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Grandpa in My Pocket: Catch Me If You Can Game

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Title Screen

Catch Me If You Can Game

Publisher: BBC
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: December 14, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A Flash game that's based on a children's TV series about a boy and his incredible shrinking grandfather, who can do so by putting on a "shrinking cap", in what is probably the most unusual concept for a show on CBeebies.

Unused Graphics

Early Final
GIMPCMIYC 405.jpg GIMPCMIYC HowToPlayDriveFinal.png
GIMPCMIYC HowToPlayRunFinal.png

Image 405 depicts a much more primitive design for the game's instruction screens, dated June 7, 2010 - a little over 3 months before the game's final build date.

  • The interface itself is still under development, as there is no background image and its colours haven't been finalised.
  • Several pieces of text are almost entirely in lower case and are worded differently.
  • There is no button that returns to the main menu.
  • The instructions mention collecting Jammie Jumblies and avoiding Wulfie's toys. However, each of these are in different levels in the final game, suggesting that other obstacles hadn't been implemented at this point in development.
  • Most interestingly, the controls mention a scrapped mechanic where if the player pressed the left or right arrow keys, they would make Grandpa and/or his vehicle go faster or slower. This was dropped in the final game, opting instead for the player to choose whether Grandpa should travel fast or slow.
Early Final
GIMPCMIYC 463.jpg GIMPCMIYC CompletionFinal.png

Image 463 is an in-game screenshot of the level completion screen from a slightly earlier build of the game, dated no later than August 25, 2010. It is positioned directly to the left of the used screen.

  • Despite being taken at a later date than the mockup instructions screen, the font used in this early screenshot is very different to the final game.
  • The interface has been entirely redrawn.
  • The game itself and its HUD are visible behind the completion screen, being covered up in the final game by a blurry image of Jason and his grandpa doing a "teamwork" high-five. The menu and sound toggle buttons are also part of the HUD in this early build, meaning they are covered up as well.
  • The levels originally had longer names.
  • In place of the button to replay the same level is a generic "play again" button.
  • The stylistic borders around the level buttons (which use the "drive" level icons as placeholders) have a different colour scheme, and also contain a sun and clouds.


Image 595 is a promotional still of the show itself, seemingly used as a placeholder for the opening video.

Obscured Graphics


The aforementioned blurry image used for the level completion screen is never seen in full in-game.

Build Date

The .SWF's internal metadata reveals that the game's Flash-based development started on April 8, 2010, and was completed on September 17 the same year.