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Hamster Paradise

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Title Screen

Hamster Paradise

Developer: Shimada Kikaku
Publisher: Atlus
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in JP: February 26, 1999

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Ever want to do weird things to your pet Hamster, like dunk them in a filled coffee cup, play matching games with them or even have them plug in lights? Well, not only does this game make all your wishes a reality, but you can also wind up with a dead pet if you're not careful... you can't leave them out in the sun in their cage or anything mean, thankfully; otherwise Hamsters would probably be extinct had the game made rounds to the Western world.

Debug Menu 1

Hamster Paradise J SGB Debug 1.png

Game Genie code 036-76F-E6A will start the game in a level select and difficulty select.

Debug Menu 2

Hamster Paradise J SGB Debug 2.png

Game Genie code 086-76F-E6A will start the game in an event select. The numbers on the upper-left section of the screen is a sound effect test. Directional pad buttons LEFT and RIGHT select the sound effect, press A to play the sound effect. Press SELECT to return to the first Debug menu and B to select an event. Game Genie code 000-42B-E6E will allow you to test music instead of sounds.

(Source: nensondubois)