know it.
~w~You're doing a blinding job mate.
~w~Did bomb disposal give you any problems?
~w~Bomb disposal? You were serious about that?
~w~Barry, there was a bomb under the stage.
~w~It's still there isn't it?
~w~Bollocks to this!

Light My Pyre

Text for a Distance meter and a couple of prompts for waiting up for Lance. You are never prompted to wait for him, when he reaches the bridge to Prawn Island, a cutscene of him reaching the Mendez Mansion plays.

Meet up with ~b~Lance ~w~at the ~y~junction.
Wait for ~b~Lance ~w~at the ~y~junction.

Over the Top

Additional lines for Phil and Vic on their way to the army base.

Clip Subtitle
~w~You need a decoy... and I've got all the decoy you're gonna need.

~w~We're gonna need a big rig for this deal.

~w~I know just the thing...
~w~Phil, you're kind of quiet. Are you okay?

~w~I, I, I can't believe she's gone.

~w~Keep it together man.

~w~Sorry, Vic... she was a good soldier... a good sister, I mean

~w~Get the rig and meet me at the base.
~w~Come on man, don't freak out on me now.
~w~Hey, you made it.
~w~Man, you're drunk.
~w~That's it. I'm doing this on my own.
~w~No. I'm gonna help.
~w~When I go, you park your truck by the wall and climb over it...after that, I'm gone.

You were at one point meant to get a Linerunner to make it over the walls, suggesting that the platform that is next to the wall wasn't always there.

Park the Linerunner beside ~y~the wall.
Use the Linerunner as a step and jump over the ~y~wall~w~ into the base.
Get another ~b~Linerunner.
Get a ~b~Linerunner.

Last Stand

Mission text for leaving the building, the only way of doing this is to jump out of the windows, which will kill you, resulting in a generic "You Died" message.

PLACE HOLDER SCRIPTED CUTSCENE: The hunter is damaged by a missile

~r~You left the building.

Cut Missions

Removed Entries

The following characters all have missions associated with them that were completely wiped.

Bryan Forbes.

 BRY_B01: Money for Nothing
 BRY_B03: Leap and Bound
 BRY_B04: The Bum Deal


 GON_C02: Home's on the Range
 GON_C03: Purple Haze
 GON_C04: Farewell To Arms


 LAN_B01: Jive Drive
 LAN_B02: The Audition
 LAN_B04: Caught as an Act
 LAN_B05: Snitch Hitch
 LAN_B06: From Zero to Hero


 LOU_B01: Hose the Hoes
 LOU_B02: Robbing the Cradle

The Mendez Brothers.

 MEN_C01: The Mugshot Longshot
 MEN_C02: Hostile Takeover
 MEN_C03: Unfriendly Competition
 MEN_C05: High Wire
 MEN_C06: Burning Bridges

Faking It

Another cut mission that actually has the text and audio still present! The mission would take place right after Brawn of the Dead, after the Vance Brothers' mother stole their drugs. Sadly, nothing else remains of the mission in MAIN.SCM.

Start of the mission.

Clip Subtitle
~w~I'm a genius!
~w~Man, I got a buyer for our coke.
~w~What coke? Ma stole it all.
~w~We got a coke substitute.
~w~Coke substitute. And what the hell is it?
~w~Watch and learn, brother. C'mon.

Arriving at the source of the "coke subtitute".

Clip Subtitle
~w~We're too late. They put it on the walls already.
~w~Put it on the walls? Wall-plaster is your cocaine substitute?
~w~They'd never know. C'mon, smash it off the walls. We can still make this deal.
~w~This is insane.
~w~These are desperate times, brother. C'mon.

Gathering the wall plaster.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Try to keep the noise down. You're gonna attract security.
~w~That's too loud man.
~w~Can't you bang quietly?
~w~Get rid of those security chumps.
~w~There's more security coming.
~w~Okay, we've got enough. Let's go.
~w~We can use that car to get our merchandise to the deal.
~w~I'll get that car - you get a shovel.
~w~Let's get this gear in the trunk.

At the deal.

Clip Subtitle
~w~You got the money?
~w~And the merchandise?
~w~You don't need to test it man. Trust me. I trust you. I'm not even going to count the money.
~w~This shit... is shit man!
~w~Kill 'em all Vic! I got the money!

The big revelation.

Clip Subtitle
~w~We've got to find better quality buyers.
~w~This money's forged.
~w~You can't trust anyone these days.

Mission text, objectives, failure states etc.

~r~Lance died.
~r~You took too long. The deal is off.
~r~The car with the 'drugs' was destroyed.
Don't leave ~b~Lance~w~ behind.
The deal is scheduled for ~1~:~1~. Don't be late.
The deal is in one hour. Get a move on!
Go to the ~y~deal!
Get into the ~b~car~w~ with the 'drugs' in it
This wall is done. Find another one.
Kill the ~r~dealers.
Go to the ~y~construction yard.
Smash the plaster off ~g~the walls.

Mall Security

Text for a cut side mission is present.

If you lose more than $100 worth of stock before you shift ends you'll be sacked!
~r~You quit before the end of your shift!
You completed your shift and captured ~1~ Thief and saved $~1~.
You completed your shift and captured ~1~ Thieves and saved $~1~.
~r~You let too many thieves escape, your losses were too high!
A robbery is in progress, stop the ~r~thief!
Level: ~1~
~r~You left the mall!
You completed your shift and did not catch any theives and saved $~1~.
Thief Stopped! Time Bonus +~1~ Seconds.
You completed your shift and captured ~1~ Thief and set a new record of $~1~ saved.
You completed your shift and captured ~1~ Thieves and set a new record of $~1~ saved.
Try to beat the record amount of money saved which currently stands at $~1~.
The Mall Security Oddjob is now complete but you can continue to play.
Checkpoint reached! ~h~Mall Security~w~ missions will continue from this level.
A thief has escaped with merchandise worth $~1~!
Thief Stopped!
Stop the shoplifters from exiting the mall with the goods. If they escape the value of the goods will be deducted from your acceptable losses.
Level ~1~ Complete!
Act as security for the mall, complete the shift without losing more than $100 worth of goods.
Shift Time ~1~
Losses Allowed ~1~
Total Shoplifters apprehended

News Reports


Most likely played before the mission Kill Phil.


Most likely meant to be played after the mission Last Stand.


Could be played anywhere.

Placeholder Cutscene Audio

In the PSP version, some missions which do not have cinematic cutscenes (Leap and Bound, Bum Deal, Last Stand, Where it Hurts Most, Waking Up the Neighbors, O, Brothel, Where Art Thou? and the cut mission Faking It.) have the audio file for the Liberty City Stories mission Biker Heat as a placeholder. These are removed in the PS2 version.