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Heavyweight Championship Boxing

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Title Screen

Heavyweight Championship Boxing

Also known as: Boxing (Japan)
Developer: TOSE
Publishers: Activision, Tonkin House (Japan)
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: May 18, 1990
Released in US: September 1990

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan USA
Boxing (Japan) title.png Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA) title.png

Main Menu

The Japanese version has a fuller menu, although, the only thing you can modify is the music. Maybe in 2-player mode it can be modified?

Japan USA
Boxing (Japan) menu.png Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA) menu.png

Character Names

In the Japanese version, character names are parodies of real life or movie boxers. Such as "Mai Taison", "Aporo Food", and more.

Round Bunny

The round girl looks like a Playboy bunny in the Japanese version. This was modified for the US release for obvious reasons.

Japan USA
Boxing (Japan) bunny.png Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA) bunny.png

Both versions display the round girl scrolled up by 1 pixel every round, so at the final 12th round we may see at least 12 more pixels of her lower body part. The Japanese version, additionally, has an Easter egg cheat: at the 12th round screen, hold Down, then quickly press A or B to scroll the girl's picture up to an additional 24 pixels, revealing a full picture. Although this Easter Egg is disabled in the US version, the girl's picture is also fully drawn, but can't be seen normally on the actual hardware during the game, rendering this portion of picture unused.

Japan USA
Boxing (Japan) full bunny.png Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA) full bunny.png


The Japanese version has the "ending" after beating the 5th opponent, but then you fight a 6th one, which nets you the credits. In the US version, beating the 6th opponent nets you both the ending and credits. The ending text are different between versions too.


Any mention or logo of the Japanese publisher (Tonkin House), was replaced with logos for the US publisher (Activision).

Japan USA
Boxing (Japan) creds.png Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA creds.png