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Green Green: Kanenone Romantic

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Title Screen

Green Green: Kanenone Romantic

Developer: Success[1]
Publishers: Star Link, Well Made
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: April 24, 2003

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

One of two ports of the Windows adult visual novel Green Green, focusing on the "solitude" romance part of the game.

Unused Scripts

Activating the below code will enable an unused script when starting a new game.

New Game = Unused Script
D0B244F2 00000342
10B244F2 0000????

For ???? replace with one of the following:

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Green Green Romantic - Debugmenu1.png Green Green Romantic - Debugmenu2.png

Left Screen

Japanese English
イベント分岐 Event Divergence
日程分岐 Schedule Divergence

Right Screen

Japanese English
旧キャラ(5人) Former Characters (5 people)
新キャラ(4人) New Characters (4 people)
サブキャラ Sub Characters
その他(OP・グリーンイベント・バッドエンド) Others (OP・Green Event・Bad Ending)
朝・晩 Morning・Night

This allows you to choose from event scenes in the game to watch.


This tests various scripts, such as looping sound effects (which has a cat meow on repeat the entire script), various fade in / out effects and so forth.


Green Green Romantic - Debugmenu3.png

Japanese English
ダミーエンディング Dummy Ending

This script tests a fake ending.

Printf Logging

Within the game is a stubbed printf function which would have logged various background information to a debug unit. This logs information such as files loaded and memory information. It would also report errors if any occurred. To re-enable this mode, apply the below code:

Re-enable Printf Logging
201E1D14 FFBF0018
201E1D18 0C046030
201E1D1C 00000000
201E1D20 DFBF0018
201E1D24 03E00008
201E1D28 27BD0050

If you are playing the game on a regular PlayStation 2, you will need to use a TOOL, RDB, or a debug version of OPL to view the logs. If you are playing on an emulator, you can see this information by enabling the option "Show Console".

Unused Images

Below are several images not referenced by any script.

(Source: Original TCRF research)