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Grow Cube

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Title Screen

Grow Cube

Developer: On
Publisher: On
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released in US: September 15, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Grow Cube is the fifth entry in a Flash-based puzzle series created by On, a Japanese indie game developer. You arrange whatever is given to you and your order will influence the result, with a single combination leading to the best ending.

Also, cutesy graphic.

Unused Music

The first theme heard in the game has a four-second intro that's never played, followed by the looped part.

Unused Graphics

The game has several unused pictures which might have been placeholders or debug-related, judging by the Japanese text.

Grow Cube P1 Bone.png Grow Cube P2 Water.png Grow Cube P3 Ball.png Grow Cube P4 Building.png Grow Cube P5 Seed.png Grow Cube P6 Pot.png Grow Cube P7 Pipe.png Grow Cube P8 Spring.png Grow Cube P9 Hobbit.png Grow Cube P10 Fire.png Grow Cube Ball Fall.png Grow Cube Bone Evolution.png Grow Cube River Formation.png Grow Cube Waterfall Formation.png Grow Cube Sound Effect.png

From top-left to bottom-right, they read:

Japanese English
P1_骨 P1_Bone
P2_水 P2_Water
P3_ボール P3_Ball
P4_建物 P4_Building
P5_種 P5_Seed
P6_壺 P6_Pot
P7_パイプ P7_Pipe
P8_バネ P8_Spring
P9_ホビット P9_Hobbit
P10_火 P10_Fire
ボール落下 Ball Drop
骨_進化 Bone Evolution
川_生成 River Generation
滝_生成 Waterfall Generation
効果音 Sound Effects