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Grapple Force Rena

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Title Screen

Grapple Force Rena

Developer: Tim Ashley Jenkins
Publisher: GalaxyTrail
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 4, 2018

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!
To do:
  • Everything relating to code needs to be documented.

Grapple Force Rena is a kickstarted 2D platformer released in 2018. The game was developed by Tim Ashley Jenkins and published by GalaxyTrail.

Unused/Unseen Graphics


Artwork Description
Portrait sprites for most enemies and bosses. These sprites contain the code of the object, and the sprites seen in-game are simply layered over these.

Unused Levels

To do:
Add videos or screenshots of the unused tutorial stages.

Show Floor Tutorial Levels

In the files for the game, there are tutorial levels for swinging and grabbing. While these aren't present in the game, Ashley confirmed that these are used for show floor demos. They have unused icons to go with them too:
GFR-SwingTutorIcon.png GFR-GrabTutorIcon.png

Unused Text


This is a leftover changelog from the last private beta release, from before the game was launched.

Thanks for joining the Grapple Force Rena closed beta test!

This game is a work in progress, and as such has a lot of placeholders and bugs in it. If you find any bugs, please report them at:


(This is publicly available, so try to avoid adding in spoilers if you can!)

Or you can tell me in the GFR beta discord and I'll log them myself!


-- Final boss battle!

-- All final tracks except Archmage theme / Final boss!

Still incomplete:

-- No epilogue or credits yet

-- Placeholder sound effects are still used

-- Archamge theme & Final boss still placeholder

-- In World 3, Zeph is used as a placeholder for the Mesa Town villagers

-- The scoring system is still wonky and bad and will get an overhaul later in development

Remember, please don't share any of this or spoil the game for anyone!

When you're done reading, hold down the Enter key or start button for two seconds to continue!

gfr course and medal goals.csv

There is text for Course and Medal goals in stages.
There is a planned future update that adds these as in-game achievements.

(Source: Ashley)
Get an A or S Rank!

Clear the Course Fast!

[stage number] Special Medal 1!

[stage number] Special Medal 2!

[stage number] Special Medal 3!

Unused Dialogue

Show Floor Levels

Text that was used for the "Show Floor Tutorial Levels".

BlankPrt	In this course, you'll learn the basics of movement and grappling!
BlankPrt	Use the D-Pad or Ⓢ to move, and press Ⓐ, ⓛ, or Ⓛ to jump!
BlankPrt	Press Ⓧ, ⓡ, or Ⓡ to shoot out a grapple beam!
BlankPrt	If you shoot a beam at a solid surface and hold the button, you can swing around!
BlankPrt	Try grabbing the ceiling to swing across this pit!
BlankPrt	Jump next to a wall, and you'll start to slide down - then press the jump button to jump off the wall!
BlankPrt	You can grapple on any solid surface - ceilings, walls, or even floors!
BlankPrt	While you're swinging, you can press up or down to make your beam longer or shorter.
BlankPrt	You can use this to climb up the side of a wall!
BlankPrt	When you climb all the way to the top of your rope, keep holding up to do a little jump!
BlankPrt	You can grapple more than just walls and ceilings - you can swing on all kinds of stuff!
BlankPrt	If you ever find anything new, try grabbing it to see what it does!
BlankPrt	In this course, you'll learn the basics of grabbing and throwing!
BlankPrt	Press Ⓧ, ⓡ, or Ⓡ to shoot out a grapple beam! If it hits an object, you'll pick it up!
BlankPrt	Once you've grabbed something, you can press the shoot button again to drop or throw it.
BlankPrt	Hold any direction on the D-Pad, Ⓢ, or ⓢ and press the button to throw it forcefully!
BlankPrt	Or, press the shoot button while holding straight down to drop it gently.
BlankPrt	Sometimes you'll need to grab and throw stuff to solve puzzles like this one!

Misc Unused Dialogue

	BlankPrt	An important tip for gamers: many things the characters say will only be said once...
	BlankPrt	And if you just skip through messages-
Rena	RenaAngr	~Booo-riiing!~ Let's get to the action!

Ashley made this dialogue for a Twitter joke, however it still exists in the final game's files.

Zeph	ZephZeph	I see you are having a good time with the eggplant cousin.
Rena	RenaHapp	~Hehehe!~ I sure am! I'm having the time of my life!
Zeph	ZephZeph	^Do not trifle with the eggplant cousin.^
Rena	RenaShoc	^Eep-!!^ O-okay, I won't, I promise!!

An unused conversation with Zeph relating to an Eggplant statue, possibly intended for 1-1.

Filename Oddities

Hollow Champions

Hollow Champions are internally referred to as Hollow Knights.
This was changed due to the developer worrying that people would associate the enemy as a reference from the game of the same name.

Neo Smilby

A lot of Neo Smilby's files are simply titled "Smilby", this is due to the "Neo" name originally being used for when the developer imported new files, but they grew attached to the name, and so Smilby got the Neo prefix.