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Haunting Ground

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Title Screen

Haunting Ground

Also known as: Demento (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: April 21, 2005
Released in US: April 25, 2005
Released in EU: May 10, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Haunting Ground is a survival horror game about Fiona Belli, a 18-year-old girl, in a desperate attempt to survive and escape from a castle with a canine companion. The main enemies of the game are demented or psychopathic people whose purpose is to kill the girl.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not officially part of the Clock Tower series despite sharing many gameplay similarities with it.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Areas

ST_00D.PAC is an unused stage that can be found in the game files and is accessible only through cheats. The file number of this stage is adjacent to other areas in Belli Castle. Most of the stage model is missing textures with exception to the barred gates.

Path File Name Video proof
data/ST_008/ ST_00D.PAC
3D Isometry of the unused stage.
Frontal Rear
HauntingGround-ST 00D-0.png HauntingGround-ST 00D-1.png
(Source: Hewie666)

Unused Graphic

Unused Item Images

Although the game has unused items belonging to the inventory, some game files show images of absolutely non-existent objects.
Path File Name Graphic Note
data/ITEM02/ ITEM_032.TEX HG unused graphic 3.png Special item, it's a sort of skull.
data/ITEM03/ ITEM_054.TEX HG unused graphic 1.png Document item, Playing Manual 1.
data/ITEM03/ ITEM_055.TEX HG unused graphic 2.png Document item, Playing Manual 2.
(Source: Lionix)

Unused Cutscene

An earlier version of the "Mountain of Rubble" cutscene. The unused version uses a different voice actor for Fiona, while in the final version she is completley silent. In addition, the cutscene has unique music that was removed in the final version, and the dirt effects when Fiona slips are brown instead of grey.

Path File Name Video proof
data/DE_003/ DE1003.SFD

(Source: 2dsunset)

Unused Items

Continue Coin

The Continue Coin in the game's menu.

Shows itself as a special item, though it has no texture and seemingly no use. The description only says "You have CONTINUED.", while trying to use it only gives an "I can't use this here." message.

The Paptisma in the game's menu.


The description reads "An alchemic item created through an intense process of refining medallions. I wonder what it does?" This suggests the way to obtain it, through the alchemical refining room, though any combination in that room is completely vain.

After the first use nothing happens, but the description of the object changes to "Mysterious item that bestow the ability the ability to read ancient text upon the player." Given that many of the game's items take their names from Latin words, Paptisma may be derived from "baptisma", which means baptism or immersion, though neither definition really fits the item's description.

Still, it's clear that originally the object was supposed to give the protagonist the ability to read certain documents. But these are not present. The item's texture is the same as the Fortis and Remedium items, the only difference being that the liquid here is green.

(Source: Lionix)

Unused Sounds

Unused Music

Path File Name Audio Note
data/ADX00/ AD_16.ADX
This piece is a popular carousel music often used in movies. The track samples Mercury Rising, a song by musicians Frank Serafine and Lawrence Alan Hopkins, from the album Shadow Worlds: Darkest Fears & Worst Nightmares.

Unused Character's Lines

The main antagonists of the game are stalkers. During the gameplay the player can hear some of their sentences. However, some of them are never played.


Path File Name Audio Transcription
data/0_DNL/ DNL_000.HD
Preparation for dinner are complete, master.
data/0_DNL/ DNL_000.HD
It's time to change your clothes, miss.


Path File Name Audio Transcription
data/0_LRY/ LRY_000.HD
You cannot resist me Fiona, *unknow Latin phrase*.

(Source: Lionix)

Unused Text

Path File Name Offset Text Note
data/ST_010/ ST_010.PAC 0017C458 If I sit down here, I bet I would be hard to find... Not that there is any dire need for me to do so right this second or anything... In the room next to the castle suite, with the big staircase.
In the final game the room in pretty empty, but it's possible that originally they planned to put a chair somewhere.
data/ST_010/ ST_011.PAC 001C8D42 The back-side of this curtain might make for a good hiding space... I wonder if they intentionally choose the color of "blood-red" for these curtains? In the dining-room, Fiona can't examine the curtains.
data/ST_010/ ST_012.PAC 001ABD84 Um, exscuse me... In the kitchen, Fiona never speaks to Daniella. This was supposed to be a phrase from her.
data/ST_020/ ST_020.PAC 00213D60 I still sense a presence inside the room... Best to trust my instincts and not go in. In the room where Fiona meets Debilitas for the first time. It probably refers to the adjacent room, where Fiona spies Riccardo beating Daniella through the keyhole.
data/ST_020/ ST_021.PAC 0020D1B3 It won't turn on... Maybe it's broken? In the castle suite. Fiona can interact with a TV, in the final game it turn on, but apparently it was originally supposed to be broken.
Also, it's the only electronic in the room.
data/ST_080/ ST_081.PAC 0025D437 The dark, creepy hole stares at you like a huge, outstretched mouth, waiting to swallow you up... Enter the hole? YES NO In the of House Of Truth, the big saloon is completely open and divided in two portion accessible by stairs. All the room should be in one single file (ST_081.PAC). However, in the final game the left portion belong to another file (ST_09B.PAC) wich overwrite the original portion of the original file. The sentence in game is: A pungent odor and chapped dry air coming from inside the hole wreak havoc on the senses... Enter the hole? YES NO
data/ST_090/ ST_092.PAC 00221362 A piece of a broken branch... Looks like something can be inserted here... There is an odd smell here... I can't put my finger on it. In the final boss area, Fiona can examine the altar where insert the cane of caduceus. The sentence used in the final game is slightly different: I wonder if there used to be.something inserted here before? There is this small piece of a broken branch here... Hewie?..Have you picked up the scent boy? So there was something inserted here before. Can you sniff it out for me?
(Source: Lionix)

Regional Differences

Title Screen
Japan North America
HG - JPN title screen.png HG - USA title screen.png
Options Screen
Japan North America
HG - JPN options screen.png
  • "Option" without "s"
  • Uppercase roman script
  • Background of option voices is brown
  • Differents commands
HG - USA options screen.png
  • "Options"
  • Uppercase and lowercase roman script
  • Background of option voices is grey
  • Differents commands
Memo Screen
Japan North America
HG - JPN memo screen.png
  • The menu voice is called "Memo"
  • Each page shows four notes.
HG - USA memo screen.png
  • The menu voice is called "Comment"
  • Each page shows only two notes.
Fiona's Thoughts
Japan North America
HG - JPN fiona thoughts.png
"...." appears if Fiona wants to analyze something.
HG - USA fiona thoughts.png
Nothing appears.
Interactions With Hiding Spots
Japan North America
HG - JPN spot alert text.png HG - USA spot alert text.png
Interactions With Doors
Japan North America
HG - JPN door alert text.png
HG - USA door alert text.png
Nothing appears.