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Grand Theft Auto III/Version and Platform Differences

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto III.

To do:
  • Go more in-depth with the differences.
  • Cover Xbox version's graphics (and sound when ripping becomes possible).
  • Cover mobile stuff more.

Version Differences

PAL 1.40 to PAL 1.60/NTSC 1.40

When Grand Theft Auto III was first released, two different builds were simultaneously released in PAL regions. The earlier of the two features some minor changes seemingly made in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, suggesting that the wrong build may have been initially sent in for manufacturing.

EU v1.40/v1.60 NTSC v1.40

Both PAL versions show the original blue design of the LCPD car in the intro.

EU v1.40 EU v1.60/NTSC v1.40
EU v1.40 EU v1.60/NTSC v1.40
Throw over the cash and you can have your overused puta back.
Throw over the cash.

A line of dialogue from Catalina during the cutscene for The Exchange was edited, removing the second half. The echo was also removed.

EU v1.40 EU v1.60/NTSC v1.40
~g~SPANKED-up suicide bombers!

~g~Destroy the bomber's vans!!
~g~SPANKED-up madmen!!

~g~Destroy the madmens' vans!!
  • The mission Kingdom Come originally referred to the madmen as suicide bombers.
To do:
Get a map of the flight direction and a video link.
  • The Dodo flight path was altered due to it originally flying dangerously close to buildings. The old path seems to have been made with an older version of the map in mind, as at one point the Dodo flies through a building in Chinatown. Pre-release material confirms that the building in question wasn't present in earlier builds.
  • Checkpoint collecting sound doesn't play in PAL 1.40.
  • In Her Lover, the lines of dialogue at the end of the mission won't play in PAL 1.40. Subtitles can be seen.
  • The scene where 8-Ball tells the player to get $100.000 counts as a mission attempt in v1.40.
  • A single byte was changed in SPANISH.GXT between PAL 1.40 and 1.60, changing a lowercase L into an uppercase I in the drive-by tutorial text. This fixes a minor error and makes the game to render the circle button in the tutorial message as intended.
  • It is impossible to achieve 100% completion in PAL v1.40 - doing everything only gets you 98%.

NTSC-J v1.03

  • A new animated logo for Rockstar North, replacing the old DMA Design one. The intro was also slightly edited, with "Rockstar Games Presents" being centered and the DMA/Rockstar North and RenderWare credit being omitted.
  • The song "O mio babbino caro" by Giacomo Puccini was removed from Double Clef FM, this change would carry over to further ports.

Platform Differences

To do:
Explain this in greater detail; there's details missing from the PC version.


The changes made to the PC version are present in all newer ports of the game, with the exception of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 releases.


PS2 PC/Xbox/Mobile

The PS2 versions of the game have different police scanner audio, with more clarity compared to the muffled sound they gained on other platform releases.

GTAIII-tex-fist(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-fist(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-radar save(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-radar save(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-radar bomb(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-radar bomb(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-radar weapon(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-radar weapon(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-site m16(ps2).png
GTAIII-tex-site m16(pc).png
  • Some of the textures have been modified, giving them a less desaturated look.
  • The PC version removed one song which was present in the PlayStation 2 version, "O mio babbino caro".
  • The PS2 version lack the ability to shoot off people's limbs, but it can be reactivated with a button code (Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X - the only such code that doesn't give a confirmation sound when entered). The PC versions have this feature enabled by default, but there still is a cheat code (NASTYLIMBSCHEAT) that's been stubbed out and does nothing.
GTAIII-tex-loadsc1(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-loadsc1(pc).png
  • Although completely unused, the PC version has extra branding on its loading screens which is absent from the PS2 releases.
  • The mission "Waka-Gashira Wipeoutǃ" plays differently on PS2 versions of the game. Instead of Uzis the Yakuza guards are armed with M16s, making the mission much more difficult to complete.
GTAIII-Margot(PS2).png GTAIII-Margot(PC).png
  • This storefront texture had the name edited out in the PlayStation 2 versions, while the Windows version restored the original texture.

Model Changes

PS2 (cutscene model) PC (cutscene model)
GTAIII-catalina-render(design2).png GTAIII-catalina-render(design3).png
  • Catalina's head got a slight design modification in the PC version, where her face is more relaxed with a bigger pony tail and bangs hanging to the side. Despite this, her in-game PS2 model is still used on the PC.

Audio Changes

  • Oddly, the briefing for "Under Surveillance" is completely different between the PS2 and every other version of the game. On the PS2, it's Leone gangsters that are spying. In every other version it's the FBI, which doesn't match the character models used, or even the subtitles!
PS2 PC/Mobile
My police source indicates that the mafia are watching our interest around the city in a bid to track you down. We cannot continue our operations until they're dealt with. Take out these spying fools and end this vendetta once and for all!
My police source indicates that the FBI has mounted a surveillance operation at key locations around the city. It is too late to contact anyone and avoid incrimination. Take out these spying cops, but be careful, they're bound to have backup.
  • The PS2 versions have altered cutscene audio for "Bomb Da Baseː Act I", where the introduction with Salvatore speaking about the war with the Triads was cut.
PS2 PC/Mobile
The Cartel has got bottomless funds from pushing that SPANK crap.
We should take these Colombian bastards out, but while we're at war with the Triads, we ain't strong enough. The Cartel...
  • Despite this, additional subtitles FM3_A and FM3_B are never displayed.


The game was re-released for Android and iOS systems on December 15, 2011, where several new additional changes were made. For starters, every weapon icon was redrawn in 128×128, using more of a "brassy" shade of yellow.

HUD Icon Changes

PC/Xbox Mobile
GTAIII-tex-fist(pc).png GTAIII-tex-fist(mobile).png

The sniper scope was changed slightly when it was redrawn, and the pager is completely different.

PC/Xbox/PS2 Mobile
GTAIII-tex-site sniper(pc).png GTAIII-tex-site sniper(mobile).png
GTAIII-tex-pager(pc).png GTAIII-tex-pager(mobile).png

Splash Screen Changes

The mission splash screen was changed to match up the 10th Anniversary branding, using artwork of different characters, and a hue of grey and gold rather than blue.

PC Mobile
GTA3-PC Splash1.png GTA3-Mobile SPLASH1.PNG

The text is also now centered to the middle of the screen when the player starts a mission.